The 2003 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 18, to Saturday, November 22

Paper Index for the Letter W

Paper Title Session ID
War on Terrorism From a Peacemaking Perspective: Doing Away With the Round Em Up and Blow Em Up Strategy Session 245: CL8
The Washington, D.C. Sniper as Media Event Within a Discourse of Fear Session 340: CJ18
Ways of the "Jackass": Toward an Explanation of Legally Permissive Violent Behavior Session 145: RC16
We Deliver: The Gentrification of Drug Markets on Manhattan's Lower East Side Session 373: RG23
Weapons Law Offenses and Offenders Session 222: RC24
Weekend Effects on Binge Drinking and Homicide Mortality: Further Evidence for the Social Connection Between Alcohol Consumption and Homicide in Russia? Session 327: RC47
What if David Never Fought Goliath?: Criminology, U.S. Empire, and the Failure of Academia Session 74: CL2
What is a Good Collaboration? What is a Good Collaborator? Session 50: DD1
What is Crime? A Criminological Exploration the Definition Session 246: CL9
What is the Role of Pubertal Timing in Strain Theory Explanations of Delinquency? Toward an Age-Graded Theory of Stress Exposure Session 106: LC3
What We Know About Capital Punishment: How Recent Empirical Evidence From Texas Challenges Criminological Wisdom Session 387: CU23
What You Should Know the First Few Years Session 168: PD6
When and Where are Our Children Safe? An Exploratory Study on Juvenile Victimization and Delinquency Session 77: EP3
When Justice Means Death: The Death Penalty Moratorium Movement Session 360: CU19
When the Bough Breaks: Multiple-Victim Domestic Within a Familial Setting Session 398: RC58
When the Right to Counsel is Not Enough: Toward a Broader Understanding of the Value of Public Defender Services Session 233: CU13
When the Saints Go Marching In: Legal Consciousness, Perceptions of Crime and Legality and Prison Experiences of Conscientious Objectors in Israel Session 198: CJ10
When Victims Become Offenders: Towards Coherence in Rehabilitation Policy and Practice Session 401: CR24
Where Do Youth Get Their Drugs: A Comparison of Youth From Philadelphia, Toronto and Amsterdam Session 384: CH10
White Boy in a No White Boy "Zone:" Police Views on Racial Profiling and the Police-Minority Relationship Session 257: PL17
White Hate Group Homicide in the United States, 1950-1999 Session 90: RC8
White Vans and Misdirected Fears: Media Construction of Crimes Threats and the "Beltway Sniper" Session 412: QL5
Who Gets High and Who Gets Assaulted? Alcohol and Drug Use in Domestic and Other Violence Session 375: RC53
Who Was Prepared for the Terrorists? Session 434: PL31
Why Do Retail Drug Markets Survive? Understanding the Sources and Consequences of Unobserved Price Variability in Cocaine and Heroin Markets {Poster Location 36} Session 279: PO1
Why Girls Fight: Dialogue From and About Urban Girls Session 207: FT4
The Wild West Down Under, Comparing American and Australian Gun Enthusiasm Session 95: CH5
With Limited State Funds: Should the Emphasis of Prevention be on Middle School or High School Students' Drug/Alcohol and Violence Use? Session 249: EP7
Wither Critical Criminology? From Competing Paradigms to Multiple Paradigms to .... Session 289: CL12
Women in Law Enforcement Action Agenda Session 210: PL13
Women in Substance Abuse Treatment: A Comparison of the Organizational Predictors of Therapeutic Communities Versus Public Treatment Centers Session 396: RO6
"Women" Detectives and Perceptions of "Oppressive" Experiences: Exploring Experiential Essentialism and Phenomenology Session 415: RO7
Women, Region and Violence: Assessing Regional Variation in Women's Status and Involvement in Types of Homicide Session 104: FT2
Work and Crime: The Effects of Low-Skill Service Sector Size on Violent and Property Crime Session 186: CM9
Workforce Participation and Employment Outcomes for Released Prisoners: Findings From the Returning Home Study Session 333: CR18
Working to Insure and Nurture Girls' Success: Final Evaluation Results Session 230: CR11
Working With Juvenile Research Subjects Session 55: PD2
Workshop on Race/Ethnicity, Crime, and Criminal Justice Session 1: SP1
Workshop on Using "The American Terrorism Study" Database Session 326: RC46
Wrongful Conviction: A Cross-National Analysis Session 335: CU17
Wrongful Conviction: The Evidence From Oklahoma's Eight DNA Exonerations {Poster Location 67} Session 279: PO1
Wrongful Convictions Resulting From False Police Induced Compliant Confessions Session 193: CU12

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