The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter M

Paper Title Session ID
Macro-Social Responses to Crime: Social Threat or Social Control Session 495: RC14
The Main and Conditioning Effects of Community Characteristics on Sentencing: A Multilevel Analysis Session 169: CL8
Making Amends: When is an Apology Good Enough? Apology and Reconciliation in Ghana Session 528: IC19
Making Change Permanent: Problem-Solving Innovation in a Centralized Setting Session 274: CL13
The Making of a Demon: Determinants of Police Officers' Perceptions of Public Alcohol Use Session 63: PE4
Making Sense of Intersections: Does Quantitative Analysis Enlighten or Obfuscate? Session 25: WC2
Making Time and Space for Time and Space: Contextualized Criminology for the 21st Century Session 74: DP1
Making Trouble Session 107: DP2
Making Your Home a Shelter: The Electronic Monitoring of Domestic Violence Cases Session 148: WC10
Male and Female Delinquency Trajectories From Pre-Through Middle Adolescence and Their Continuation in Late Adolescence Session 89: LC3
Male Prostitution: An Exploratory Study and Comparison to Female Prostitution Session 174: VO8
Mali Police System Session 37: PE3
Managing a Multi-Site Research Project Using a Centralized System of Training, Technical Assistance, and Quality Control Session 134: MM7
Managing Crisis Decisions, the Police Executive Performing Leadership Functions Under Stress and the Importance of Higher Education's Role in Preparing Police Management Session 465: PE27
Managing Disobedience as Crime: Legal and Extra-Legal Discourse in Military Court Verdicts of Unauthorized Absentees and Conscientious Objectors Session 95: CL4
Managing Encounters With Police in a Stolen Car: Creating the Illusion of Normalcy Session 270: RC7
Managing Mentally Ill Offenders in the Community With Short-Term Intervention Session 381: CO29
Manifestations of Victim Restoration in the Texas Death Chamber Session 152: CA5
Mapping It All Out: An Attempt to Unify Some Theories of Crime Patterns Session 115: RC2
Mapping the Criminal Justice Policy Community: Implications for Research Session 332: CJ12
Marijuana Use Among Indoor Marijuana Growers Session 171: SA5
Marriage-by-Proxy: Ex-Correctional Employees, Inmates, and "Marriage Behind Bars" in a Southern Penitentiary Session 207: CO13
Maternal Incarceration and Delinquency Session 462: JJ25
A Matter of Control: Decomposing the Sex-Gap in Delinquency {Poster Location 37} Session 310: CT12
Maturity of Judgment in Delinquent Youth Session 388: JJ18
The 'Meaning of Life': Long Prison Sentences in Context Session 194: CL10
The Measurement and Utility of Program Fidelity Session 413: JJ19
Measuring Arrest Trajectories: Integrating the Use of Self-Report and Official Data Sources Session 66: SI5
Measuring Implementation to Improve Implementation in Prevention Research or Practice Session 413: JJ19
Measuring Juror's Agreement on the Existence of Mitigation and Aggravation Evidence in Capital Trials Session 522: CA11
Measuring Man: Bertillon System at Joliet and the Chicago Police in the Late 19th Century Session 408: CO36
Measuring Quality of Life With GIS: Moving Beyond Part I Crime Session 244: SI14
Measuring Success: An Analysis of Instrument Reliability Session 163: MM8
Measuring the Impact of Operation Safe Streets on the Displacement of Drug Crime Session 96: SA1
Media (In)Attention to Racial Disparities in Criminal Justice: The Problem of Decontextualization Session 83: CJ4
Media and Corrections: The Impact of a State's Legal Environment on Newspaper Coverage Session 479: CO40
Media Coverage of Mass Murder Incidents: The Influence of Female Victimization Session 304: WC15
The Media's Representation of Gender(ed) Violence Session 199: WC11
The Media, Crime Politics, and Recent Legislation in Germany Session 454: CO39
Media, Fear, and Punitiveness: An Empirical Assessment Session 301: VT9
The Medical Model of Serial Murder Session 516: RV26
Men as Multiple Murderers in Domestic Contexts Session 45: RV4
Mental and Physical Health Outcomes for Delaware Drug Court Participants Session 170: SA4
Mental Health and Criminal Sanctions During Adolescence and the Transition to Adulthood Session 389: LC13
Mental Health in the Classroom: How to Help a Troubled Student Session 272: TC7
Mentoring: Philosophy and Praxis Session 510: PD22
Mentoring: Reflexive Musings Session 510: PD22
Mentorship: The Importance of Faculty and Peer Support Session 272: TC7
Meta-Analysis of After School Program Effects Session 430: CP12
Meth and Crack: Media Constructions and Political Consequences Session 358: CC18
