The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Participant Index for the Letter C
Cadigan, Timothy P., Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts
Caeti, Tory, Police Executive Research Forum
Cahill, Meagan, University of Arizona
Caldwell, Ami, NORC at the University of Chicago
Calhoun, Avery, University of Calgary
Callahan, Jean, The Vera Institute of Justice
Callanan, Valerie J., California State University - San Marcos
Calnon, Jennifer M., Pennsylvania State University
Camp, Scott D., Federal Bureau of Prisons
Campbell, Alex, University of New England
Campbell, George, RTI International
Campbell, Jacquelyn C., Johns Hopkins University
Campbell, Karren, Pacific Institute for Research & Eval.
Campie, Patricia E., The Partnership
Campion, Jonathan, Western Michigan University
Cancino, Jeffrey M., University of Texas - San Antonio
Canigiani, Megan, University of Maryland at College Park
Cannon, Kevin D., Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Cantor, David, Westat, Inc.
Cao, Liqun, Eastern Michigan University
Capece, Michael, Valdosta State University
Capeheart, Loretta, Northeastern Illinois University
Caplan, Joel, University of Pennsylvania
Capowich, George E., Loyola University New Orleans
Carbone-Lopez, Kristin, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Carbonneau, Rene, Universite de Montreal
Cares, Alison C., The Pennsylvania State University
Carey, Shannon M., NPC Research
Caringella-MacDonald, Susan, Western Michigan University
Carlson, Susan M., Western Michigan University
Carlsson, Peter, Stockholm County Police
Carmichael, Jason, The Ohio State University
Carmichael, Stephanie, University of Florida
Carney, Philip, Middlesex University
Carollo, James, Connecticut Judicial Branch
Carr, James, NORC at the University of Chicago
Carr, Larry, CA Dept. of Alcohol & Drug Programs
Carr, Patrick J., St. Joseph's University
Carrigan, Jacqueline, California State University - Sacramento
Carrington, Peter J., University of Waterloo
Carroll, Anne A., University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Carroll, Sarrah, Florida State University
Carson, Jay, University of Maryland at College Park
Carter, David E., University of Cincinnati
Cartier, Jerome, University of California, Los Angeles
Casey, Teresa, University of California - Davis
Cass, Amy, University of Delaware
Castellano, Thomas C., Rochester Institute of Technology
Castle, Tammy L., Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Castro, Jennifer, The Urban Institute
Catalano, Richard F., University of Washington
Catalano, Shannan M., Bureau of Justice Statistics/UM - SL
Catlin, Shelagh E., University at Albany
Cauble, A. Elizabeth, Kansas State University
Cauffman, Elizabeth, Univ. of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Caulfield, Susan L., Western Michigan University
Caulkins, Jonathan, Carnegie Mellon University
Cavanagh, Kate, University of Stirling
Cavender, Gray, Arizona State University
Cavileer, Jonas, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Cebulak, Wojciech, Minot State University
Ceccato, Vania, University of Cambridge
Cerda, Magdalena, Harvard School of Public Health
Cesaroni, Carla, University of Toronto
Cetinkaya, Nebi, Michigan State University
Chaloupka, Frank J., University of Illinois at Chicago
Chamard, Sharon E., University of Alaska Anchorage
Chambers, Cheryl, North Carolina State University
Chambliss, William, George Washington University
Chamlin, Mitchell B., University of Cincinnati
Champion, Dean John, Texas A & M International University
Chan, Dan T.E., National Chung - Dheng University
Chancer, Lynn, Fordham University
Chaple, Michael, N. D. R. I., Inc.
Chappell, Allison T., University of Florida
Chapple, Constance L., University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Chard-Wierschem, Deborah J., NYS Div. of Criminal Justice Services
Charish, Courtney L., University of Oklahoma
Chavez, Jorge M., University at Albany
Cheatwood, Derral, University of Texas - San Antonio
Cheeseman, Kelly Ann, Sam Houston State University
Chemers, Betty, National Institute of Justice
Chen, Xiaojin, Tulane University
Cheong, Jinseong, Michigan State University
Cherbonneau, Michael, Univerity of Alabama
Chermak, Steven, Indiana University
Cherukuri, Suvarna, Siena College
Cheryachukin, Yury, Vera Institute of Justice
Chesney-Lind, Meda, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Cheurprakobkit, Sutham, Kennesaw State University
Chiancone, Janet, O. J. J. D. P.
