The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter C

Paper Title Session ID
Campaign Contributions, Post-War Reconstruction Contracts, and State Crime Session 263: CC13
Can Faith-Based Programming Improve Prisoner Reentry? The Logic, the Reality, the Evidence Session 153: CO12
Can General Strain Theory Explain White-Collar Crime? A Preliminary Investigation Session 128: CT5
Can Science Understand Justice? Session 158: CC7
Can the Police Do Pre-Arrest/Booking Diversions? A Look at Mental Health, Drug Treatment and Social Service Interventions Session 267: PE15
Can We Determine What Works? A Meta-Analysis of Research Methods Used to Evaluate Behavioral Health Interventions in Criminal Justice Settings {Poster Location 76} Session 315: MM12
Can We Forecast Displacement? Session 242: RC6
Can You Know a Stranger: Racial and Homophobic Harassment in the United Kingdom Session 144: VO7
Canadian Female Offenders in the Community: Dynamic Risk Predictors Session 444: RR13
The Canberra RISE Experiments: Design and Treatments Session 181: CT9
Capital Connections: Mentors, Crime, and Achievement Session 333: CT13
A Captive Audience: Legal Responses and Remedies to Female Inmates and Sexual Abuse in Prison Session 283: CO22
The Case for Criminography: Why Criminology Should Pay More Than Lip Service to Ethnographic Research Session 235: MM9
Case Law on Sexual Harassment in Criminal Justice Session 43: CL2
A Case Study: The Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970 Session 96: SA1
Causal Inference in Group-Based Models: What Do the Groups Mean Anyway? Session 133: LC5
Causal Predictors of Suburban Law Enforcement and Crime: Estimating Longitudinal Effects Session 166: SI11
The Causal Role of Work in the Desistance Process During Early Adulthood Session 133: LC5
Causes of Disproportionate Minority Representation -- A Pilot Study Session 28: PC2
A Cellular Automaton in RA/CA Crime Simulation Session 38: RC1
Celluloid Mary's: An Analysis of Depictions of Mother-Blame in Crime Films Session 303: WC14
Centering Pregnancy Classes for Inmates Session 520: WC26
Changes in Dispositions for Felony Assaults on Intimates Under Ohio's Sentencing Guidelines and Their Impact on Re-Indictment Likelihoods {Poster Location 116} Session 321: CL14
Changes in Motherhood Status: Implications for Women's Experiences of Violence {Poster Location 67} Session 314: LC11
The Changing Dynamics of Airline Hijackings and the Policies Designed to Stop Them Session 173: RV11
The Changing Nature of Drug-Related Decisions: A Qualitative Examination Session 270: RC7
The Changing Role of Parole Supervision Session 80: CO7
Changing the Sentencing Landscape in England and Wales: What Part Can Evidence on Effectiveness Play? Session 407: CO35
Changing Times: Criminology From 1910-1968 Session 446: TC10
The Chaos of Economic Freedom: A Preliminary Analysis of the Relationship Between Crime and Social Welfare Spending in Rich Democracies Session 265: IC9
Charge Manipulation and Relevant Conduct in Federal Criminal Case Processing Session 118: CL5
Child Abuse and Broken Homes: Implications for Juvenile Delinquency Session 167: SI12
Child Pornography and the Internet: A Study in the Use of Network Analysis to Understand Crime in the Digital Age {Poster Location 147} Session 324: VO11
Child Pornography in the Internet: Exploring the Cyber World {Poster Location 149} Session 324: VO11
Child Protective Services Reform in Arizona: Necessary Policy Reform of Unnecessary Hype? Session 42: TC1
Child Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church: A Further Analysis of Offenders and Offense Characteristics Session 517: VO15
Children as a Gateway: Criminal Opportunities for Domestic Violence by Ex-Spouses Session 302: VT10
Children of Incarcerated Mothers Session 354: CO28
