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The Criminologist Lead Article Author Index (1985-Present)

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Dwyer, Angela, Vanessa R. Panfil, “We Need to Lead the Charge”—“Talking Only to Each Other is Not Enough”:
The Pulse Orlando Mass Shooting and the Futures of Queer Criminologies*
, May/June 2017.

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Hagan, John, "While Criminology Slept: A Criminal War of Aggression in Iraq," November/December 2015.

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No Author, "1985 Annual Meeting-San Diego, California," January 1985.

No Author, "1985 Annual Meeting-San Diego, California, and Nominations For 1985 ASC Awards," January 1985.

No Author, "Around The ASC," November/December 1986.

No Author, "In Anticipation Of Atlanta: Update on 1986 Meeting From The Program Chair," September/October 1986.

No Author, "Local Arrangements For The Atlanta Meeting Nearing Completion," July/August 1986.

No Author, "Local Arrangements Committee Progress Report, 1985 Annual Meeting," May 1985.

No Author, "Praise For The 1986 ASC Meeting Site," March/April 1986.

No Author, "Presidential Roundtables, Poster Sessions And A Welcome To Atlanta Luncheon, Features Of The 1986 Meeting," May/June 1986.

No Author, "Recidivism and Prior Criminal History: New Findings From Illinois," January/February 1987.

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