Childress, Jennifer H., University of Cincinnati
Chilton, Roland, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Chiricos, Ted, Florida State University
Chitwood, Dale D., University of Miami
Chivers, Elizabeth, University of Northern Iowa
Choo, Tae M., Middle Tennessee State University
Christian, Johnna, Rutgers University
Christmann, Kris, University of Huddersfield
Chu, Doris, Arkansas State University
Chu, Rebekah, Duke University
Chung, He Len, Western Psychiatric Institute & Clinic
Cintron, Myrna, Prairie View A&M University
Cissner, Amanda, Center for Court Innovation
Clark III, John W., University of North Alabama
Clark, James D., University of Texas - Austin
Clark, Timothy W., University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Clarke, Alan, University of Surrey
Clarke, Jennifer, Rhode Island Hospital
Clarke, Ronald V., Rutgers University
Clay-Warner, Jody, University of Georgia
Clear, Todd R., John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Cleary, Shawna, University of Central Oklahoma
Clements, Paul T., University of New Mexico
Clontz, Kenneth, Western Illinois University
Cochran, John K., University of South Florida
Cocozza, Joseph, Policy Research Associates
Coffman, Kimberly A., Florida International Univrsity
Cofrin, Michael P., University of New Hampshire
Cohen, Thomas H., Bureau of Justice Statistics
Cohn, Ellen G., Florida International University
Cohn, Ellen S., University of New Hampshire
Coleman-Davis, Veronica, National Institute for Law and Equity
Collins, Sue Carter, Georgia State University
Colwell, Rebecca, University of Minnesota
Conley, Lisa, Eastern Kentucky University
Connell, Nadine M., University of Maryland at College Park
Connelly, Clare, University of Glasgow
Connolly, Jennifer, Bayside Justice Research
Connor, Susan E., Temple University
Connors, Edward F., Institute for Law and Justice
Conti, Norman, Duquesne University
Conway, Kevin P., National Institute on Drug Abuse
Cook, Dee, University of Wolverhampton
Cook, Kimberly J., University of Southern Maine
Coon, Julie Kiernan, Central Connecticut State University
Copes, Heith, University of Alabama - Birmingham
Copp, Donna A., University of Florida
Cordner, Gary, Eastern Kentucky University
Corley, Charles J., Michigan State University
Cornwell, Benjamin, University of Chicago
Correia, Mark E., California State University, Los Angeles
Corsaro, Nicholas, Michigan State University
Corzine, Jay, University of Central Florida
Costello, Barbara J., University of Rhode Island
Costelloe, Michael T., Northern Arizona University
Coston, Charisse T., Univ. of North Carolina at Charlotte
Couture, Heather L., University of Maryland at College Park
Covington, Jeanette, Rutgers University
Covington, Stephanie, Center for Gender and Justice
Cowell, Alexander J., RTI International
Cox, Stephen M., Central Connecticut State University
Cox, Terry C., Eastern Kentucky University
Coyle, Michael J., Arizona State University
Craig, Kimberly S., Bayside Justice Research
Craig, Ronald O., Michigan State University
Craig-Moreland, Delores E., Wichita State University
Cramer, Daniel P., Indiana University
Crawford, Adam, University of Leeds
Crawley, Elaine, University of Keele
Cretacci, Michael A., The Citadel
Crew, B. Keith, University of Northern Iowa
Crimmins, Susan M., California State University/N.D.R.I.
Cronin, Roberta, Consultant to Westat
Cronin, Shea W., American University
Cross, Amanda, University of Maryland at College Park
Cross, Theodore, University of New Hampshire
Crossland, Christine R., National Institute of Justice
Crow, Matthew S., Florida State University
Crumpton, David, NPC Research
Crutchfield, Robert D., University of Washington
Cuadrado, Mary, University of South Florida
Cubillos, Mark Anthony, Northeastern University
Cullen, Francis T., University of Cincinnati
Culp, Richard, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Culver, Leigh E., University of Nebraska at Omaha
Cunneen, Chris, University of Sydney Law School
Cunningham, Clark D., Georgia State University
Cunningham, Scott, Portland State University
Curman, Andrea, Simon Fraser University
Curran, Jeanne, California State Univ. - Dominguez Hills
Currie, Elliott, University of California, Irvine
Curry, G. David, University of Missouri - St. Louis
Curtis, Ric, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Cyriax, Donna, Riverside Regional Jail

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