Chinese Immigrants' Perception Toward the Police in New York City Session 531: PE32
Chinese Informal Value Transfer Systems (Underground Banking): A Review and Appraisal Session 355: CP10
Chivalry Revisited: The Case of Girls in Rural Areas Session 124: WC8
Citizen Complaints as a Performance Measure for Police Departments: A Reconsideration Session 14: PE1
Citizenship, Public Participation, Democracy and Modern Juries in Criminal Trials Session 273: CL12
A Civic Engagement Model of Reentry: Community Service and Restorative Process as Cornerstones for Reintegration Session 331: CO27
Civil Litigation and the Social Control of White Supremacy Session 22: VO1
Civil Society, Community and Crime in South Africa Session 528: IC19
Clash of Cultures Session 491: PE29
Classifying Identity Theft Using a Problem-Oriented Approach Session 241: RC5
Clinical Supervision of Court-Referred Offenders: Pitfalls and Potentials Session 195: SA6
Club Drug Use Among an Arrestee Population Session 349: SA15
Club Drugs in Dance Club Settings: A Qualitative Study of the Individual, Social Interaction, Structural, Situational, and Pharmacological Factors Associated With Its Use Session 473: SA21
Co-occurring of Neighborhood Crime Theories Session 384: CT15
Co-offending Networks in Philadelphia Session 462: JJ25
Cognitive Restructuring in an Offender Population: Optimizing Outcomes Session 165: RR6
Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment for Offenders Session 293: RR9
Collaboration Among Police and Prosecutors in Community Justice {Poster Location 91} Session 316: PE18
Collaboration in a Practice-Based Research Network Session 35: MM5
Collaborative Leadership: A Model for Change in Law Enforcement Administration Session 37: PE3
Collaborative Rewards: The R.E.A.C.H. Program Session 9: JJ1
Collateral Consequences and Racial Inequality Session 404: CO32
Collateral Consequences, and Other Emerging Issues Session 404: CO32
The Collection of Race/Crime Statistics: Experiences of the Aboriginal Community in Canada Session 54: PC3
Collective Bargaining During the 1990s: An Analysis of Salary and Wage Benefit Outcomes Over Time Session 509: PE31
Collective Efficacy Theory: Lessons Learned and Directions for Future Inquiry Session 445: TS6
College Binge Drinking: An Empirical Test of Theories {Poster Location 39} Session 310: CT12
College Students and Technology: The New Generation of White-Collar Criminals {Poster Location 148} Session 324: VO11
The Combined Impact of Theoretical Models on Perceived Risk and Fear of Gang Crime Among Whites and Latinos Session 132: JJ6
A Common Hate: Situational Characteristics of Bias Murders Session 144: VO7
Community College Male Athletes and Non-Athletes: An Examination of Social Status Characteristics, Rape Supportive Attitudes and Beliefs Session 47: VO4
The Community Context of Recidivism Among Ohio Parolees Session 230: CO17
Community Corrections: Evaluating a Local Work Release Program {Poster Location 21} Session 306: CO24
Community Disadvantages, Distress, and Crime Rates: A Test of Macro-level General Strain Theory Session 30: CT2
Community Factors Affecting Methamphetamine Use in Six Southwest States: Revealing Trends Among Adult Male Arrestees Using ADAM Data 2000-2003 Session 249: SA9
Community Health and Well Being: Investigating the Police Role Session 391: PE23
A Community of Peers -- Promoting Behavior Change: The Effectiveness of a Therapeutic Community for Juvenile Offenders Session 266: JJ11
Community Policing: Is the End Near? Session 14: PE1
Community Violence Victimization and Aggression: The Moderating Effects of Coping and Social Support {Poster Location 32} Session 310: CT12
Comparative Assessment of Community Level Strain and Systemic Disorganization Session 30: CT2
The Comparative Costs and Benefits of Prevention and Intervention Programs Session 53: CP2
