The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter P

Paper Title Session ID
The Paling of Community Policing: Promising Intentions, the Reality of Implementation, and the Effects of Organizational Disjuncture Session 291: PE17
The Paradox of Criminal Justice Policy: Public Opinion and Punitiveness in Niagara County, New York {Poster Location 30} Session 309: CJ11
The Paradoxes of Policing Gambling Related Crime Session 492: PE30
Pardon Me: Current and Potential Avenues for the Correction of Wrongful Conviction in Australia Session 213: CC10
Parental Incarceration: Children At-Risk Session 283: CO22
Parental Involvement in Youth Justice Proceedings: Perceptions of Youth and Parents Session 414: JJ20
Parental Responsibility Legislation Without Society Session 507: JJ28
Parenting Behavior Among an Incarcerated Juvenile Sample: The Conditioning Effects of Self-Control and Consideration of Others Session 186: LC8
Parenting Styles and Adolescent Delinquency: A Test of Differential Coercion and Social Support Session 334: CT14
Parity Litigation and the Needs of Incarcerated Women in New Hampshire: Fiandaca v. Cunningham Fifteen Years Later Session 283: CO22
Parole Revocation and Prison Populations: A National Perspective and Assessment Session 260: CO20
Participant Experiences of Restorative Strategies to Address Wrongdoing Session 116: RR4
Participation in Juvenile Correctional Programming: An Evaluation of Voluntary Participation in Several Voluntary Programs Session 215: JJ9
Partner Violence Among College Students: The Impact of Race, Region and Racial Composition of the Couple Session 226: WC12
PAST PRESIDENT'S PANEL: Is Academic Criminology Irrelevant to Public Policy? Session 464: PP3
PAST PRESIDENT'S PANEL: The Future of Corrections Session 62: PP1
PAST PRESIDENT'S PANEL: The Present and Future Status of Criminology Session 440: PP2
Pathways In and Out of Substance Use Among Homeless Youth {Poster Location 131} Session 322: SA14
Patriarchal Ideology and Date Rape Recognition Session 540: WC28
The Patriot Act and Its Effect on Civil Liberties Session 513: CL21
Patterns in Police Decision-making With Youth: An Application of Black's Theory of Law Session 291: PE17
Patterns of Drug Use and HIV Risk Behavior Associated With Borderline Personality Disorder and Psychopathy Session 298: SA13
Patterns of Imprisonment Within a Metroplitan Area: Implications for Political Economy and Social Capital Session 428: CO37
Patterns of Male and Female Homicides in Southern India Session 484: IC18
Patterns of Questioning of Persons Stopped for Suspected Traffic Violations: A Study of Possible Racial/Ethnic Profiling Session 362: PE21
Peacemaking Criminology Session 471: TS7
The Pedophilia Panic in France and in the United States Session 517: VO15
Peer Networks in Schools of Delinquent and Non-Delinquent Youth {Poster Location 60} Session 313: JJ13
Peer Review and Other Reviews Session 368: RV21
Penal Excess and Surplus Meaning: Public Torture Lynchings in 20th Century America Session 6: PC1
People's Assessors System, Current Function, and Its Fate in Future: A Study of the Lay Judge System in China Session 169: CL8
Perception and Data on Violent Hot Spots {Poster Location 103} Session 319: SI19
Perceptions of Procedural Justice Among Victims and Probationers Session 366: CL17
Perceptions on the Success of Community Policing: A Follow-Up Session 14: PE1
Performance Measurement for Corrections: A Test of a New System for Prisons Session 27: CO2
Permission to Hate: State Complicity in Enabling Native American Victimization Session 182: CC8
Persistance, Desistance and Child Well-Being: A Follow Up of the Children of Serious Female Offenders Session 185: LC7
Personal Concepts About "Crime and Punishment" -- Results of a Qualitative Interview Analysis Session 178: CJ9
Personality Correlates of Offense Style Session 211: CT10
Personalizing the Continuum of Care: Juvenile Parole in Orgon Session 289: JJ12
Perspectives on Race and Crime Session 494: PD21
Pesticide Exposure Among Farm Workers in California and Enforcement of Regulations: A Critical Analysis Session 31: CC2
