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The Oral History Criminology Project, under the guidance of its Advisory Board and through its partnership with the American Society of Criminology, represents an ongoing effort to preserve prominent scholars’ accounts of their role in shaping the evolution of the field.  Through the use of taped interviews, an enduring record—an “oral history”—is established of how personal and professional factors have intersected to give rise to criminology’s landmark ideas.  Scholars are asked to reflect on the development of their careers, on their most significant writings, and on the discipline in general.  The goal is to move beyond what is captured in published texts to explore the story behind these scholar’s careers and research contributions.  Collectively, it is hoped that the interviews will enrich our understanding of criminology as a craft and of how scholarly paradigms arise and are elaborated.

The Oral History Criminology Project intends to conduct, and make available, interviews on a continuing basis.  The generous participation of major figures in criminology—and of the scholars who volunteer to prepare for and conduct these interviews—promises to yield an invaluable living account of criminology.  Most important, the intent is for the interviews to be used not only for possible research purposes but also in the classroom.  The interviews offer students the opportunity to hear criminology as told in scholars’ own voices—including the voices of those who have passed away.

Finally, this Project is dedicated to Freda Adler.  Without her persistent efforts over two decades to support and then, more recently, to resurrect the Project, no interviews would be available.  We owe Freda our deep appreciation for her commitment to preserving our past and to providing us with special insights into the criminological enterprise.

Project Director
Brendan D. Dooley, Mount St. Mary's University

Project Committee
Cheryl Lero Jonson, Xavier University
Director of International Scholars Section: Jay S. Albanese, Virginia Commonwealth University

Advisory Board
Freda Adler, University of Pennsylvania
Todd R. Clear, Rutgers University
Francis T. Cullen, University of Cincinnati
William S. Laufer, University of Pennsylvania



Marvin Krohn by Jeff Ward, November 15, 2018

Alison Leibling by Diego Zysman-Quiros, 2018

Terrance Thornberry by Brendan Dooley, May 2, 2017

Sally Simpson by Carole Gibbs, November 16, 2018


Moments in Time (Volume 1)

INTERVIEWS (Listed in alphabetical order by interviewee)

