The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter I

Paper Title Session ID
"I Ain't Gonna Let No One Disrespect Me": Does the Code of the Street Reduce or Increase Violent Victimization Among African American Adolescents? Session 21: RV2
"I Missed the Bus": Truancy and Truants Rationalizations Session 388: JJ18
'I Wanna' be "MotoGP": Resistant Coding, Hyper-Masculinity and Motorcycle Youth Culture Session 433: CC22
"I Would Have to Go and Beat Her Up": Understanding a Young Woman's Pursuit of Justice in the Inner City Setting Session 529: JJ29
I'm Not Ready for an Institution: Reconsidering the Effects of Self-Control on Marriage and Crime {Poster Location 73} Session 314: LC11
Identifying Dynamic Contexts of Social Problems: A Proposal to Integrate Multilevel Models With Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis Session 489: MM17
Identifying the Impact of Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARAC) on the Lives of Very High-Risk Domestic Violence Victims and Their Children Session 375: WC18
Identity Fraud and Financial Fraud Session 370: VO12
The Identity Fraud Paradox: Toward a Balance of Privacy and Control Session 183: IC7
The Igbo (Nigeria) Indigenous Justice System Session 131: IC4
Illegal Gun Markets in Los Angeles and Intervention Strategies Session 121: RV7
Illegal Music Downloading Among College Students Session 23: VO2
The Illinois State University Innocence Project Session 403: CA10
Illuminating the Downside of Social Capital: Negotiated Coexistence, Property Crime, and Disorder in Urban Neighborhoods Session 66: SI5
The Image and Reality of Justice Session 158: CC7
Images of Power: An Analysis of the Militarization of Police Uniforms and Messages of Service Session 385: CC19
Immigration and Homicide: A Spatial Analytic Test of the Social Disorganization Theory {Poster Location 105} Session 319: SI19
Immigration Status and Violent Delinquency: Differential Effects of Social Disorganization and Social Control Session 157: CT6
The Impact of Adolescent Delinquency on Marital Stability, Timing, and Quality in Adulthood Session 10: LC1
The Impact of Bench Trial Convictions on Sentencing Session 169: CL8
The Impact of California's Proposition 36 on Property Crime Trends in Orange County, California Session 224: SA8
The Impact of College Experience on Hate Crime Attitudes {Poster Location 151} Session 324: VO11
The Impact of Criminal Victimization on Fear of Crime: A Multivariate Analysis of Perceptions of Community Safety in 12 U.S. Cities {Poster Location 154} Session 325: VT11
The Impact of Defense Council on the Processing and Disposition of Felony Court Cases Session 119: CL6
The Impact of Exposure to Family and Community Violence on Victimization and Delinquency: Findings From a Prospective Study Session 519: VT18
Impact of High Incarceration Rates on the Communities of Color Session 503: PC12
The Impact of JOD Probation Review Hearings in Milwaukee Session 366: CL17
Impact of Judicial Review Hearings on Domestic Violence Program Batterer Compliance Session 375: WC18
The Impact of Labor Unions on Campus Law Enforcement Agencies Session 509: PE31
The Impact of Legally Inappropriate Factors on Death Sentencing in California Session 152: CA5
Impact of Mandatory Drug Testing in Prisons in England and Wales Session 142: SA3
Impact of Maternal Smoking on Offspring Behavior: The Moderating Effects of Race and Sex {Poster Location 69} Session 314: LC11
The Impact of Media on Disseminating Images of Wartime Sexual Violence Session 24: WC1
The Impact of National Drug Laws on Imprisonment Discrepancies: A Reanalysis of Analytical and Aggregation Biases Session 81: PC5
The Impact of New York City's Quality of Life Enforcement and the Indoor Tobacco Smoking Ban on Marijuana Smoking in Public Session 448: SA19
The Impact of NonDisclosure on Tracking Drug Use Trends Among Arrestees Session 249: SA9
The Impact of Perceived Risk and Fear of Crime on Weapons Possession: Unraveling the Temporal Order Session 132: JJ6
Impact of Prosecution Decisions in Drug Cases: An Examination of Arizona's Mandatory Drug Treatment Law Pre and Post Implementation Session 195: SA6
Impact of Race on College Traffic Stops Session 455: PC10
The Impact of Race on Parole Revocation in Four States, 1990-2000 Session 29: CJ1
The Impact of Reentry Programming for Adolescent Sex Offenders {Poster Location 5} Session 306: CO24
The Impact of Relationship With Parents and Attachment to School on Adolescent Fear of Crime Session 301: VT9
The Impact of Religious Denomination, Attendance and Commitment on Offending From a Rational Choice Perspective Session 443: RC12
The Impact of Research on Policy: Examining Gun Control and Domestic Violence Legislation Session 143: RV9
The Impact of Sentencing Guidelines Policy Reform: Florida's 1994 Sentencing Guidelines Session 248: CL11
Impact of Social Disorganization on Tribal Youth Session 54: PC3
The Impact of Televised Professional Football on Domestic Violence Calls to Police Session 376: WC19
The Impact of Terrorism on Economic Development: The Case of Italy Session 173: RV11
