The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Participant Index for the Letter P
Pacula, Rosalie Liccardo, RAND
Page, Amy Dellinger, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Palacios, Wilson R., University of South Florida
Palla, Seri, The American University
Palombo, Bernadette Jones, Louisiana State University
Paoli, Letizia, MPI for Criminal Law, Dept. of Crim.
Paoline III, Eugene A., University of Central Florida
Papachristos, Andrew V., The University of Chicago
Paparozzi, Mario A., University of North Carolina - Pembroke
Pape, Autumn, University of South Florida
Pardini, Dustin, University of Pittsburgh
Pare, Paul-Philippe, The Pennsylvania State University
Parker, Karen F., University of Florida
Parker, Kya P., Radford University
Parker, Robert Nash, University of California - Riverside
Parks, Roger B., Indiana University
Parmentier, Stephan, University of Leuven
Parmley, Angela Moore, National Institute of Justice
Parson, J. Stephen, Eastern Kentucky University
Parsons, Katie J.B., University of California, Irvine
Partin, J. Melissa, Auburn University
Pasko, Lisa, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Pass, Allan D., National Behavioral Science Consultants
Passas, Nikos, Northeastern University
Pastor, James F., Calumet College of St. Joseph
Patchin, Justin W., University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
Pate, Antony M., COSMOS Corporation
Pate, Kerensa, Florida State University
Patel, Nital, Emory University
Patenaude, Allan L., Westminster College
Paternoster, Raymond, University of Maryland at College Park
Paterson, Susan, Metropolitan Police Service
Patrick, Angie, Bayside Justice Research
Pattavina, April, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Patterson, Evelyn J., University of Pennsylvania
Paul, John, Washburn University
Paul, Richard, Northern Arizona University
Paulsen, Derek J., Eastern Kentucky University
Payne, Allison Ann, The College of New Jersey
Payne, Brian K., Old Dominion University
Payne, Danielle, The Ohio State University
Payne, Michael A., University of Dayton
Pealer, Jennifer, Northern Kentucky University
Pease, Ken, University College London
Pease, Susan E., Central Connecticut State University
Peguero, Anthony A., University of Miami
Pelech, William, University of Calgary
Pelissier, Bernadette, Federal Bureau of Prisons
Pendell, Gretchen, University of Florida
Penn, Everette, University of Houston - Clear Lake
Penrod, Steven, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Perez, Deanna M., Virginia Department of Corrections
Perrello, Jr., Stephen J., Alliant International University
Perrier, David C., Saint Mary's University
Perrone, Dina, Rutgers University
Perry, Barbara, Northern Arizona University
Pesta, George B., Florida State University
Petee, Thomas A., Auburn University
Petersen, Rebecca D., Kennesaw State University
Petersik, Thomas, George Washington University
Petersilia, Joan, University of California, Irvine
Peterson, Andrew, University of California, Irvine
Peterson, Dana, University at Albany
Peterson, Ruth D., The Ohio State University
Peterson, Steven A., Penn State University Capital College
Peterson-Badali, Michelle, University of Toronto
Petrosino, Anthony, Campbell Crime & Justice Group
Pfeifer, Heather L., University of Baltimore
Phillips, Julie A., Rutgers University
Phillips, Nickie D., CUNY Graduate Center
Phillips, Scott W., Rice University
Phoenix, Joanna, University of Bath
Pi, Yijun, China University of Politics & Law
Pickerill, Mitch, Washington State University Vancouver
Pickering, Lloyd E., University of Montevallo
Pierce, Glenn L., Northeastern University
Pierre, Sarah, Georgia State University
Pino, Nathan W., Georgia Southern University
Piquero, Alex R., University of Florida
Piquero, Nicole Leeper, University of Florida
Pitts, Wayne J., University of Memphis
Pizarro, Jesenia, Rutgers University
Pizio, William, University at Albany
Planty, Michael, American Institutes for Research
Plebanski, David, Calumet College of St. Joseph
Plecas, Darryl, University College of the Fraser Valley
Podkopacz, Marcy, Fourth Judicial District Court of MN
Pogarsky, Greg, University at Albany
Pogorzelski, Wendy, Rutgers University
Pointon, Laura J., University of Oklahoma
Pollard, Nahanni, Simon Fraser University
Pompa, Lori, Temple University
Pompi, Kenneth F., Founder's Trust, Inc.
Pontell, Henry, University of California, Irvine
Poole, Ed, University of Pennsylvania
Popp, Ann Marie, University of South Carolina
Porter, Pamela K., University at Albany
Portnov, Boris A., University of Haifa
Postal, Greg J., University of Delaware
Postle, Greg, University of Delaware
Potter, Hillary, Arizona State University
Potter, Roberto Hugh, Centers for Disease Control/DVP
Potterat, John J., Independent Consultant
Poulin, Mary E., Justice Research and Statistics Assn.
Povitsky, Wendy, University of Maryland at College Park
Powers, Edward L., University of Central Arkansas
Powers, Erin R., University of Washington
Pratt, Travis C., Washington State University
Pratte, Mary, University at Albany
Prendergast, Michael L., UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs
Presdee, Mike, University of Kent
Presser, Lois, University of Tennessee
Preston, Jeremy, California Polytechnic Institute
Preston, Pamela, Penn State Schuylkill
Prevention Proj, Multisite Violence, Corporate Author
Price, Dana Leigh, University of Montana
Pridemore, William Alex, Indiana University
Proctor, Janice, Ohio University - Eastern Campus
Propheter, Sharon, Federal Bureau of Investigation
Proulx, Jean, Universite de Montreal
Przemieniecki, Chris J., University of North Dakota
Przybylski, Roger K., RKC Group
Puffett, Nora, Center for Court Innovation
Pugh, Debernee S., University at Albany

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