The 2003 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 18, to Saturday, November 22

Participant Index for the Letter R
Radelet, Michael L., University of Colorado
Rader, Nicole, Southern Illinois Univ. at Carbondale
Rafter, Nicole, Northeastern University
Rainville, Gerard, Education Statistics Services Institute
Ralston, Janine A., Western Michigan University
Ramsey, Robert J., Indiana University East
Randolph, Gayle, Neosha County Community College
Rankin, Joseph H., Eastern Michigan University
Rao, Sandhya R., Texas Christian University
Rasche, Christine E., University of North Florida
Ratansi, Shamir, University of Cincinnati
Ratcliffe, Jerry, Temple University
Rawstorne, Shirley, Liverpool John Moores University
Read, Nancy, St. Michael's Hospital
Ready, Justin T., John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Reasons, Charles E., Central Washington University
Rebellon, Cesar J., University of New Hampshire
Reckdenwald, Amy, University of South Florida
Redo, Slawomir, United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime
Reed, Lindsay, The University of Memphis
Reed, Mark D., Georgia State University
Reed, Thomas Edward, Eastern Kentucky University
Reed, Winifred, National Institute of Justice
Reeve, Henry R., Denver District Attorney's Office
Regoeczi, Wendy C., Cleveland State University
Reichman, Vic, Colorado Attorney General's Office
Reid, Cheryl Elizabeth, Michigan State University
Reid, John B., Oregon Social Learning Center
Reid, Lesley Williams, Georgia State University
Reisig, Michael D., Michigan State University
Reiter, Mary, The Ohio State University
Reitz, Kevin R., University of Colorado at Boulder
Reitzel, John D., University of Florida
Rempel, Michael, Center for Court Innovation
Ren, Xin, California State University - Sacramento
Rengert, George, Temple University
Rengifo, Andres, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Rennison, Callie, Bureau of Justice Statistics
Renzetti, Claire, St. Joseph's University
Reppucci, N. Dickon, University of Virginia
Reuter, Peter H., University of Maryland at College Park
Reynolds, K. Michael, University of Central Florida
Rhineberger, Gayle M., Southwest Missouri State University
Rhodes, Anne E., St. Michael's Hospital
Rhodes, William, Abt Associates Inc.
Rice, Kennon J., North Carolina State University
Rice, Stephen K., University of Florida
Richards, Assata, The Pennsylvania State University
Richards, Stephen C., Northern Kentucky University
Riedel, Marc, Southern Illinois University at Carbonda
Rikard, Robert Vann (R.V.)., Temple University
Riley, K. Jack, RAND
Rine, David, Pennsylvania State University- Harrisburg
Riske, Michelle L., Justice Research & Advocacy Inc.
Rivera, Craig J., Niagara University
Rivera, Marny, Southern Oregon University
Robbers, Monica L.P., Marymount University
Robbins, Cynthia A., University of Delaware
Roberson, Cliff, Washburn University
Roberts, Aki, University of New Mexico
Roberts, Andrea, Harvard School of Public Health
Roberts, James C., The University of Scranton
Roberts, Jennifer, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Roberts, Robert, California State University - San Marcos
Roberts, Robin W., Samford University
Robinson, Amanda L., Cardiff University
Robinson, Jennifer B., Northeastern University
Robinson, Matthew B., Appalachian State University
Robinson, T. Hank, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Robyn, Linda, Northern Arizona University
Rocha, Carlos, University of Maryland at College Park
Roche, Declan, London School of Economics
Rodeheaver, Daniel G., University of North Texas
Rodriguez, Julie, Colorado Division of Criminal Justice
Rodriguez, Nancy, Arizona State University - West
Rodriguez, S. Fernando, University of Texas at El Paso
Roe, Dominique, Florida State University
Rogers, Deirdre, The Bowling Green State University
Rogers, John, San Francisco State University
Rogness, McKenzie, Ohio University
Roh, Sunghoon, Sam Houston State University
Rojas, Jr., Rafael, University of New Mexico - Gallup
Rojek, Jeff, St. Louis University
Roll, John M., University of California, Los Angeles
Rollin, Stephen A., Florida State University
Roman, Caterina Gouvis, The Urban Institute
Roman, John, The Urban Institute
Roman, Paul, University of Georgia
Roncek, Denn (Dennis W.), University of Nebraska at Omaha
Roger Roots
Rosay, Andre, University of Alaska Anchorage
Rose, Norman, Richland Correctional Institution
Rosenbaum, Dennis P., University of Illinois at Chicago
Rosenberg, Ed, Appalachian State University
Rosenfeld, Richard, University of Missouri - St. Louis
Rosenmerkel, Sean P., Federal Bureau of Prisons
Ross, Darrell L., East Carolina University
Ross, Jeffrey Ian, University of Baltimore
Ross, Sharon, Cornell Companies, Inc.
Rossman, Shelli Balter, The Urban Institute
Roth, Mitchel, Sam Houston State University
Rothe, Dawn L., Western Michigan University
Rotton, James, Florida International University
Rourke, Sean B., St. Michael's Hospital
Roy, Dina, University at Albany
Roy-Bujnowski, Kristen, Univ. of Massachusetts Medical School
Ruback, R. Barry, The Pennsylvania State University
Ruddell, Rick, California State University, Chico
Ruefle, William, University of South Florida
Rumbaut, Ruben G., St. Joseph's University
Rumgay, Judith, London School of Economics
Ruth, Gretchen R., The Pennsylvania State University
Ruzbasan, Heather, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Ryan, Stacy, Emory University
Ryder, Judith A., John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Rymond-Richmond, Wenona, Northwestern University

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