Impacts of Self-Protection on Rape Completion and Injury Session 145: VT4
Impediments to the Implementation of an Around-the-Clock Initial Hearing Court Session 421: CL19
Imperial Machines and Bodies Session 212: CC9
Implementing and Evaluating Collaborative Research Session 394: RR12
Implementing Positive and Negative Reinforcers in the Assessment of Substance Abusing Treatment Outcomes: A Theoretical Approach Session 120: SA2
Implementing Reforms: A Case Study of Police and Corrections Teams Session 267: PE15
The Importance of 'Capable Guardians' in Licensed Drinking Establishments Session 469: RC13
The Importance of Neighborhood Ties to Local Police: An Analysis of Victimization Rates abd Risk Session 420: SI21
Importation and Prisonization Models of Corrections Worker's Attitudes and Behaviors: An Empirical Examination of Social Distance, Correctional Orientation, and Punitive Behavior Within a Maximum Security Prison Session 78: CO5
Imposition and Payment of Economic Sanctions: A Multi-County Analysis {Poster Location 115} Session 321: CL14
Impression Management in the Immediate Context of Disputes Involving Youth Street Gang Members Session 132: JJ6
Improving Crime Data: Perceptions of Police Chiefs and Data Analysis Session 417: PE24
Improving Curriculum in Criminal Justice Education: The Use of Alumni Exit Surveys to Facilitate Learning Session 512: TC12
Improving Probation Through Client Strengths: Evaluating Strength Based Case Management With Juvenile Offenders Session 104: CO10
Improving Probation Through Client Strengths: Evaluating Strengths Based Case Management Session 359: JJ15
Improving the Evaluation of Criminal Justice Programs Session 130: DP3
Improving the Prospects of Successful Reentry From Juvenile Incarceration: Results of a Multi-Method Aftercare Program Evaluation Session 381: CO29
Improving the Utility of Cost-Benefit Analyses of Criminal Justice Programs Session 488: MM16
Impulsivity and the "Culture of the Now" Versus Rational Choice Theory and the Criminology of Normality Session 527: CC24
In the Club: Ecstasy Use and Supply in a London Nightclub Session 473: SA21
In-Depth Life History Interviews With Female Inmates: A Follow-Up Study on a Prison Based Test of Three Traditional Theories Session 25: WC2
An In-Depth Study of the Suffolk County (NY) Juvenile Drug Court: Process Evaluation and Preliminary Impact Results Session 170: SA4
Incarcerated Mothers and Their Children Session 103: CO9
Incarcerated Women and Bulimia: An "Alternative" Addiction Session 520: WC26
Incident Reporting and Self-Report Attitudes as Functions of Generational Child Maltreatment Session 519: VT18
An Incident-Level Examination of Fear and Other Repercussion of Violent Crime for Adolescent Victims Session 132: JJ6
The Inclusive Feminist Paradigm: Studying Women's Crime and Punishment on a Continuum Session 426: WC22
Incorporating Responsivity Into Current Correctional Practice: Practical Applications of the Jesness Inventory {Poster Location 6} Session 306: CO24
Increased "Punitivity" -- Only a Consequence of a Harsher Punishment of Sex Offenders? Session 178: CJ9
Increased Border Vigilantism Since 9/11/01: Unintended Consequences of the Patriot Acts Session 409: CP11
Increasing Numbers of Women Under Correctional Supervision: Examining Gender Inequities in Classification Systems Session 444: RR13
Indicators of the Right-to-Lifer Session 206: CA6
The Indigenous System of Justice and Social Control Among the Ikwerre Ethnic Group in Rivers State, Nigeria Session 131: IC4
Individual and Institutional Factors Related to Inmate Grievances: A Test of Importation and Deprivation Theories Session 78: CO5
Individual Difference and the Benefits of Offending in Rational Choice Theory Session 443: RC12
The Influence of Aggravated Assault on the Seeming Convergence Between Victim Reporting and Police Recording of Violent Crime, 1973-2002 Session 237: MM11
The Influence of Family Context on Serious Offending Among Black, White, and Hispanic Youth Session 486: JJ27
The Influence of Neighborhood Context on the Arrest of Former Mental Patients Session 290: PE16
Influence of Organizational Socialization on Police Officers: Acceptance of Community Policing: The Example of Korean Police Session 267: PE15
Informal Social Control: Moving Towards a Social Networks Approach {Poster Location 106} Session 319: SI19
Informal Social Controls of Blunt Smoking: The Importance of Setting Session 448: SA19
Informing Parole Release and Supervision Practices Through Policy Relevant Research: What Needs to be Done Session 330: CO26
Infraction Specialization: Testing Prisonization, Importation and Social Control Theories Session 78: CO5
Injuries From Intimate Partner Violence Among Young Adults in the U.S. Session 20: RV1
Injury as a Result of Armed Robbery Session 539: VT19
Injury in Young Adults: An Intervention and Evaluation of Risk Taking Behavior Session 234: JJ10
Inmate Parenting Programs: Defining and Delivering Desirable Dads? Session 79: CO6
Innocence Commissions: Due Process Remedies and Protection for the Innocent Session 213: CC10
