The 2003 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 18, to Saturday, November 22

Participant Index for the Letter D
D'Unger, Amy, Emory Universty
Dabney, Dean, Georgia State University
Daday, Jerry, University of New Mexico
Dahlgren, Daniel C., Kent State University, Stark Campus
Dai, Mengyan, University of Cincinnati
Daigle, Leah E., University of North Texas
Dailey, Thomas, Auburn University
Dalgleish, David, Home Office, London
Daly, Reagan, University of Pennsylvania
Dammer, Harry, University of Scranton
Damon, Nell, University of New Mexico
Damphousse, Kelly, University of Oklahoma
Daniel, Elycia S., Sam Houston State University
Daniels, Aleycia, Sam Houston State University
Danner, Mona J.E., Old Dominion University
Dansereau, Donald F., Texas Christian University
Dao, Tam, Florida State University
Daoust, Sarah, Dartmouth College
Darling, Jannina, University of Oklahoma
Das, Dilip, State University of New York, Plattsburgh
Daskalou, Manos, University College Northampton
Daughterty, Jean, Sponsors Inc.
Davies, Amelia, Auburn University
Davies, Kim, Augusta State University
Davis, Duane, Western Carolina University
Davis, James H., The Barry Robinson Center
Davis, Jason L., University of Florida
Davis, Lois M., RAND
Davis, Mark S., Kent State University
Davis, Rob, The Vera Institute of Justice
Davis, Robin King, University of Central Florida
Davison, Elizabeth L., Appalachian State University
Dawson, Myrna, University of Guelph
Day, L. Edward, Penn State University - Altoona
Dayioglu, Mehmet, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
De Coster, Stacy, North Carolina State University
de Souza, Elenice, Rutgers University
Deakin, Elizabeth, University of Huddersfield
Deakin, Jo, University of Manchester
Deane, Glenn D., University at Albany
Deane, Martha Williams, New York State Police Academy
DeBrovner, Caroline Joy, Pace University
DeBuse, Abbey, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Decker, Scott H., University of Missouri - St. Louis
DeFina, Robert H., Villanova University
Deflem, Mathieu, University of South Carolina
deHaan, Benjamin, Portland State University
Deibert, Gini R., University of Texas - Austin
Deines, Jill, Bowling Green State University
DeJong, Christina, Michigan State University
DeKeseredy, Walter S., Ohio University
DeLisi, Matt, Iowa State University
Della-Giustina, Jo-Ann, City University of New York
DeLone, Gregory J., University of Nebraska at Omaha
DeLone, Miriam A., University of Nebraska at Omaha
Dembo, Richard, University of South Florida
Demleitner, Nora, Hofstra University School of Law
Demuth, Stephen, Bowling Green State University
Deng, Xiaogang, University of Massachusetts - Boston
Des Rosiers, Nathalie, Law Commission of Canada
Deschenes, Elizabeth Piper, California State University - Long Beach
Desmond, Scott A., University of Washington
Destival, Dustin J., Univ. of North Carolina at Charlotte
Deutschmann, Linda B., University College of the Cariboo
DeVall, Kristen, Western Michigan University
DeValve, Michael J., Sam Houston State University
DeVoe, Jill Fleury, American Institutes for Research
DeWees, Mari A., University of Florida
Di Trolio, Elisa, Colorado Division of Criminal Justice
Diamond, Pamela, University of Texas at Houston
DiCristina, Bruce, University of North Dakota
Dierickx, Jennifer, Wayne State University
Dieterich, William, University of Denver
Dietz, Erik Faust, Federal Bureau of Prisons
Dixon, Donald R., California State University at Sacramento
Dobbs, Rhonda R., Florida State University
Docking, Maria, Home Office, London
Dodge, Kenneth A., Duke University
Dodge, Mary, University of Colorado at Denver
Dodson, Kimberly D., Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Dombrink, John, University of California, Irvine
Donnelly, Jennifer Schrock, National Institute of Justice
Donnermeyer, Joseph F., The Ohio State University
Donovan, Marjorie, Pittsburg State University
Donovan, Pamela, Bloomsburg University
Downs, William R., University of Northern Iowa
Draine, Jeffrey, University of Pennsylvania
Drake, Dallas, Minnesota Gay Homicide Study
Drakulich, Kevin M., University of Washington
Drapalski, Amy, George Mason University
Drapela, Laurie, Washington State University, Vancouver
Drillock, Andrew, Abt Associates Inc.
Drinkard, Allyson, Kent State University
Duclos, Christine Wilson, Univ. of Colorado Health Sciences Ctr
Dudley, Charlotte A., Univ. of North Carolina at Charlotte
Duffee, Alan, Corrections Privatization Commission
Duffee, David E., University at Albany
Dugan, Laura J., University of Maryland at College Park
Dulin, Adam, Sam Houston State University
Dummer, Stephen W., University of Mississippi
Duncan, Shiyloh L., Florida State University
Dunham, Roger, University of Miami
Dunlap, Eloise, N. D. R. I., Inc.
Dunn, Thomas, University of Northern Colorado
Durkin, Maura, Penn State University Capital College
Durrington, Denise A., University of Queensland
Duterte, Micheline, Institute for Scientific Analysis

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