Session 396: RO6 -> Organizational Aspects of Sexual Assault
Time: 4:20PM to 5:50 PM on Friday, November 21
Place: Plaza 8
Session Chair: Janine A. Ralston, Western Michigan University
The Manchester Diocese's Response to Sexually Abusive Priests: An Example of Organizational Crime
by: Peter Stevenson, Keene State College (Corresponding)
Media Images of Male Rape in Prison
by: Helen M. Eigenberg, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (Corresponding)
Agnes Baro, Valdosta State University
Women in Substance Abuse Treatment: A Comparison of the Organizational Predictors of Therapeutic Communities Versus Public Treatment Centers
by: Carrie Oser, University of Georgia (Corresponding)
Shannon Tinney, University of Georgia
Tanja C. Link, University of Georgia
Aaron Johnson, University of Georgia
Paul Roman, University of Georgia
Analyzing Clergy Sexual Abuse as Organizational Crime: A Case Study in the American Catholic Church
by: Janine A. Ralston, Western Michigan University (Corresponding)

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Updated 05/20/2006