An Evaluation of Intensive Supervision and Monitoring Schemes for Persistent Adult Offenders

Amy Homes, Home Office
Rachel Walmsley, Home Office
Mia Debidin, Offending Behaviour Programmes Unit

This paper will examine Intensive Supervision and Monitoring (ISM) schemes for persistent adult offenders. These schemes involve partnerships between the police and probation services and provide intensive surveillance and supervision of offenders, offering fast access to services and support for rehabilitation, alongside swift action in the event of non-compliance. The presentation will explore the background to these schemes identified from a review of the literature. It will also discuss the methods and findings of a recent qualitative evaluation by the Home Office, which investigated staff and offender attitudes towards and experiences of ISM schemes.

The quantitative part of the evaluation aims to establish if these schemes are effective in reducing re-offending and criminogenic needs. Although this evaluation will not be published until early 2005, the methodological challenges and the effect of these on answering the research questions will be examined.

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Updated 05/20/2006