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The ASC Fellows Committee invites nominations for Fellows in the Society. The title of "Fellow" is given to those members of the Society in good standing who have achieved distinction in criminology. The honorary title "Fellow" recognizes persons who have made a scholarly contribution to the intellectual life of the discipline, whether in the form of a singular, major piece of scholarship or cumulative scholarly contributions. Longevity alone is not sufficient. In addition, a Fellow must have made a significant contribution to the field through the career development of other criminologists and/or through organizational activities within the ASC.

The names of those who have been awarded the Fellow status will be announced at the Annual Meeting and the candidates will be acknowledged by the Society with the presentation of a certificate.

In your nominating letter, please describe the reasons for your nomination and include a copy of the nominee's curriculum vitae (or make arrangements to have it sent to the Committee Chair). Please limit nominations to a single cover letter and the nominee's curriculum vitae. All materials should be submitted in electronic format. The Board may elect up to four (4) persons as Fellows annually.

Large letter-writing campaigns do not benefit nominees and unnecessarily burden the Committee. Award decisions will be based on the strength of the nominees' qualifications and not on the number of nomination endorsements received for any particular candidate.

Current members of the ASC Board are ineligible to receive this award. 

Nomination materials should be submitted by March 1, 2021 to:

Fellows Committee Chair
Cheryl Maxson

The Executive Board may decide not to give the award in any given year. Award decisions will be based on the strength of the nominees' qualifications and not on the number of nomination endorsements received for any particular candidate.


ASC Fellows

The year these individuals were designated as Fellows is noted.  Unfortunately, our historical records are not complete. 
Some of the years noted are a "best guess," based on available archived documents. If you have more accurate information,
please contact Chris Eskridge (ceskridge@unl.edu).