Freda Adler interviewed by Jay Albanese, November 14, 1997

Robert Agnew interviewed by Timothy Brezina, November 21, 2014

Ronald Akers interviewed by Gary Jensen, March 1997

Harry Allen interviewed by Ed Latessa, March 1996

Howard Becker interviewed by Brendan Dooley, August 17, 2015

Joanne Belknap by Helen Eigenberg, November 15, 2018

Donald Black interviewed by Brendan Dooley, May 4, 2015

Alfred Blumstein interviewed by Robert Sampson, November 20, 2003

Dorothy Bracey interviewed by Donna Hale, March 1997

Robert Bursik interviewed by Brendan Dooley, November 2011

Norm Carlson interviewed by Tony Travisano

Ruth Stanley Cavan interviewed by Imogene Moyer

William Chambliss interviewed by Mark Hamm, November 21, 1996

Meda Chesney-Lind interviewed by Merry Morash, November 19, 2014

Roland Chilton by Wenona Rymond-Richmond, November 22, 2013

Ronald Clarke interviewed by Brendan Dooley, May 9, 2015

Todd Clear interviewed by Natasha Frost, November 2013

Todd R. Clear by Natasha Frost, November 16, 2017

Marshall Clinard interviewed by Paul Friday, November 21, 1996

Marshall Clinard interviewed by Gilbert Geis and Richard Quinney, November 1996

Albert Cohen interviewed by John Laub, November 1997

Philip J. Cook by Shawn Bushway, November 17, 2017

Robert Crutchfield by Charis Kubrin, November 16, 2016

Julius Debro by John Hepburn, November 17, 2016

Simon Dinitz interviewed by Frank Scarpitti, November 1996

Delbert Elliott interviewed by D. Wayne Osgood, November 2011

David Farrington interviewed by Rolf Loeber, November 20, 1997

George Felkins and Harold Becker interviewed by Frank Taylor, March 14, 1996

Marcus Felson interviewed by Brendan Dooley, March 18, 2014

Gilbert Geis interviewed by Robert Meier, November 20, 2003

Jack P. Gibbs interviewed by Brendan Dooley, March 17, 2014

Peggy C. Giordano interviewed by Jennifer Copp, November 20, 2014

Dan Glaser interviewed by Edith Flynn, March 1996

Denise Gottfredson interviewed by Allison Payne, November 20, 2015

Don Gottfredson interviewed by Michael Gottfredson, March 1996

Michael Gottfredson interviewed by Brendan Dooley, November 2011

David F. Greenberg by Brendan Dooley, November 17, 2017

John Hagan interviewed by Brendan Dooley, February 24, 2015 

C. Ronald Huff interviewed by Brent Smith, November 2012

James Inciardi interviewed by Frank Scarpitti, June 1996

C Ray Jeffery interviewed by Diana Fishbein, March 1996

Gary F. Jensen interviewed by Candice Batton, November 19, 2015

Matti Jouten interviewed by Rosemary Barberet, 2015

Hans Jurgen Kerner interviewed by Jay Albanese, 2014

Martin Killias interviewed by Alexis Abramowitz and Andre Kuhn, March 15, 1996

Malcolm W. Klein interviewed by Cheryl Maxson, March 17, 2017 

Candace Kruttschnitt by Sally Simpson, November 15, 2017

Gary LaFree interviewed by Brendan Dooley, March 30, 2012

Elena Larrauri interviewed by Jay Albanese, 2015

Janet Lauritsen interviewed by Brendan Dooley, March 26, 2015

Rolf Loeber interviewed by David Farrington, November 2012

James Lynch by Brendan Dooley, April 18, 2017

Jerry Lynch interviewed by Todd Clear, November 20, 2003

Donal MacNamara interviewed by Barbara Raffle Price

Ross Matsueda interviewed by Brendan Dooley, May 29, 2015

Cheryl L. Maxson interviewed by Brendan Dooley, March 16, 2017

Joan McCord interviewed by John Laub, November 1996

Robert K. Merton interviewed by Albert K. Cohen, May 15, 1997

Steven F. Messner by Eric P. Baumer, November 21, 2013

Terrie Moffitt interviewed by Brendan Dooley, May 25, 2012

Norval Morris interviewed by Michael Tonry, November 21, 1996

Gerhard Mueller interviewed by James Finkenauer, November 14, 1997

Daniel Nagin interviewed by Cheryl Lero Jonson, November 15, 2012 

Vesna Nikolic-Ristanovic interviewed by Ljiljana Stevkovic, 2015

Lloyd Ohlin interviewed by Michael Tonry, November 20, 1997

Joan Petersilia interviewed by Jodi Lane, November 2012

Richard Quinney interviewed by John Laub, November 1996

Leon Radzinowicz interviewed by Marvin Wolfgang, November 14, 1997

Nicole Hahn Rafter interviewed by Chester L. Britt, November 20, 2014

Adrain Raine by Brendan Dooley, November 14, 2016

Albert Reiss interviewed by Lawrence Sherman, November 1995

Richard Rosenfeld by Brendan D. Dooley, November 22, 2013

Joachim J. Savelsberg by Ryan King, November 18, 2016

Ernesto Savona interviewed by Jay Albanese, November 20, 2012

Frank Scarpitti interviewed by Brendan Dooley, November 2011

Margaret Shaw interviewed by Rosemary Barberet, 2015

Lawrence Sherman by John MacDonald, November 16, 2017

James Short interviewed by Geoffrey Alpert, November 1996

Neal Shover interviewed by Heith Copes, November 2011

Dina Siegel interviewed by Jay Albanese, November 2015

Jonathan Simon & Malcolm Feeley by Diego Zysman Quiros & Mariano Sicardi, April 2018 

Sonja Snacken interviewed by Hilde Tubex, 2014

Gresham Sykes interviewed by Robert Heiner, November 20, 1997

Charles R. Tittle interviewed by Brendan Dooley, June 5, 2012

Jackson Toby by Brendan D. Dooley, August 22, 2013

Tony Travisano interviewed by Norm Carlson, June 14, 1996

Austin Turk interviewed by Richard Moran and Hugh Barlow, November 1996

Jan Van Dijk interviewed by Jay Albanese, 2013

Mark Warr interviewed by Brendan Dooley, March 19, 2014

David Weisburd Interviewed by Cynthia Lum

Charles Wellford interviewed by Brendan Dooley, March 30, 2012

Marvin Wolfgang interviewed by Freda Adler, November 14, 1997

Margaret A. Zahn interviewed by Brendan Dooley, August 2012

Franklin E. Zimring by Brendan Dooley, November 18, 2016


ASC panel on the OJ Simpson Trial (Jerome Skolnick, Gilbert Geis, James Fyfe and Alan Dershowitz)

Meda Chesney-Lind Student Panel

Franco Ferracuti Remembered
(Panel discussion with Gerhard Mueller, Simon Dinitz, Marshall Clinard and Marvin Wolfgang), November 22, 1996

Student Panel with Gilbert Geis, November 1996

Student Panel with Travis Hirschi


Ruth Kornhauser (1963): “Theoretical Issues in the Sociological Study of Juvenile Delinquency.” 


All Oral History Criminology Project videos are now hosted on Youtube. This means you will not have to download any software to view the videos.

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