The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Session Index for the Letter C

Session Title Session IDTime
Calling the Police: Toward a Better Understanding of Why and When Session 135: PE7 Wednesday at 5:00PM
Capital Punishment for Juveniles: Emerging Legal Issues Session 50: CA3 Wednesday at 11:00AM
Capital Punishment Poster Sessions Session 305: CA8 Thursday at 5:00PM
Capital Punishment: Exploring Wrong Convictions Session 281: CA7 Thursday at 3:30PM
Causal Analysis in a Developmental Context Session 133: LC5 Wednesday at 5:00PM
Changes in Contemporary Probation: Comparative Perspectives Session 104: CO10 Wednesday at 3:30PM
Changing Channels: The Impact of TV Shows and News Coverage on Its Viewers Session 57: CJ3 Wednesday at 11:00AM
Citizen and Interest Group Involvement in Criminal Justice Policy Process Session 456: CJ15 Friday at 3:30PM
Cognitive Processes, Character, and Juvenile Offenders: Conceptual and Empirical Issues Session 388: JJ18 Friday at 11:00AM
Collateral Consequences of Incarceration (Sponsored by the Division on Corrections and Sentencing) Session 354: CO28 Friday at 9:30AM
Collateral Consequences of Incarceration: Micro- and Macro-Level Effects Session 404: CO32 Friday at 12:30PM
College Students at Risk of Victimization: Empirical Results Session 226: WC12 Thursday at 11:00AM
College Students' Perceptions on Drug and Alcohol Abuse Session 423: SA18 Friday at 12:30PM
Communities, Culture, and Relationships: Implications for Crime and Control Session 295: SI18 Thursday at 3:30PM
Communities, Strain, and Crime Session 30: CT2 Wednesday at 9:30AM
Community and Restorative Justice: Conceptual and Organizational Issues Session 65: RR2 Wednesday at 11:00AM
Community Collaborative and System Reform: Findings From Safe Kids/Safe Streets Demonstration Program Session 261: CP7 Thursday at 2:00PM
Community Disorganization, Informal Control, and Crime Session 17: SI1 Wednesday at 8:00AM
Community Supervision and Post-Release Recidivism Outcomes Session 80: CO7 Wednesday at 2:00PM
Community, Crime, and Victimization: Issues in Social Control Session 420: SI21 Friday at 12:30PM
Comparative Penal Policy Session 108: IC3 Wednesday at 3:30PM
COMPSTAT and Police Organization Session 36: PE2 Wednesday at 9:30AM
Conceptual and Empirical Issues in Restorative Justice Session 189: RR7 Thursday at 9:30AM
Conceptualizing About the Police Department and Their Culture Session 491: PE29 Friday at 5:00PM
Consequences of Mass Imprisonment: A Critical Analysis of Privatizing Prisons Session 336: CC17 Friday at 8:00AM
Consequences of State and Federal Criminal Justice Policies Session 29: CJ1 Wednesday at 9:30AM
Consequences of Victimization Session 519: VT18 Saturday at 8:30AM
Consequences of Violence and Stress in Early Adulthood: Results From the Seattle Social Development Project Session 217: LC10 Thursday at 11:00AM
Contemporary Issues in Correctional Policy Session 479: CO40 Friday at 5:00PM
Contemporary Research on Jails Session 329: CO25 Friday at 8:00AM
Contexts of Support for the Use of Force by Police Session 442: PE26 Friday at 2:00PM
Continuities in the Study of the Divergence and Convergence of the NCVS and the UCR Session 439: MM14 Friday at 2:00PM
Control, Attention, and Offending: Implications for Criminological Theory Session 211: CT10 Thursday at 11:00AM
Control, Propensity, and Forms of Abusive Behavior Session 526: CT21 Saturday at 10:00AM
Convict Criminology Perspective I Session 86: CC5 Wednesday at 2:00PM
Convict Criminology Perspective II Session 262: CC12 Thursday at 2:00PM
Coping With Fidelity Issues in Multi-Site Evaluations Session 11: MM1 Wednesday at 8:00AM
Cops on Duty: Their Discretion and Decision Making Session 113: PE6 Wednesday at 3:30PM
Corrections Across Nations: Results From Different Perspectives Criminology) Session 159: IC5 Thursday at 8:00AM
Corrections Poster Sessions Session 306: CO24 Thursday at 5:00PM
Correlates of School Violence Session 18: SI2 Wednesday at 8:00AM
