The 2003 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 18, to Saturday, November 22

Participant Index for the Letter C
Cadigan, Timothy P., Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts
Cadwallader, Tom W., California State University - Hayward
Cady, Bonnie K., Colorado Division of Youth Corrections
Cahill, Meagan, University of Arizona
Calinski, Piotr, Polish National Police
Callanan, Valerie J., California State University - San Marcos
Cameron, Christopher J., California State Polytechnic University
Camp, Damon D., Georgia State University
Camp, Scott D., Federal Bureau of Prisons
Campbell, Kathryn M., University of Ottawa
Camper, Natalie, The Camper Group
Can, Yucel, Hacettepe University
Cannon, Joanna, Valdosta State University
Cantor, David, Westat, Inc.
Cao, Liqun, Eastern Michigan University
Capowich, George E., Loyola University New Orleans
Caravelis, Cynthia V., Florida State University
Carbone, Kristin C., University of Minnesota
Cares, Alison C., The Pennsylvania State University
Carey, Shannon J., University of Oklahoma
Caringella-MacDonald, Susan, Western Michigan University
Carlson, Bonnie E., University at Albany
Carlson, Susan M., Western Michigan University
Carmichael, Stephanie, University of Florida
Carpentier, Julie, Universite de Montreal
Carr, Larry, CA Dept. of Alcohol & Drug Programs
Carr, Patrick J., St. Joseph's University
Carrington, Peter J., University of Waterloo
Carroll, Michael, Bowling Green State University
Caspi, Avshalom, SGDP Research Center
Cass, Amy, University of Delaware
Castle, Tammy, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Catalano, Richard F., University of Washington
Catalano, Shannan M., University of Missouri - St. Louis
Cauffman, Elizabeth, University of Pittsburgh
Caulkins, Jonathan, Carnegie Mellon University
Cavanaugh, Mary M., University of Pennsylvania
Cavender, Gray, Arizona State University
Cebulak, Wojciech, Minot State University
Cecil, Dawn K., University South Florida
Cepeda, Alice, University of Houston
Cerbone, Felicia Gray, University of Chicago
Cernkovich, Stephen A., Bowling Green State University
Cesaroni, Carla, University of Toronto
Chamard, Sharon E., University of Alaska Anchorage
Chamberlain, Patricia, Oregon Social Learning Center
Chambers, Cheryl, North Carolina State University
Chambliss, William, George Washington University
Chamlin, Mitchell B., University of Cincinnati
Chancer, Lynn, Fordham University
Chaple, Michael, N. D. R. I., Inc.
Chappell, Allison T., University of Florida
Chapple, Constance L., University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Chatzifotiou, Sevaste, Technological Educational Inst. of Crete
Chaval, Keith, Office of the IL Attorney General
Chavez, Jorge M., University at Albany
Chee, Kyong Hee, Georgia Southern University
Cheesman II, Fred, National Center for State Courts
Chemers, Betty, National Institute of Justice
Chen, Xiaojin, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Chenery, Sylvia, University of Huddersfield
Chermak, Steven, Indiana University
Cherukuri, Suvarna, Kansas State University
Chesney-Lind, Meda, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Chiabi, David, New Jersey City University
Childress, Jennifer H., University of Cincinnati
Chilton, Roland, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Chin, Ko-lin, Rutgers University
Chiricos, Ted, Florida State University
Chirikos, Thomas, University of South Florida
Chitwood, Dale D., University of Miami
Chiu, Ming-Wei, Sam Houston State University
Choi, KyuBeom, Florida State University
Choo, Kyung-Seok, Utica College of Syracuse University
Chosy, E. Julia, University of Illinois at Chicago
Christian, Johnna, Rutgers University
Christmann, Kris, University of Huddersfield
Chu, Doris, University at Albany
Cintron, Myrna, Prairie View A&M University
Cissner, Amanda, Center for Court Innovation
Clark, Patrick M., National Institute of Justice
Clark-Miller, Jason, Montana State University
Clarke, Alan, University of Surrey
Clarke, Alan W., University of Wisconsin - Parkside
Clawson, Heather Jennings, Caliber Associates
Clear, Todd R., John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Cleary, Sean D., George Washington Univ. Medical Ctr.
