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The American Society of Criminology has taken two official policy positions in the past, one, in opposition to the death penalty, and a second in support of the Equal Rights Amendment.  In addition, the ASC Board took a position with respect to the use of Uniform Crime Report data.  See:

Historical Policy Positions

The American Society of Criminology has sought to enhance its level of involvement in public policy matters in recent years. This work has been in two main areas. First, we have strengthened our presence in the budgeting process, so that we may work for greater levels of funding and more effective policies and practices regarding federal research. See:

1. Position statement prepared by the Raben Group.

2. Statement from the Executive Board of the American Society of Criminology to the Obama transition team.

3. Open letter to the American Society of Criminology regarding the restructuring of NIJ, from Jeremy Travis.

Second, the American Society of Criminology as a body, and the ASC Board have each taken a position on a pressing justice issue. In addition, an Ad Hoc ASC National Policy Committee developed two White Papers which provided substantive background information on pressing justice issues. See:

ASC National Policy Committee papers


The American Society of Criminology and the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (www.acjs.org) came together in 2015 to create the Crime and Justice Research Alliance (CJRA - http://crimeandjusticeresearchalliance.org/).  The CJRA was established to provide policy makers, practitioners and the general public, direct access to relevant research on crime and criminal justice issues.  CJRA contact information can be found at https://crimeandjusticeresearchalliance.org/resources/, and their monthly newsletters, as well as other news items of interest, can be found at http://crimeandjusticeresearchalliance.org/news/.

The CJRA Expert Directory can be found at http://crimeandjusticeresearchalliance.org/experts/
Information for becoming an expert for the CJRA can be found at CJRA Expert Directory Application Information