Comparative Realties: Women's Rape Prevalence and Reporting in Switzerland and in the United States {Poster Location 158} Session 325: VT11
Comparative Studies: Difficulties, Pitfalls and Resistance Session 288: DP5
A Comparative Study of the Health Care Needs of the Female Aging Offender in the USA and the UK Session 125: CO11
A Comparative Study of the Impacts of Restorative and Mainstream Approaches to Wrongdoing Session 116: RR4
Comparing Male and Female Meth Users: Factors Explaining Meth Involvement and Subsequent Treatment Program Participation Session 196: SA7
Comparing Objective and Subjective Measures of Economic Inequality as Predictors of Aggregate Homicide Rates Session 484: IC18
Comparing Persistent and Desisting Gang-Problem Jurisdictions in the 1996-2003 National Youth Gang Surveys Session 122: RV8
Comparing Response Systems for Adolescent Sexual Abuse Victims: Children's Advocacy Centers and Child Protective Services Session 198: VT7
Comparing Single and Serial Murder Session 516: RV26
Comparing the Structural Contexts of Latino and White Homicide Session 21: RV2
Comparison of Job-Related Attitudes of Chinese Female and Male Police Officers Session 532: PE33
A Comparison of Oral Fluid (OF) Analysis to Urinalysis Among Baltimore City Probationers Session 142: SA3
Comparison of Resident, Employee, and Tourist Perceptions of Security and Fear of Terrorist Attack: A Study of National Park Service Monuments and Memorials in Washington, D.C. {Poster Location 25} Session 307: CP9
A Comparison of Safety and Security in Public and Private Prisons Session 27: CO2
A Comparison of the Balance Between Practical and Theoretical Training of Police in US, UK and Turkey Session 411: IC13
A Comparison of the Characteristics of Burglaries by Juveniles and Adults in NIBRS Data {Poster Location 53} Session 313: JJ13
A Comparison of the Consequences of Crime Among College Students and Adjudicated Young Offenders in a Test of Rational Choice Theory Session 443: RC12
Comparison of Treatment and Outcomes for Chemically Dependent Male and Female Jail Inmates Session 229: CO16
A Comparison Study Between On-line and Classroom Teaching of Criminal Justice Coursework Session 347: TC9
Compliance With Police Requests: Exploring Citizen Race and Neighborhood Composition Session 219: PE11
Computer Ethics, Abuse and Crime: An Empirical Assessment Session 23: VO2
Computer Use, Crime, and Victimization: A Comparative Study Session 23: VO2
Computer-Related Crime Theories Tested: Self-Report Survey Findings Session 48: VO5
Concepts in Crime and Spatial Statistics Session 489: MM17
Condiciones, Drogas, y Carcel: Life Circumstances and Drug Usage of Latino Arrestees in Miami, New York, San Antonio, and San Jose Session 92: SI7
The Conditional Effect of Parental Drug Use on Parental Attachment and Adolescent Drug Use: Social Control and Social Development Model Perspectives Session 185: LC7
The Conditional Effects of Life Course Events on Criminal Offending Trajectories Session 216: LC9
Conditional Release and Recidivism Outcomes Session 80: CO7
Conduct Disorder, Deviant Subsistence Strategies, and Victimization Among Homeless and Runaway Adolescents Session 175: VT6
Conducting Culturally Sensitive Research: Multi-Site, Multi-Program Evaluability Assessments in Indian Country {Poster Location 74} Session 315: MM12
Conducting Evaluability Assessments {Poster Location 75} Session 315: MM12
Conflicts of Interest: Research, Policy and Investments in the Criminal Justice-Industrial Complex Session 336: CC17
Congruities and Differences Among Major Stakeholders' Perceptions of Neighborhood Problems and the Contents of Community Policing {Poster Location 94} Session 316: PE18
Connecting the Dots: Determining the Accuracy of Geographic Profiling Software Session 236: MM10
