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The American Society of Criminology is an international organization concerned with criminology, embracing scholarly, scientific, and professional knowledge concerning the etiology, prevention, control and treatment of crime and delinquency.  This includes the measurement and detection of crime, legislation, the practice of criminal law, as well as a review of the law enforcement, judicial, and correctional systems.

The Society's objective is to bring together a multidisciplinary forum fostering criminological study, research, and education.  Our membership includes practitioners, academicians, and students in the many fields of criminal justice and criminology.



The Society conducts Annual Meetings to discussions of topics of general interest for its members. Information can be found at: http://asc41.com/annualmeeting.htm.

Members receive a discounted registration rate and, if members do so choose, they receive a free candidate listing for the employment exchange at the meeting.


Members receive these journals:

CRIMINOLOGY; the leading quarterly for the study of all areas of crime, deviance and the justice system (published quarterly).

CRIMINOLOGY & PUBLIC POLICY; quarterly journal devoted to policy discussion of criminology research findings (published quarterly).

THE CRIMINOLOGIST; the newsletter filled with news of the Society, short articles, notices of other professional association meetings, requests  for proposals, calls for papers from various criminological publications, job announcements, and general information pertinent to the field (published six times a year). 

The ASC has specialized divisions such as Corrections & SentencingCritical CriminologyDevelopmental & Life Course Criminology,  Experimental CriminologyInternational Criminology,  People of Color & Crime, Policing, Victimology and Women & Crime, that also distribute journals and newsletters on a regular basis. 

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If you join ASC for 2017, you will receive the member registration rate for this year's meeting. Both forms (membership & meeting registration) need to be submitted at the same time.

Beginning September 1, 2016, we will be applying memberships to the 2017 membership year.  At that time, if you specifically want to request 2016 you must contact our office. If available, we will still send your 2016 journals from earlier this year.

Online Membership Form - If you need to submit memberships for multiple people, it is highly recommended that you use the printer-friendly version form and fax or mail them in. However, if you choose to do it online, please do not submit two or more memberships while logged in under the same account. After completing the first, you MUST log out before doing the process again. Each person submitting a membership form needs their own account. Failure to do so will submit inaccurate information. Only one person's name should appear in each order. Thank you.

2017 Printer-friendly Membership Form (Word)

2017 Printer-friendly Membership Form (pdf)

The American Society of Criminology (ASC) is NOT responsible for any taxes or customs fees that you may incur when receiving mail from ASC.  Generally, these may occur when receiving large packages.  Specifically, ASC sends out packages to late joiners or renewers who need to be caught up on the hard copies of the journals.