The Physical and Mental Health Consequences of Violent Victimization: The Moderating Effects of Help-Seeking and Police Responses {Poster Location 159} Session 325: VT11
Physical and Psychological Violence in the Lives of Low-Income Hmong Women: Does Social Support Matter Session 335: CC16
Physical Stigmata and Criminal Typing: Exploring Physical Differences Between Offender Groups and Control Samples Session 235: MM9
Pleading Guilty v. Being Guilty: A Case for Broader Access to Post-Conviction DNA Testing Session 213: CC10
Police Agency Accreditation and Its Relationship With Community Policing in Washington State: A Perspective From Street Cops to Management Cops Session 267: PE15
Police and Crime Prevention Session 256: SP7
Police and the Use of Deadly Force: A New Test for a New (and Some Old) Theory {Poster Location 93} Session 316: PE18
Police as Enemy: The Image of the Police in Music Session 410: CC21
Police Discretion and Ethics: Findings From a Survey of Officers Session 113: PE6
Police Discretion With Administrative Offenses by Young Persons Session 291: PE17
Police Integrity and Ethical Dilemmas: A Survey of Turkish Police Cadets Session 112: PE5
Police Investigation of Sexual Assault Session 335: CC16
Police Militarization in Urban Areas: The Obscure War Against the Underprivileged and the Underclass Session 84: CJ5
Police Officer Perceptions of Domestic Violence Session 98: VT2
Police Officers Perception of Effective Citizen Involvement in Community Policing {Poster Location 92} Session 316: PE18
Police or Products: Are Schools Choosing Police Presence or Security Technologies to Address Safety Concerns? Session 117: SI9
Police Performance Evaluations and the Effect of One-Way Streets on Response Times Session 531: PE32
Police Perspectives on the Legitimacy of Racial Profiling Session 155: PC7
Police Professionalism: Partnerships Amid Higher Education and Police Agencies Session 472: TC11
Police Stops: An Outcome-Based Analysis of the Effects of Race Session 219: PE11
Police Training for Post-Conflict Countries: The UK Model Session 337: IC11
Police Use of Force: Female Patrol Officers in an Urban Police Department Session 218: PE10
Police Use of Proactive Customer Service Techniques Session 341: PE19
Police-Probation Partnership: An Assessment of a Collaborative Supervision Initiative {Poster Location 82} Session 316: PE18
Policies of Imprisonment: The Adoption of Determinate Sentencing and Sentencing Guidelines in the United States, 1975-2002 Session 248: CL11
Policing Across Suburban Contexts: Officer Work Routines in Diverse Suburban Environments Session 342: PE20
Policing and Fear of Crime Session 391: PE23
Policing Ghosts and Goblins: Community Interventions to Confront Annual Problem Events {Poster Location 78} Session 316: PE18
Policing Race and Gender: An Analysis of Prime Suspect 2 Session 199: WC11
Policing the Late Modern City Session 337: IC11
Policing the Right Wing Violence in Recent Fifteen Years in Japan Session 220: PE12
Policy and Program Perspectives on the Transition to Adulthood for Adolescents Involved in the Juvenile Justice System Session 487: LC17
Policy Implications and Local Applications of Federal Reports on School Crime and Safety Session 93: SI8
Policy Influence Through Professional Organizations Session 525: CJ17
Political Structure -- The Missing Variable in Explaining Punitivity Session 454: CO39
Politics and the Presentation of Terrorism in the News Media Session 156: CJ8
The Politics of Criminology: Short Term Memory Loss for the Study of Deviance Session 458: CT18
The Politics of Problem-Solving: An Overview of the Origins and Development of Therapeutic Courts Session 95: CL4
The Politics of School Discipline: School Resource Officers and the New Status Offenses Session 138: SI10
The Politics of Science in Criminology: The 'Maryland Scale' as a Translation of Crime Control Session 361: MM13
Poly Drug Use Among Adult Male Arrestees Session 349: SA15
A Pooled Time-Series Assessment of the Determinants of Police Strength in Large U.S. Cities Session 385: CC19