Connections Between Police Fatigue, Justice and Injustice {Poster Location 87} Session 316: PE18
Consensus-Building and Decision-Support in Implementation of the Crisis Intervention Team Model in Tippecanoe County Session 466: PE28
Consequences of Individual School Interventions for Students With Problem Behavior {Poster Location 56} Session 313: JJ13
A Consequentialist View on the Study of Deviance Session 458: CT18
Conservative State Building and the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 Session 182: CC8
Considering Integral Aspects of Effectiveness: Deeper Assessments of Spiritual and/or Religious-Based Programming Session 481: CP13
Considering the Criminogenic Effects of Family- and Community-Level Poverty Session 294: SI17
The Constitution and the Death Penalty for Juveniles: Assessing Standards of Decency Session 50: CA3
Constructing Control From the Inside-Out: The Discretionary Decision-Making and Organizational Socialization of California Parole Agents {Poster Location 10} Session 306: CO24
The Construction of a Crime Initiative: An Analysis of Project Safe Neighborhoods Session 56: CJ2
The Construction of a Security Dilemma Schengen, Immigration, Crime and Terrorism Session 367: RV20
Constructions of Justice in American Comics Session 410: CC21
Contagious Diffusion, Hierarchical Diffusion and Hot Spots Among Terrorist Groups and Nations Session 173: RV11
Contextual Analyses of Parolee Recidivism: Urban/Rural Differences in Georgia Session 17: SI1
Contextual Analysis of Platoon Variation: Impact of Heirarchical Relationships to Change Session 407: CO35
Contextual Correlates of School Disorder and Victimization Session 41: SI4
The Contextual Determinants of Police Officer Decision to Search During Traffic Stops {Poster Location 95} Session 316: PE18
Continuation of Offending From Childhood to Adolescence and From Adolescence to Adulthood Session 61: LC2
Contrabando y Corrupcio: The Popularity of Narcocorridos {Poster Location 26} Session 308: PC8
Control Fraud Theory and Major Financial Debacles Session 370: VO12
Control Theory Session 246: TS3
Controlling for Opportunity in Measuring Social Learning Theory Among Adolescent Poachers Session 457: CT17
Coordination of Law Enforcement, Treatment, and Social Services: Practical Public Safety Strategies Session 330: CO26
The Cop Crunch: The Law Enforcement Struggle to Hire Quality Personnel Session 465: PE27
Coping Responses and Substance Abuse: Does the Utilization of Emotion Focused Coping Facilitate Substance Abuse? Session 120: SA2
Corporate Self-Policing and the Environment: Factors Predicting Self-Disclosure of Clean Air Act Violations Under the Environmental Protection Agency's Audit Policy Session 364: RC10
Corrections and Sentencing: A Focus on Future Benefit to its Members Session 74: DP1
Correlates of Age of First Criminal Activity and First Heroin Use of a Male Inmate Population Participating in a Methadone Maintenance Study Session 171: SA5
Correlates of Crime Losses in the Retail Industry Session 285: CP8
Cost-Benefit Analyses in the United Kingdom: The Tail Wagging the Dog Session 488: MM16
Cost-Benefit Analyses of Drug Courts in Maryland Session 297: SA12
Cost-Benefit Analysis: The Current State of Practice Session 488: MM16
Counter-Terrorism Security at Shopping Malls: Police and Industrial Security Roles Session 197: RV12
Countering Suicide Terrorism: Phenomenology, Etiology, and Prevention of a Long-standing Instrument of Asymmetric Warfare Session 367: RV20
Courtroom Workgroups: A Quantitative Description and Analysis of Their Effect on Sentencing Session 141: CL7
The Covariation of Life Stress Events and Monthly Patterns of Binge Drinking, Marijuana Use, and Cigarette Smoking Session 217: LC10
The CR-NCVS Convergence and Changes in Police Recording of Assaults Session 439: MM14
