Session 431: PC9 -> Does Racial Profiling Exist in Police-Citizen Encounters? Findings From Different Cities
Time: 2:00PM to 3:30 PM on Friday, November 19
Place: Conv Ctr 206
Session Chair: Jeffrey Grogger, University of California - Los Angeles
Testing for Racial Profiling in Traffic Stops From Behind a Veil of Darkness
by: Jeffrey Grogger, University of California - Los Angeles (Corresponding)
Greg Ridgeway, RAND
Racial Profiling in the Emerald City
by: Richard Greenleaf, California State University Fresno (Corresponding)
The Repetitive Nature of Police Motor Vehicle Stops III: Places
by: Lisa Growette Bostaph, Boise State University (Corresponding)
John E. Eck, University of Cincinnati
Lin Liu, University of Cincinnati
Gender and Arrests: Testing the Effects of Gender on Police Officers' Discretion During Traffic Stops
by: Matthew Makarios, Washington State University - Spokane (Corresponding)
Michael R. Smith, University of South Carolina

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Updated 05/20/2006