Session 349: RC49 -> Gender, Intimate Partner Violence, and the Criminal Justice System
Time: 1:00PM to 2:30 PM on Friday, November 21
Place: Plaza 1
Session Chair: Heather C. Melton, University of Utah
The Domestic Violence Experiences of Women on Probation
by: Jean Daughterty, Sponsors Inc. (Corresponding)
Angela M. Moe, Western Michigan University
Rachel Bridges Whaley, Western Michigan University
J. Mark Eddy, Oregon Social Learning Center
The Police Response to Domestic Violence Cases Involving Same Sex Couples Compared to Heterosexual Couples
by: April Pattavina, University of Massachusetts - Lowell (Corresponding)
David Hirschel, University of Massachusetts - Lowell
Eve Buzawa, University of Massachusetts - Lowell
Donald Faggiani, University of Wyoming
Julie Sabourin, University of Massachusetts - Lowell
Domestic Violence and Stalking: An Analysis Using Police Data
by: Heather C. Melton, University of Utah (Corresponding)
How Courtroom Interactions Affect the Issuance and Denial of Civil or Criminal Orders of Protection?
by: Beverly A. Smith, Illinois State University (Corresponding)
Sesha Kethineni, Illinois State University
Domestic Violence: Predictors of Victim Support for Arrest and Prosecution in a Court Sample
by: Rodney Kingsnorth, California State University - Sacramento (Corresponding)
Randall MacIntosh, California State University - Sacramento

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Updated 05/20/2006