The 2003 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 18, to Saturday, November 22
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Session Title Session IDTime
THEMATIC SESSION: Convict Criminology Research I (Sponsored by the Division of Critical Criminology)Session 11: CR2Wednesday at 9:40AM
THEMATIC SESSION: Spatial Relationships in the Study of Crime and Its ConsequencesSession 25: QT2Wednesday at 9:40AM
THEMATIC SESSION: Sexual Offenders: Theory and TreatmentSession 31: RC4Wednesday at 9:40AM
THEMATIC SESSION: Testing Control TheoriesSession 41: CN3Wednesday at 1:00PM
THEMATIC SESSION: New Program Evaluations in CorrectionsSession 45: IR3Wednesday at 1:00PM
THEMATIC SESSION: Assessing Specialized CourtsSession 46: IU2Wednesday at 1:00PM
THEMATIC SESSION: Blueprints for Violence Prevention National Dissemination Project: Lessons for Successful ImplementationSession 76: DD3Wednesday at 2:40PM
THEMATIC SESSION: Police Organizations and PracticesSession 81: PL6Wednesday at 2:40PM
THEMATIC SESSION: Types of Firearms Owners: Contrasting Approaches Using the Guns in America SurveySession 91: RC9Wednesday at 2:40PM
Social Institutions, Community Organizations, Crime and VictimizationSession 93: CM4Wednesday at 4:20PM
THEMATIC SESSION: Trajectories of OffendingSession 107: LC4Wednesday at 4:20PM
THEMATIC SESSION: Public Opinions of PoliceSession 110: PL9Wednesday at 4:20PM
THEMATIC SESSION: Research on Male and Female Violence and Adjudication: Relationships, Risk Factors, and Community StructureSession 120: RC13Wednesday at 4:20PM
THEMATIC SESSION: Sentencing: Content and ImpactSession 158: CU10Thursday at 9:40AM
THEMATIC SESSION: The State of Criminological TheorySession 166: IT3Thursday at 9:40AM
THEMATIC SESSION: Media Representations of 9/11Session 176: RC22Thursday at 9:40AM
THEMATIC SESSION: Research on Courts and SentencingSession 193: CU12Thursday at 1:00PM
THEMATIC SESSION: Counting and Accounting for JusticeSession 200: CJ12Thursday at 1:00PM
THEMATIC SESSION: The Effects of Interventions to Prevent CrimeSession 205: EP6Thursday at 1:00PM
THEMATIC SESSION: Results From the GMU Inmate Study: Assessment Correlates and Treatment Implications of PsychopathySession 213: PS2Thursday at 1:00PM
THEMATIC SESSION: New Directions on Theory in Criminal JusticeSession 242: CJ14Thursday at 2:40PM
THEMATIC SESSION: Estimating and Explaining Lethal Violence Across Space and TimeSession 261: QT12Thursday at 2:40PM
THEMATIC SESSION: Theory and Research on Terrorism (Sponsored by the Division of International Criminology)Session 271: RC32Thursday at 2:40PM
Critical TheoriesSession 289: CL12Friday at 8:00AM
Gang Membership and CrimeSession 296: RG19Friday at 8:00AM
THEMATIC SESSION: Spatial Variation in CrimeSession 306: CM10Friday at 9:40AM
THEMATIC SESSION: Risk Behaviors and Negative OutcomesSession 327: RC47Friday at 9:40AM
THEMATIC SESSION: Generalizing the General Theory of Crime (Sponsored by the Division of International Criminology)Session 331: CN9Friday at 1:00PM
THEMATIC SESSION: Coming Home: Prisoner ReentrySession 333: CR18Friday at 1:00PM
Controlling Organizational CrimeSession 347: RO4Friday at 1:00PM
THEMATIC SESSION: Sex Offenders: Characteristics and PatternsSession 352: RC52Friday at 1:00PM
THEMATIC SESSION: Convict Criminology Research II (Sponsored by the Division of Critical Criminology)Session 359: CR22Friday at 2:40PM
THEMATIC SESSIONS: Identifying and Limiting Discretion in Sentencing: Can Research Inform Policy?Session 362: CU21Friday at 2:40PM
THEMATIC SESSIONA: A Geospatial Investigation of Crime, Rates, Beat Boundaries, and the Journey to CrimeSession 371: PL25Friday at 2:40PM
THEMATIC SESSION: Social Disorganization and CrimeSession 383: CM11Friday at 4:20PM
THEMATIC SESSION: Innovations in Measures, Models, and Methods for Understanding the Sources and Consequences of Crime and ImprisonmentSession 395: QT15Friday at 4:20PM
THEMATIC SESSION: Social Disorganization, Community Capital and CrimeSession 423: CM13Saturday at 10:40AM
THEMATIC SESSION: Gender, Crime, and the Life CourseSession 431: LC12Saturday at 10:40AM
THEMATIC SESSION: Issues on Victimization ResearchSession 443: VT6Saturday at 10:40AM
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