The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Participant Index for the Letter W
Wadsworth, Tim, University of New Mexico
Wagers, Michael L., Rutgers University
Wagner, Lisa Walbolt, Justice Research and Statistics Assn
Wahidin, Azrini, University of Kent
Waid, Courtney A., Florida State University
Wakefield, Alison, City University, U.K.
Wakefield, Sara, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Wakefield, William, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Wakeling, Stewart, University of Arizona
Walker, Jeffery T., University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Walker, Karen, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Walker, Laura B., Cleveland State University
Walker, Michael, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Walker, Samuel E., University of Nebraska at Omaha
Wall, April D., University of Maryland at College Park
Wall, David S., University of Leeds
Wallace, Lisa Hutchinson, Eastern Kentucky University
Wallman, Joel, H. F. Guggenheim Foundation
Walmsley, Rachel, Home Office
Walsh, Jeffrey A., Illinois State University
Walsh, Kevin, Texas A&M University - Commerce
Walsh, Sara, Indiana University
Walsh, Stephanie W., Texas A&M University - Commerce
Walsh, Wendy, University of New Hampshire
Marjorie Gans Walters
Wang, Haiyan, The Pennsylvania State University
Wang, Hsiao-Ming, University of Houston - Downtown
Wang, Ke, Temple University
Wang, Xia, Florida State University
Wang, Xuguang, University of Cincinnati
Warchol, Greg, Northern Michigan University
Ward, Geoff, Northeastern University
Warden, Rob, Northwestern University School of Law
Ware, Denise M., University of Alabama
Wareham, Jennifer, University of South Florida
Warner, Barbara D., Eastern Kentucky University
Washburn, Jason J., Northwestern University Medical School
Wasserman, Larry, Carnegie Mellon University
Watanabe, Kazumi, National Research Inst. of Police Science
Way, Lori-Beth, California State University - Chico
Waytowich, Vicki, Daniel Memorial
Weathered, Lynne, Griffith University Law School
Weaver, Gregory S., Auburn University
Webb, David W.B., Sam Houston State University
Webb, Gary R., Oklahoma State University
Webb, Vincent J., Arizona State University West
Weber, Cecilia, Natl Alliance for the Mentally Ill
Weber, Wade A., University of Cincinnati
Webster, Brandon K., University of Cincinnati
Webster, J. Matthew, University of Kentucky
Weerman, Frank M., NSCR
Weisburd, David L., Hebrew University/University of Maryland
Weisheit, Ralph A., Illinois State University
Weiss, Harald E., The Ohio State University
Weiss, Karen, SUNY at Stony Brook
Weiss, Michael Scott, Rowan University
Weiss, Virginia, University of Northern Iowa
Weitekamp, Elmar, University of Leuven
Welch, Kelly, Villanova University
Weller, Judy M., NPC Research
Wellford, Charles F., University of Maryland at College Park
Wells, Edward, Illinois State University
Wells, James, Eastern Kentucky University
Wells, Terry L., Georgia College and State University
Wells, William M., Southern Illinois Univ. at Carbondale
Welsh, Wayne N., Temple University
Wendel, Travis, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Wender, Jonathan M., Simon Fraser University
West, Susan, University of Arkansas
Westervelt, Saundra D., University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Wexler, Harry K., N.D.R.I., Inc.
Whaley, Rachel Bridges, Western Michigan University
Wheelock, Darren, University of Minnesota
Whelan, David C., Delaware Valley College
Whitaker, Daniel J., Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
Whitbeck, Les B., University of Nebraska, Lincoln
White, Helene Raskin, Rutgers University
White, Michael D., John Jay College of Criminal Justice
White, Norman A., St. Louis University
Whitehead, John T., East Tennessee State University
Whitehead, Stephanie, Indiana University
Whitlock, Monica L., Arizona State University West
Whitman, James Q., Yale University
Whitson, Marian H., East Tennessee State University
Wiatrowski, Michael, O. J. J. D. P.
Widom, Cathy Spatz, New Jersey Medical School (UMDNJ)
Wiesner, Margit, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Wikstrom, Per-Olof H., Cambridge University
Wilcox, Pamela, University of Cincinnati
Wilkinson, Deanna L., Temple University
Will, Jeffry A., FL Ctr for Public Policy & Leadership
Will, Susan, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Williams, Alan, North Charleston Police Department
Williams, Christopher R., State University of West Georgia
Williams, Garrette P., Greensville Correctional Center
Williams, James L., Texas Woman's University
Williams, L. Susan, Kansas State University
Williams, Linda M., Wellesley College
Williams, Lisa, CUNY - Graduate Center/John Jay College
Williams, Matthew L., Cardiff University
Williams, Ryan K., The University of Illinois - Springfield
Williams, Tara, The Pennsylvania State University
Williams, Yaschica, Western Michigan University
Willis, James J., University of Massachusetts - Boston
Willis, Michael, University of Central Oklahoma
Wilmot, Keith A., University of North Texas
Wilson, Andy, University of Memphis
Wilson, Christie, Florida State University
Wilson, David B., George Mason University
Wilson, Gary, Pittsburg State University
Wilson, Harry L., Roanoke College
Wilson, James A., Fordham University - Lincoln Center
Wilson, Janet K., University of Central Arkansas
Wilson, Ronald E., National Institute of Justice
Wilson, Sandra J., Vanderbilt University
Wilson, Steve, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Windle, Michael, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Winfree, Jr., L. Thomas, New Mexico State University
Winkler, Amy J., Indiana University
Winn, Russell, New Mexico State University
Winokur, Kristin Parsons, Justice Research Center
Wintemute, Garen, University of California, Davis
Winterdyk, John, Mount Royal College
Winterfield, Laura, The Urban Institute
Withers, Richard L., Medical College of Wisconsin
Wittekind, Janice E. Clifford, Auburn University
Wittrock, Stacy, University of Iowa
Woerle, Sandra, National Institute of Justice
Wolf, Kelly, North Dakota State University
Wolff, Ashley, The Urban Institute
Wolff, Nancy, Rutgers University - New Brunswick
Wolff, Russell, Institute for Law and Justice
Wong, Jennifer S., RAND
Wood, Peter B., Mississippi State University
Wood, William R., Boston College
Woods, Daniel J., University of Pennsylvania
Woods, James A., Federal Bureau of Investigation
Wooldredge, John, University of Cincinnati
Woolner, Catriona, Middlesex University
Worden, Alissa Pollitz, University at Albany
Worden, Robert E., University at Albany
Worley, Robert M., Sam Houston State University
Worrall, John L., California State University
Wortley, Scott, University of Toronto
Wozniak, John F., Western Illinois University
Wray, Harmon L., National Assn. of Sentencing Advocates
Wright, Jason, Eastern Michigan University
Wright, John Paul, University of Cincinnati
Wright, Mona A., University of California, Davis
Wright, Richard, University of Missouri - St. Louis
Wu, Bohsiu, California State University, Sacramento
Wu, Yuning, University of Delaware
Wyckoff, Laura, University of Maryland at College Park
Wydall, Sarah, University of Surrey

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