Cleary, Shawna, University of Central Oklahoma
Clifford-Wittekind, Janice E., Auburn University
Clingermayer, James, Murray State University
Cochran, John K., University of South Florida
Deborah J. Cohan
Cohen, Jacqueline, Carnegie Mellon University
Cohen, Marcia, Development Services Group, Inc.
Cohen, Mark A., Vanderbilt University
Cohen, Thomas, Pretrial Services Resource Center
Cohn, Ellen G., Florida International University
Cohn, Ellen S., University of New Hampshire
Cohn, Tracy J., University of Kansas
Coker, Kellie, Auburn University
Colbert, Sharla S., University of Oklahoma
Cole, Jennifer, University of Kentucky
Cole, Simon A., University of California, Irvine
Coleman, Michelle E., University of Cincinnati
Collins, David, Pacific Inst. for Research & Evaluation
Collins, Sue Carter, Georgia State University
Colvin, Mark, Kent State University
Conti, Norman, West Virginia University
Cook, Kimberly J., University of Southern Maine
Coon, Julie Kiernan, University of Cincinnati
Coontz, Phyllis, University of Pittsburgh
Cooper, Jan, Caliber Associates
Corey, Kristen M., Development Services Group, Inc.
Corley, Robin, University of Colorado at Boulder
Corrigan, Patrick W., University of Chicago
Corsaro, Nicholas, Michigan State University
Corsianos, Marilyn, Eastern Michigan University
Corzine, Jay, University of Central Florida
Cosby, Brandon, Opportunities, Alternatives & Resources
Costa, Michael, Abt Associates Inc.
Costello, Barbara J., University of Rhode Island
Costello, Sandra Kaminska, University of Illinois at Chicago
Costelloe, Michael T., Florida State University
Coston, Charisse T., Univ. of North Carolina at Charlotte
Cote, Suzette, California State University, Sacramento
Cotton, Allison M., Prairie View A & M University
Cottrol, Robert J., George Washington University
Covington, Jeanette, Rutgers University
Cowgill, Julie, Arizona State University
Cowper, Thomas J., New York State Police
Cox, Christy, University of Colorado at Denver
Cox, Terry C., Eastern Kentucky University
Coyle, Michael, Arizona State University
Craddock, Amy, Indiana State University
Craig, Kimberly S., National Correctional Industries Assn.
Craig-Moreland, Delores E., Wichita State University
Crandall, Cameron, University of New Mexico
Crawford, Charles, Western Michigan University
Crawley, Elaine, University of Keele
Creason, Alia Haque, Florida State University
Creatore, Maria I., St. Michael's Hospital
Cretacci, Michael A., The Citadel
Crew, B. Keith, University of Northern Iowa
Crimmins, Susan M., California State University/N.D.R.I.
Roberta Cronin
Cronin, Shea W., Northeastern University
Cross, Theodore, University of New Hampshire
Crossland, Christine R., National Institute of Justice
Crow, Matthew S., Florida State University
Cruicshank, Donna-Marie, California State University - San Marcos
Crutchfield, Robert, University of Washington
Cullen, Francis T., University of Cincinnati
Culver, Leigh E., University of Nebraska at Omaha
Cummings, Keith, Spokane Police Department
Cunningham, Linda J., University of Colorado at Boulder
Cunningham, William Scott, University at Albany
Curran, Jeanne, California State Univ. - Dominguez Hills
Curry, G. David, University of Missouri - St. Louis
Curry, Theodore R., University of Texas El Paso
Curtin, Kevin M., University of Texas at Dallas
Curtis, Richard, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Czuchry, Michael, Texas Christian University

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