Creating a Teaching and Learning Environment in Criminal Justice Courses That Promotes Higher Order Thinking {Poster Location 112} Session 320: TC8
Creating Gender-Responsive Services in Correctional Settings: Context and Considerations Session 521: WC27
The Creation of Hate-Crime Legislation in Three Neighboring States: Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio Session 22: VO1
Credit Card Fraud: The Nature of the Crime, How Credit Card Fraud Occurs, Prevention Methods -- Experiences of Turkish National Police Session 126: CP3
Crime and Crime-control in U.S. Communities: A Macrosocial Test of Liska's Integrated Conflict-rational choice Model Session 364: RC10
Crime and Social Control in West Africa Session 528: IC19
Crime and Social Life: A Space-Time Budget Study Session 346: SI20
Crime and the American Dream: Searching for an Ontological Cure Session 7: CT1
Crime as Conformity: Youth Resistance and Peacemaking Session 358: CC18
Crime Control and Governmentality {Poster Location 43} Session 311: CC15
Crime Control Policy and Inequality Among Female Offenders: Racial Disparities in Treatment Among Women in the Correctional System Session 229: CO16
Crime in an Emergent Community: A Study in GLBT Social Disorganization Session 71: VT1
Crime on the High Seas: The Senegalese Ferry Sinking and State Crime Victimization Session 506: CC23
Crime Patterns of Persons With Mental Illness: Session 209: CO15
Crime Reduction and Online Vandalism: Applying Situational Crime Preventative to Internet Contexts Session 126: CP3
Crime Travel Demand Modeling: An Overview Session 508: MM18
Crime Victims Meet Their Offenders: Testing the Impact of Restorative Justice Conferences on Victims' Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms Session 116: RR4
Crime, Incarceration and the Well-being of Communities Session 470: SI22
Crime, Media and Community: Grief and Virtual Engagement in Late Modernity {Poster Location 41} Session 311: CC15
Crime, Norms and Values. From Moral Crime-Talk to (Criminal Crime-Ethics) Session 432: CT16
Crimes Against Hotel Visitors Session 469: RC13
Criminal Courts and Specialization: The German Experience Session 95: CL4
Criminal Histories Associated With Firearm and Non-Firearm Violent Fatalities Session 502: CP14
The Criminal Justice Calendar: An Epidemiological Method for Studying the Impact of Arrest, Incarceration, and Reentry on the Context of Family Life, and Household Composition and Stability Session 52: CO4
Criminal Justice Drug Abuse Treatment Systems (CJ-DATS) Research Projects: Poster 1 - The Coordinating Center {Poster Location 12} Session 306: CO24
Criminal Justice Drug Abuse Treatment Systems (CJ-DATS) Research Projects: Poster 2 - The Southwest Research Center {Poster Location 13} Session 306: CO24
Criminal Justice Drug Abuse Treatment Systems (CJ-DATS) Research Projects: Poster 3 - The Mid-Atlantic Research Center {Poster Location 14} Session 306: CO24
Criminal Justice Drug Abuse Treatment Systems (CJ-DATS) Research Project: Poster 4 - The Midwest Adolescent Research Center {Poster Location 15} Session 306: CO24
Criminal Justice Drug Abuse Treatment Systems (CJ-DATS) Research Projects: Poster 5 - The Pacific Coast Research Center {Poster Location 16} Session 306: CO24
Criminal Justice Drug Abuse Treatment Systems (CJ-DATS) Research Projects: Poster 6 - The Central States Research Center {Poster Location 17} Session 306: CO24
Criminal Justice Drug Abuse Treatment Systems (CJ-DATS) Research Projects: Poster 7 - The Rocky Mountains Research Center {Poster Location 18} Session 306: CO24
Criminal Justice Drug Abuse Treatment Systems (CJ-DATS) Research Projects: Poster 8 - The Rhode Island Research Center {Poster Location 19} Session 306: CO24
Criminal Justice Students: Transitioning From the Freshmen to the Sophomore Year Session 512: TC12
