Determining the Effectiveness of Interpersonal Strains for Predicting Delinquency and Depression Among Male and Female Adolescents

Holli R. Drummond, Western Kentucky University
Ronald L. Simons, University of Georgia

We understand little about how interpersonal strain can be used to examine the different processes affecting male and female involvement in delinquency and their vulnerability to depression. By using General Strain Theory (GST), this study offers new insight into the pathology of delinquency and depression for males and females. Using a unique sample of African Americans, we test for how interpersonal strain differentially predicts delinquency and depression for the two genders. Results are similar for both family strain and peer strain. Analysis from structural equation modeling indicates that interpersonal strain predicts both involvement in delinquency and vulnerability to depression for adolescent females but not males.

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Updated 05/20/2006