Innovations in Court Processes in the JOD Sites Session 366: CL17
Inquiring Into Policing: Resistence and Change in Police Work Session 112: PE5
Institutional Behavior and the Female Juvenile Offender Session 360: JJ16
The Institutional Careers of Juvenile Delinquents: Offending and Processing Patterns of a Sample of Violent and Chronic Offenders Session 33: JJ2
Institutional Conditions and Prison Suicide: Conditional Effects of Deprivation and Overcrowding Session 4: CO1
Institutional Fads in Criminal Justice Session 504: CJ16
Institutional Racism: Is Law Used as a Tool to Perpetuate Racial Inequality? Session 84: CJ5
Institutional Support and Juvenile Delinquency: A Test of Social Support Theory {Poster Location 107} Session 319: SI19
Institutional-Anomie Theory Session 94: TS1
Institutionalizing Midwifery's Red Guard: Mobilizing and Legalizing Independent Midwivery in Washington State Session 447: CL20
Instructional Technology in Criminal Justice Education Session 347: TC9
Integrated Domestic Violence Courts: The Impact on the Expanded Courtroom Workgroup Session 375: WC18
Intelligence Led Border Policing -- A New Paradigm Session 409: CP11
Intensive Criminal Homicide Reviews Session 369: RV22
The Intensive Domestic Abuse Program: An Outcome Evaluation Session 165: RR6
Intensive Supervision of First-Time Probationers in an After School Program: Self Reported Outcomes in an Experimental Evaluation a Year After Program Completion Session 215: JJ9
Inter-agency Coordination Between Public Health and Law Enforcement on Terrorism Response Planning Session 299: RV17
Inter-Nation Variation in Crime Control Session 160: IC6
The Interaction Between Victim Race and Gender on Capital Sentencing Outcomes in North Carolina Session 328: CA9
Interaction of Age, Gender, Race, and Education on Juvenile Justice Decision Making in Nebraska: The Comparisons of White, Black, Hispanic and Native American Session 28: PC2
Interagency Cooperation in Restorative and Community Justice Settings: Toward a Theory of Organizational Co-Evolution Session 65: RR2
Interdependence, Institutional Balance and Culture: An Integrated Control Theory of Violence Session 334: CT14
Interest Groups and Crime Politics in Federal and Non-Federal Political Systems Session 108: IC3
An International Survey of Gun Laws and Violent Crime Session 502: CP14
Internet Crime: Challenges to Criminological Research and Crime Control Session 48: VO5
Internet Gambling: The Birth of a Victimless Crime? Session 504: CJ16
Internship Experience at Kent City (Ohio) Police Department Session 472: TC11
The Interpretation of Crime as a Occasioned Artifact: Comments on Crime Mapping and Crime Analysis as Open Texts Session 36: PE2
Interrogating Juveniles: The Central Park Jogger Case Session 507: JJ28
Introducing the European Society of Criminology {Poster Location 50} Session 312: IC10
Invasion of the Drug Snatchers (Revisited) II Session 120: SA2
Investigating the Dynamics of the Criminal Recidivism Process Session 80: CO7
Investigating the Effects of Family, Peer, and School Domains on Post-dropped Drug Use Session 41: SI4
Investigating the Impact of Early Abuse/Trauma on Treatment Outcomes for Offenders With Co-Occurring Disorders Session 496: RR14
Investigating the Within-Individual Changes of Attitudinal Measures of Patriarchy {Poster Location 164} Session 326: WC16
Is a Living Death Worse Than a Dying Life? Session 303: WC14
Is Anybody in Favor of Convicting the Innocense? The Response in Congress Session 29: CJ1
Is Crack Cocaine Use Still a Risk Factor for Prostitution? Finding From the Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring Data {Poster Location 162} Session 326: WC16
Is Criminal Justice a Science? Session 158: CC7
Is It Alienating Parenting, Role Reversal, or Child Abuse? An Empirical Studyof Children's Rejection of a Parent in Child Custody Disputes {Poster Location 156} Session 325: VT11
Is It Possible to Reduce the Fear of Crime and Should We Even Try? Session 245: SI15
Is Murder Transitive? A Network Approach to Gang-Homicide {Poster Location 142} Session 323: RV18
Is Religion Really That Important? The Mediating Role of "The Family" in the Relationship Between Religiosity and Adolescent Deviant Behavior Session 295: SI18
Is Repeat Victimization a Global Phenomenon? Session 425: VT15
Is the Criminal Justice System Lenient Toward Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault? Session 401: WC21
Is There a Penalty for Going to Trial in Federal Court? Session 348: CL15
Isolating System Effects That Explain Offender-Characteristic Case Processing Disparities Session 141: CL7
Issues Facing Composite Indigenous/Non-Indigenous Justice Service Organizations: A Case Study From New Zealand Session 54: PC3
Issues for Consideration Session 222: PD9
Issues in Assessment of In-Prison Workshops as Learning Opportunities for University Students Session 535: TC13
Issues in Designing the Forthcoming National Evaluation of Adult Drug Courts Session 275: SA11

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