Criminal Justice system Encounters and the Transition to Adulthood: Evidence From a Multi-Site Qualitative Study Session 487: LC17
Criminal Justice Theory: Stories of Recent Expansion {Poster Location 28} Session 309: CJ11
Criminal Justice/Social Justice: Interpassivity Versus Interactivity Session 129: CC6
Criminal Propensity, Deviant Sexual Interests and Criminal Activity of Sexual Aggressors Against Women: A Comparison of Alternative Explanatory Models Session 526: CT21
Criminal Trajectories of Homeless Midwestern Youth Session 415: JJ21
Criminality, Criminalization, or Neither? Explaining the Differential Juvenile Justice Involvement of Mentally Disordered Youth Session 162: LC6
"Criminals" in the Classroom: Morals Clause or Mind-Your-Own-Business? Session 140: TC3
The Criminogenic Nature of the Healthcare Profession? Session 503: PC12
Criminology and Criminal Justice Education at the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Session 168: TC4
Criminology and Public Policy in Africa Session 127: CJ7
Criminology and the Sociology of Knowledge: A Fresh View of Terrorism and Other Crime Session 299: RV17
Criminology as if Race, Gender and Class Mattered: Implications for the Society and the Field Session 74: DP1
Criminology at the National Science Foundation Session 393: PD16
Criminology Then and Now Session 221: PD8
Criminology, Crime Control and Hygiene Session 287: CC14
Criminology, Criminal Justice and Justice Studies: Are the Differences Real? Session 446: TC10
Crisis Intervention Teams in the City of Miami {Poster Location 79} Session 316: PE18
Crisis Intervention Teams in Tippecanoe County, Indiana: Officer Perceptions of Police Responses to Persons With a Mental Illness Session 466: PE28
A Critical Analysis of Polygraph Testing and Its Progency, the Reid Method of Interrogation Session 447: CL20
Critical Theories Session 395: TS5
A Critique of Restorative Justice Evaluation Research Session 39: RR1
A Critique on the Use of Battered Woman Syndrome in Court {Poster Location 121} Session 321: CL14
A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Kids Who Kill Parents and What Happens to Them Session 44: RV3
A Cross-Precinct Analysis of Police Practices and the Negotiation of Order Among Patrol Session 291: PE17
Crossing Academic and Institutional Borders: The Creation and Implementation of a Collaborative Criminal Justice Program Amongst a Private Four-Year, Public Two-Year, and Public Four-Year Institution Session 472: TC11
The Cruel Opportunity: The Problem of Graduate Student Attrition Session 512: TC12
A Cry for Help: Help-Seeking Practices of Adolescent Victims of Physical and Sexual Violence Session 146: VT5
The Culpabable Corporation: A Historial Overview of the Federal Court's Ruling on the Corporation as Criminal Defendant Session 182: CC8
Cultural Conflict in Criminal Courts Session 81: PC5
Cultural Constructions of the Hillbilly Heroin and Crime Problem Session 8: CC1
Cultural Criminology, Phenomenology, and the Return to Astonishment Session 527: CC24
Cultural Criminology: Engaging With Race, Gender and Post-Colonial Identities? Session 233: CC11
Cultural Diversity and the Criminal Law System Session 233: CC11
The Culture of Mazzel. Trust and Crime Among Diamond Dealers in Antwerp Session 233: CC11
Culture vs. Survival: The Effect of Police Intervention on Retaliatory Homicide in Disadvantaged Communities {Poster Location 89} Session 316: PE18
The Current Status of Criminology in China Session 338: IC12
Custody Against Care in the Concept of Accountability: Shifting Policies and Stubborn Priorities in Juvenile Court Organizations Session 33: JJ2
The Customary System of Justice Among the Esan People and the Impact of Customary Courts Session 331: CO27
Cyber Crime Investigation Session 231: CP5

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