Session 148: WC10 -> The Effectiveness of Electronic Monitoring and Protection Orders
Time: 5:00PM to 6:30 PM on Wednesday, November 17
Place: Conv Ctr 210
Session Chair: Edna Erez, Kent State University
Making Your Home a Shelter: The Electronic Monitoring of Domestic Violence Cases
by: Edna Erez, Kent State University (Corresponding)
Peter R. Ibarra, Kent State University
Examining the Previous Criminality of Defendants in Protection From Abuse Orders in Sedgwick County, Kansas
by: Gregg W. Etter, Sedgwick County Sheriff's Department (Corresponding)
The Effects of Temporary Protection Orders
by: Lois A. Ventura, The University of Toledo (Corresponding)
Gabrielle Davis, University of Toledo

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Updated 05/20/2006