A Portrait of Juveniles in Custody and Their Facilities: Current Findings From OJJDP's National Statistical Efforts Session 383: CO31
Post-Prison Supervision in Ohio: A Descriptive Study of Violation Patterns and Agency Response Session 523: CO42
Poverty and Incarceration: A State by State Correlational Analysis Session 86: CC5
Poverty, Unemployment, and Family Structure as Correlates of Race-Specific Murder and Robbery Offender Rates Session 21: RV2
Power Dynamics in Victim Offender Mediation Session 39: RR1
The Power of the Prosecutor: Understanding Prosecutorial Discretion in a Social Network Analysis Framework Session 119: CL6
Pre-adjudication Gambling Behavior and Risk Level Placement Among Youth in Florida Residential DJJ Facilities Session 339: JJ14
Pre-Incident Indicators of Terrorism: Methodological Issues in the Temporal and Spatial Analysis of Terrorists' Planning Session 367: RV20
Pre-Treatment Characteristics of Legally Coerced Drug Treatment Seekers Session 68: CL3
Predator or Prey? A Closer Look at the Relationship Between Student Victimization and Offending Session 279: VT8
Predicting Disposition Among Serious Juvenile Offenders: Who Gets Locked Up? Session 340: LC12
Predicting Offender Recidivism: Does the Quality of Institutional Programs Matter? Session 345: RR11
Predicting Sex Offender Recidivism: An Examination of Florida's Sex Offender Civil Commitment Law Session 365: CL16
Predicting Young Adult Criminal Charges From Adolescent Mental Health Session 162: LC6
The Predictive Accuracy of Early Warning System Selection Criteria Session 441: PE25
Predictors and Correlates of Crime Behaviors and Other Adaptation Problems in a Normative Sample of Young Women in Quebec, Canada Session 389: LC13
Predictors of Injury From Violent Victimization Session 539: VT19
Predictors of Recidivism for Male and Female Juvenile Offenders Session 124: WC8
Preliminary Outcome Findings of the Circle Project Evaluation Session 482: PC11
Preparing a Defense in Capital Cases: Administering a Focus Group {Poster Location 1} Session 305: CA8
Preparing Your Tenure File Session 493: PD20
Presentation of Academy Fellows for 2004 Session 75: SP2
Presentation of Honorary Fellow Session 75: SP2
PRESIDENTIAL PLENARY: ASC Awards and Sutherland Address - Between Proportionality and Impunity: Confrontation, Truth, Prevention Session 149: SP3
PRESIDENTIAL PLENARY: Presidential Justice Award and Presidential Address Session 500: SP9
Pretrial Monitoring of Intimate Partner Violence Defendants Session 366: CL17
Prevalence of Clients of Prostitute Women in North America Session 174: VO8
Preventing Boot-Leg Cab Driving With Situational Prevention Session 5: CP1
Preventing Drug Abuse Among High Risk Youth During the Transition to Adulthood Session 497: SA22
Preventing Terrorism: Educating LEAA's to Counter Terrorism Session 367: RV20
Preventing the Next Terrorist Attack: The Theory and Practice of Homeland Security Information Systems Session 251: RV14
The Price of Beer and the Determinants of Violence-Related Injury Session 398: RV23
Primary Colors and Then Some Session 74: DP1
Principles of Situational Crime Prevention Session 232: CP6
Prison Administration in Nuevo Leon, Mexico: Criminal Justice System Evolution and Reform Since 2000 Session 434: IC15
The Prison as a Social Institution: Special But Vulnerable Session 454: CO39
The Prison as Eschatological Metaphor Session 190: SI13
Prison Education How Prisoners and Teachers Talk About Problems and Solutions Session 262: CC12
Prison Visits: Service is its Own Reward Session 262: CC12
Prison-Based Animal Programs (PAPs) Session 496: RR14
Prisoner Reentry and Community Policing: Can Police and Former Felons Find Common Ground? Session 262: CC12
Prisoner Reentry and the Pathways to Adulthood: Policy Perspective Session 487: LC17
Prisoner Reentry and the Professionalization of Housing Session 404: CO32
Prisoners of War or Violent Offenders? Are Offenders, Who are Under the Influence of Crack Cocaine, More Likely to Engage in Violent Offenses Than Their Powder Cocaine Counterparts? Session 397: SA16
