The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter H

Paper Title Session ID
Hand in Hand: Establishing Community Partnerships to Facilitate Community Buy In Session 134: MM7
Hanging Out Late at Night: An International Study of Drug-related Violence Among Juvenile Detainees and Dropouts Session 397: SA16
Hard-Core Offenders' Use of Neutralization Techniques to Maintain a "Street" Self-Concept: When Being Good is Bad Session 97: VO6
Hate Crime in Canada Session 46: VO3
Hate Crimes and NIBRS Session 105: CJ6
Hate Crimes in Stockholm, Sweden -- A Study of Police Reported Hate Crimes Compared to Other Sources of Statistics Session 46: VO3
Hate Crimes Involving Juveniles: A Multi-Year Analysis of the National Incidence-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) 1995-2000 {Poster Location 58} Session 313: JJ13
Hate Crimes, Civil Rights and the USA Patriot Act Session 29: CJ1
Have Gun, Will Shoot? The Influence of Gun Presence on Violent Conflict Management Session 143: RV9
Health Issues for Incarcerated Juvenile and Adult Females Session 520: WC26
Health Problems and Healthcare Access for Drug-Involved Offenders at Risk for HIV: Challenges for Probation and Parole Session 51: CO3
Heavy Drinking and Illicit Drug Use Among College Students: A Comparison of Athletes and Nonathletes Session 67: SI6
The Help-Seeking Behaviors and Coping Strategies of Drug Involved Battered Women: Policy Implications Session 477: WC24
Help-Seeking of Hate Crime Victims in Canada Session 146: VT5
Helping or Hindering? How Families Buffer External Pressures Toward Juvenile Delinquency Session 486: JJ27
High Risk Drinking, School Achievement, and Delinquency: An Assessment of Alcohol Use Among Youth Populations Session 497: SA22
High Tech Crimes: New Crimes, New Tools and New Research Methods? Session 160: IC6
Higher Education, Professionalism and Police Culture: Attitudes of Middle Management Police Supervisors and National Police Academy Cadets in Turkey Session 465: PE27
HIPAA and 42 CFR Part 2: How Recent Federal Laws Affect When and How Much Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Information Law Enforcement May Access Session 513: CL21
Hispanic Perceptions of the Police: The Influence of Social Capital at the Neighborhood Level Session 531: PE32
Hispanic-Black-White4 Differences in the Age Distribution of Crime Session 438: LC16
Historical Trends in Law Enforcement Officer Killings in the Post-WWII U.S. Session 474: RV25
History of the Ideology of Criminology Works -- Post World War II Session 483: CT19
HIV Risk Behavior, Substance Dependence, and the Moral Emotions Session 298: SA13
An HIV Risk Reduction Interventions for Probationers: Anticipated and Unexpected Effects on Parole Violations and New Crimes Session 165: RR6
A Holistic Approach to Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment Among Native American Prisoners Session 165: RR6
Holistic Approaches to Early Intervention Session 481: CP13
Homicide and the Media: The Accuracy of Homicide Portrayal in Prime Time Television {Poster Location 27} Session 309: CJ11
Homicide Events in a Global Perspective: Using World Cultural Domains as a Theoretical and Practical Grouping Device Session 484: IC18
Homicide Rates and the Implementation of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act Session 474: RV25
Homicide Sentencing and the Behavior of Law Session 169: CL8
Horizontal Federalism and the Judicial Integrity Rationale: An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of United States v. Leon in State Courts Session 513: CL21
Hostile Environment: Definitions and Cases Session 90: PD4
A House Suitable for a Bully {Poster Location 59} Session 313: JJ13
Housed in Two Unfinished Rooms Difficult to Keep Clean: Women and Children at the Louisiana State Penitentiary, 1835-1862 Session 450: WC23
How General is General Strain Theory: Assessing the Domains of Stress and Delinquency Session 106: CT4
How Law Enforcement Gets Brutal and How It Becomes Relaxed {Poster Location 42} Session 311: CC15
Human Rights and Criminology Session 265: IC9
Human Rights and Democratic Police Reform in Northern Ireland Session 412: IC14
Human Rights and Victim Harm Session 265: IC9

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