Methadone Maintenance for Prisoners in Baltimore, Maryland Session 79: CO6
Methamphetamine Hits a Small Midwestern Community Session 196: SA7
Methodological Issues in Studying Thwarted School Violence Session 154: CP4
Metropolitan Context, Incarceration and Racial Inequality in Earnings Session 428: CO37
A Micro Level Test of Institutional Anomie Theory Session 7: CT1
The Middle Classes, Social Capital, and Social Control Session 357: CJ14
The Midtown Community Court Reconsidered? Session 274: CL13
A Midwestern Policing Strategy to Prevent Methamphetamine Trafficking Session 492: PE30
Minimizing Errors of Justice: The Role of the Prosecutor Session 119: CL6
Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines Revisited: Does Race Matter for Native American Offenders? Session 248: CL11
Minority Threat and Police Resource Allocation in the Southwestern United States {Poster Location 85} Session 316: PE18
The Mis-measurement of Spatial Effects in Criminological Research Session 242: RC6
Misconduct Inside School and Delinquency Outside School Session 138: SI10
Missing Data in Homicide: A Comparison of Imputation Measures Session 424: RV24
Missing Data in the UCR Session 439: MM14
Missouri Residents' Opinions Regarding Medical Marijuana Session 357: CJ14
Modeling Peer Influences on Delinquency: Beyond the Direct Contact Hypothesis Session 333: CT13
Modeling Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Traffic Stops: A Macro-Level Approach Session 362: PE21
Modeling the Travel Patterns of Chicago Robbery Victims and Offenders Session 508: MM18
Moms Punishing Daughters After Misbehaviors: Does the Style of Spanking Really Matter? Session 167: SI12
Money Can't Buy You Love: Child Support Payments and Children's Behavioral Problems Session 167: SI12
Monitoring and Managing Police Behavior With Technology: Evaluating the Process Session 164: PE8
Monitoring and Support for High-Risk Offenders: The Youth Violence Reduction Partnership {Poster Location 20} Session 306: CO24
Moral Panics, Social Crusades, and the Criminal Justice Documentary Session 8: CC1
Moral Struggles and Crime: The State, Individualism, and Community Session 287: CC14
More Executions, Less News, Little Public Knowledge: News Coverage and Public Awareness of Executions in the U.S., 1977-2003 Session 206: CA6
Motivations and Consequences of Schoolyard Bullying Session 42: TC1
Motivations for Police Use of Non-Lethal Force: An Examination of the Force Continuum and Subject Level of Resistance Session 238: PE13
Motivations of White Collar Crime: Examining the Fear of Falling Session 475: VO14
Moving Targets: Mobility Triangles in Philadelphia Homicides Session 115: RC2
Moving to Evidence Based Service Delivery at the Community Level Session 223: RC3
Multi-Site Evaluation of the SVOR Initiative Session 153: CO12
A Multi-Site, Program-Level Analysis of the Relationship Between Program Integrity and Correctional Treatment Effectiveness Session 345: RR11
A Multilevel Analysis of the Effects of Citizens' Perception of Community Policing on Fear of Crime: Findings From 11 Cities Session 391: PE23
Multilevel Impacts of Violence and Social Climate on Self-Assessed Mental Health Session 40: SI3
Multinational Research on Use of Force by Police Session 442: PE26
Multiple Barriers, Inequality, and Intersectionality: Mexicana Immigrant Women Speak About Domestic Violence Services in Their Own Voices Session 98: VT2
Multiple Methods of Determining Risk for Gang Joining Session 70: RV6
Multiple Types of Family Violence Exposure and Negative Behavioral Consequences in Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood Session 519: VT18
A Multivariate Approach to Analyzing Racial Profiling Data Session 239: PE14
Murder Clearance Research: Equivocal Findings and Equivocal Practice Session 187: PE9
Murder in the City: Do We Have a Witness Session 350: RV19
Murder in the Ranks: Patterns of Homicides Committed by US Soldiers, WW II {Poster Location 145} Session 323: RV18
Musical Justice: Using Music to Teach Criminal Justice Issues at the College Level Session 472: TC11
Mutual Partner Violence in Intimate Relationships: Findings From the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health Session 20: RV1
My Hard Drive Ate My Application. Can I Please Have an Extension? The National Institute of Justice Application Process From the Perspective of NIJ Staff Session 368: RV21
The Myth of Punitiveness Session 178: CJ9
Myths About Forensic Science--A Program for Journalists and Criminologists Session 203: SP4

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