Prisonization Reconceptualized: Toward a Theoretical Foundation Supportive of Sound Empirical Research Session 262: CC12
Private Security Patrols on Public Streets: Circumstances, Opportunities, Problems and Strategies (C.O.P.S.) Session 341: PE19
Probation Interventions? Effective for Who? Session 394: RR12
Probation Violations and Sentencing Decisions: The Imprisonment of Low-Level Drug Offenders in Arizona Session 523: CO42
Problem Oriented Policing and Situational Prevention Session 232: CP6
Problem-Solving Courts: Stretching the Notion of Adjudication Session 274: CL13
A Process Evaluation of DAILE: Program Intervention on Behalf of Mentally Challenged Women Session 450: WC23
Processing of Drug Offenders Session 455: PC10
Processing Offenders in Texas Juvenile Courts: Trends and Patterns Session 60: JJ3
Production Function Model of Police Effectiveness on Crime Rates Session 492: PE30
Professional Crime in Finland in the 1990s Session 97: VO6
A Profile of Nevada's Re-Entry Participants: Lessons From the LSI-R Session 284: CO23
Profiling in Context: Race, Place and Perceptions Toward the Police Use of Racial Profiling in New York City Session 155: PC7
Program Evaluations: The Importance of Examining Process Before Impact Session 163: MM8
Program Fidelity Issues in Multi-Site Evaluations Session 11: MM1
Program Fidelity: A Critical Requisite for Evaluating National Programs Session 11: MM1
Program Quality and Its Impact on the Georgia Cognitive Skills Experiment Session 345: RR11
The Promise and Peril of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Under Criminal Justice Supervision Session 258: CO18
Promoting a Culture of Fear Session 263: CC13
Property Victimization Commuting To and From School and in School: An Opportunity Theory Analysis Session 279: VT8
Prosecutorial Charging Decisions in Transfer Cases Session 387: JJ17
Prosecutorial Strategies to Curb Violent Crime: Project Safe Neighborhood Session 195: SA6
The Prospects for Randomized Controlled Trials in Justice Programs Session 34: MM4
Prostitution: Weighing the Risks and Rewards Session 270: RC7
Protecting America's Ports: Counter-Terrorism Coordination of Law Enforcement and Private Security Session 197: RV12
Psychological and Criminal Differences Among Drug-Using and Non-Using Women Prisoners Session 99: WC6
Psychological Coercion and Unreliable Confessions Session 390: PE22
Psychopathy, Program Involvement, and Correctional Misconduct Session 209: CO15
Psychopathy, Risk-Taking, and Attention: A Differentiated Test of the Somatic Marker Hypothesis Session 211: CT10
The Psychosocial Consequences of Treatment Reducing Drug Use in an Offender Population Session 250: SA10
Psychosocial Functioning, Treatment Dropout, and Recidivism of Probationers Session 250: SA10
Public Awareness of Project Safe Neighborhoods in Memphis, Tennessee Session 56: CJ2
Public Confidence in the Criminal Justice System in England and Wales: Recent Messages for Policy Makers From Research Session 332: CJ12
Public Defenders' Pragmatic Motivations: A Qualitative and Inductive Study Session 119: CL6
Public Opinion and the Legitimacy of a Constitutional Democracy Session 513: CL21
Public Policy and Law Enforcement in Nigeria Session 127: CJ7
Public Policy Formulation and Implementation in African Countries Session 127: CJ7
Public Reassurance and the Extended Policing Family Session 341: PE19
Public Safety Costs and Benefits of Revocation Policies Session 260: CO20
Public-Empowering Justice: Arguments From Effectiveness, Legitimacy and Democracy Session 456: CJ15
Publishing Critical Criminology Articles Session 107: DP2
Publishing Issues for the Developing Scholar Session 268: PD10
Punishment and Justice Session 107: DP2
Punitive Attitudes Towards Persons With HIV: A Preliminary Analysis {Poster Location 138} Session 322: SA14
The Punitive Gaze Session 410: CC21
Pupil Offending in the School Context: The Importance of Individual and Contextual Factors in Explanation Session 41: SI4
Putting Anti-Indian Violence in Context: The Case of the Great Lakes Chippewa Session 54: PC3

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