Cost-Benefit Analyses: Meeting Expectations and Addressing Needs Session 488: MM16 Friday at 5:00PM
The Court and Mental Health Professionals Meet: Programs and Issues Session 68: CL3 Wednesday at 11:00AM
Court Processes: Does Racial Bias Exist? Session 524: PC13 Saturday at 10:00AM
Court-Based Interventions for Domestic Violence Offenders: The Judicial Oversight Demonstration Initiative Session 366: CL17 Friday at 9:30AM
Courtroom Processes: What Matters? Session 81: PC5 Wednesday at 2:00PM
The Courts and the Law Poster Sessions Session 321: CL14 Thursday at 5:00PM
The Courts in Action and Reactions to Court Action Session 513: CL21 Saturday at 8:30AM
The Courts Inducement in Domestic Violence Cases: Impact and Insight Session 375: WC18 Friday at 9:30AM
The Courts: Drug Cases Issues Session 195: SA6 Thursday at 9:30AM
Creative Science and Cultural Justice Session 158: CC7 Thursday at 8:00AM
Crime and Place: Current Research in Environmental Criminology Session 419: RC11 Friday at 12:30PM
Crime and Power Corporate Violence Session 85: CC4 Wednesday at 2:00PM
Crime and Victimization Among Sexual Minorities (GLBT) in America Session 71: VT1 Wednesday at 11:00AM
Crime in Social Context: Theoretical and Empirical Investigations Session 384: CT15 Friday at 11:00AM
Crime on the Internet Session 23: VO2 Wednesday at 8:00AM
Crime Prevention Poster Sessions Session 307: CP9 Thursday at 5:00PM
Crime Prevention Strategies: A New Look Session 53: CP2 Wednesday at 11:00AM
Crime, Justice and People of Color Poster Sessions Session 308: PC8 Thursday at 5:00PM
Crime, State, and Control: Critical Perspectives Session 287: CC14 Thursday at 3:30PM
Crime, Victimization, and Control in Asia and Southwest Asia Session 338: IC12 Friday at 8:00AM
Crime, Victimization, and the State: Comparative Studies Session 265: IC9 Thursday at 2:00PM
Criminal Careers Research Session 437: LC15 Friday at 2:00PM
Criminal Justice Education Over the Students' Life Course Session 512: TC12 Saturday at 8:30AM
Criminal Justice Policy in the Making: From Research to Practice Session 332: CJ12 Friday at 8:00AM
Criminal Justice Policy Poster Sessions Session 309: CJ11 Thursday at 5:00PM
"Criminals" in the Classroom: Morals Clause or Mind-Your-Own-Business? Session 140: TC3 Wednesday at 5:00PM
Criminals' Latest Weapon of Choice in the Information Society Session 231: CP5 Thursday at 12:30PM
Criminological Research: Theorizing on Financial Fraud Session 370: VO12 Friday at 9:30AM
Criminological Theory and Empirical Tests Poster Sessions Session 310: CT12 Thursday at 5:00PM
Criminology and Criminal Justice Education at the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Session 168: TC4 Thursday at 8:00AM
Criminology and the Study of Social Deviance: Impoverished, Dead, or Political? Session 458: CT18 Friday at 3:30PM
Criminology at the National Science Foundation Session 393: PD16 Friday at 11:00AM
Critical Criminology Poster Sessions Session 311: CC15 Thursday at 5:00PM
A Critical Examination of Criminal Due Process Session 421: CL19 Friday at 12:30PM
Critical Issues in Restorative Justice Evaluation Session 39: RR1 Wednesday at 9:30AM
Critical Studies in Social Control Session 385: CC19 Friday at 11:00AM
Critical Studies of the Media: Social Construction and Effects Session 358: CC18 Friday at 9:30AM
Cross-National Time Series Investigations Into the Determinants of Crime Rates Session 459: IC16 Friday at 3:30PM
Cultural Criminology Unleashed: Cultural Representations of Crime and Transgression Session 8: CC1 Wednesday at 8:00AM
Cultural Criminology Unleashed: Across the Borders of Ethnicity, Gender, and Culture Session 233: CC11 Thursday at 12:30PM
Cultural Criminology Unleashed: The Politics of Transgression Session 386: CC20 Friday at 11:00AM
Cultural Criminology Unleashed: Inflammatory Issues in Youth and Identity Session 433: CC22 Friday at 2:00PM
Cultural Criminology Unleashed: Frames of Reference Session 527: CC24 Saturday at 10:00AM

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