A - H
I - P
Q - Z
  Freda Adler (1994)   James A. Inciardi (1995)   Richard Quinney (1995)
  Robert Agnew (2000)   John Irwin (1993)   Nicole H. Rafter (2000)
  Ronald L. Akers (1979)   James Jacobs (2003)   Walter Reckless (1977)
  Harry E. Allen (1982)   C. Ray Jeffery (1977)   George Reed (1977)
  William E. Amos (1978)   Gary Jensen (2001)   Sue Titus Reid (1982)
  John Ball (1976)   Douglas Kelley (1976)   Albert J. Reiss, Jr. (1980)
  Eric Baumer (2016)   John Kenney (1976)   Peter Reuter (2008)
  David Bayley (1999)   Nicholas Kittrie (1976)   Rick Rosenfeld (2005)
  Joanne Belknap (2018)   Malcolm W. Klein (1994)   Edward Sagarin (1976)
  Michael L. Benson (2016)   Solomon Kobrin (1986)   Robert Sampson (1992)
  Donald Black (1991)   Lauren Krivo (2018)   Joachim Savelsberg (2008)
  Alfred Blumstein (1983)   Marv Krohn (2012)   Frank Scarpitti (1981)
  Frank Boolsen (1976)   Candace Kruttschnitt (2017)   Thorsten Sellin (1977)
  David Bordua (1987)   Charis Kubrin (2019)   Lawrence Sherman (1994)
  Anthony A. Braga (2016)   Gary LaFree (2006)   James F. Short, Jr. (1984)
  John Braithwaite (1998)   Kenneth Land (2004)   Neal Shover (2006)
  Rod Brunson (2019)   John H. Laub (1996)   Richard Simon (1986)
  Robert J. Bursik, Jr. (1998)   Janet Lauritsen (2013)   Rita Simon (1976)
  Shawn Bushway (2017)   Peter Lejins (1978)   Ronald Simons (2015)
  Ruth Shonle Cavan (1965)   Edwin M. Lemert (1991)   Sally Simpson (2009)
  William J. Chambliss (1988)   Alfred Lindesmith (1980)   Wesley G. Skogan (1997)
  Meda Chesney-Lind (1996)   Allen Liska (1998)   Jerome H. Skolnick (1995)
  Roland J. Chilton (2001)   Alan Lizotte (2014)   Cassia Spohn (2013)
  Jacob Chwast   Rolf Loeber (2000)   Darrell Steffensmeier (1997)
  Todd Clear (2011)   Friedrich Loesel (2020)   Eric Stewart (2017)
  Marshall Clinard (1978)   Colin Loftin (2010)   Denis Szabo (1978)
  Albert Cohen (1977)   Jim Lynch (2020)   Ralph Taylor (2011)
  Phillip J. Cook (2000)   Doris MacKenzie (2007)   Faye S. Taxman (2018)
  Bruno Cormier (1976)   Donal E. J. MacNamara (1979)   Terence P. Thornberry (1995)
  Donald Cressey (1980)   Coramae Richey Mann (1999)   Charles R. Tittle (1991)
  Robert Crutchfield (2011)   Stephen Mastrofski (2010)   Hans Toch
  Francis T. Cullen, Jr. (1997)   Ross Matsueda (2004)   Michael Tonry (1999)
  Kathleen Daly (2014)   Cheryl Maxson (2015)   Austin T. Turk (1977)
  Scott Decker (2012)   Lorraine Mazerolle (2017)   Susan Turner (2020)
  William Dienstein (1976)   Joan McCord (1982)   Chris Uggen (2013)
  Simon Dinitz (1976)   David McDowall (2009)   August Vollmer (1976)
  Vladmir Elisberg (1965)   Daniel Mears (2018)   Mark Warr (2012)
  Delbert S. Elliott (1994)   Steven F. Messner (2002)   David Weisburd (2005)
  LaMar T. Empey (1982)   Jody Miller (2014)   Charles F. Wellford (1996)
  Finn Esbensen (2014)   Terrie Moffitt (2003)   Helene R. White (2016)
  Jeffrey Fagan (2002)   Merry Morash (2008)   Cathy S. Widom (2002)
  David P. Farrington (1991)   Albert Morris (1976)   Per-Olof Wikstrom (2010)
  Barry Feld (2005)   Norval Morris (1992)   Pam Wilcox (2020)
  Richard Felson (2013)   June Morrison (1977)   Leslie T. Wilkins (1997)
  David Finkelhor (2007)   Gerhard O.W. Mueller (1976)   Orlando Wilson (1976)
  Vernon Fox (1978)   W. H. Nagel (1977)   Anne Witte (1987)
  Marcel Frym (1976)   Daniel Nagin (1999)   Marvin Wolfgang (1976)
  David Garland (2007)   Gwynne Nettler (1977)    Richard T. Wright (2009)
  Gilbert Geis (1976)   Charles Newman (1976)   Margaret A. Zahn (1998)
  Don Gibbons (1981)   Arthur Niederhoffer (1981)   Marjorie Zatz (2019)
  Jack Gibbs (1981)   Lloyd Ohlin (1982)   Franklin Zimring (1993)
  Peggy Giordano (2006)   Wayne Osgood (2005)    
  Daniel Glaser (1980)   J. J. Panakal (1965)    
  Denise Gottfredson (2007)   Raymond Paternoster (2001)    
  Don M. Gottfredson (1987)   Joan Petersilia (1990)    
  Michael Gottfredson (1992)   Ruth D. Peterson (2001)    
  David Greenberg (1994)   Alex Piquero (2011)    
  John Hagan (1985)   Henry Pontell (2008)    
  Richard O. Hankey (1976)   Barbara Raffel Price (1988)    
  Frank Hartung (1978)        
  Darnell Hawkins (2019)        
  J. David Hawkins (2004)        
  Karen Heimer (2015)        
  Michael Hindelang (1980)        
  Travis Hirschi (1983)        
  Julie Horney (2004)        
  C. Ronald Huff (2002)