Session 323: RV18 -> Theory and Research on Violence Poster Sessions
Time: 5:00PM to 6:30 PM on Thursday, November 18
Place: Grand Ballroom
Temporal and Spatial Changes in Types of Homicide {Location 140}
by: Cynthia Barnett-Ryan, Federal Bureau of Investigation (Corresponding)
Recent Trend of Homicide in Japan {Location 141}
by: Kazumi Watanabe, National Research Inst. of Police Science (Corresponding)
Kaeko Yokota, National Research Inst. of Police Science
Hirokazu Iwami, National Research Inst. of Police Science
Is Murder Transitive? A Network Approach to Gang-Homicide {Location 142}
by: Andrew V. Papachristos, The University of Chicago (Corresponding)
Breaking the Silence: Barriers to Service Utilization Among Immigrant South Asian Women {Location 143}
by: Baishakhi Banerjee, University of Kentucky (Corresponding)
Pamela Wilcox, University of Cincinnati
The Geography of Homicide in Sao Paulo, Brazil {Location 144}
by: Vania Ceccato, University of Cambridge (Corresponding)
Robert Haining, University of Cambridge
Tulio Kahn, Secretar. de Seguranca Pub. de Sao Paulo
Murder in the Ranks: Patterns of Homicides Committed by US Soldiers, WW II {Location 145}
by: J. Robert Lilly, Northern Kentucky University (Corresponding)
Charles F. Klahm IV, University of Cincinnati
Biting the Bullet: Understanding Gun Crime in Nottingham, England {Location 146}
by: Jacqueline L. Schneider, University of Leicester (Corresponding)

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Updated 05/20/2006