The 2003 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 18, to Saturday, November 22

Paper Index for the Letter T

Paper Title Session ID
The Taiwan Criminological Research Forum Session 191: CR10
Taliban and Heroin: The Untold Story {Poster Location 27} Session 279: PO1
Talking It Out: Neighborhood Factors Associated With Residents' Likelihood of Resolving Disputes Informally vs. Relying on Formal Authorities Session 93: CM4
Talking Politics Through High Profile Crimes: How and Does Media Matter? Session 219: RO1
Target Hardening the College Campus Through Stakeholder Input: Merging Community and the Security Survey Session 209: PL12
Targeting Illegal Gun Trafficking by Corrupt Federal Firearms Licensees Session 300: RC38
Targeting Literacy: Addressing the Educational Needs of Adjudicated Youth Session 155: CR7
TBA Session 147: VT1
TBA Session 260: QL2
Teaching Criminological Theory and Research Methods Simultaneously at a Small, Teaching Oriented College Session 241: ED5
Teaching Intersections of Race, Class, and Gender in Criminal Justice Courses Session 390: ED7
Teaching Issues of Race, Gender, and Justice: Challenges and Rewards Session 390: ED7
Teaching Peacemaking in a Time of Terror Session 245: CL8
Teaching the Victimology of Fraud Session 16: ED1
Technique or Training? A National Study of Police Background Investigators Session 319: PL20
Techniques of Neutralization and Research Misconduct Session 228: SP6
Technological Trade and Negotiating Danger: An Analysis of Internet Postings by British Escorts Session 325: RC45
Teenage and Youthful Offenders Confronting the Challenges and Opportunities of Re-Entry Session 293: JJ5
Telephones, Pagers, and the Transformation of Retail Illicit Drug Markets Session 373: RG23
Terror in the News: Before and After September 11 Session 412: QL5
Terrorism and Modernity: The Institutional Sources of Utopian Self Help Session 271: RC32
Terrorism, PTSD and Flight Attendants: The First Responders of the Sky Session 87: RG8
Terrorist Attacks on Military Targets: Political, Economic, and Strategic Explanations Session 119: RC12
A Test of Social Control Theory in the Prediction of Crime on a College Campus Session 26: RG1
A Test of Social Control Versus Social Learning Theories in Predicting of Crime on a College Campus Session 26: RG1
A Test of Social Learning Theory in the Prediction of Crime on a College Campus Session 26: RG1
Testing for Differences in Recoveries and Life Course Persistent Adolescents at 14 Years Session 137: LC5
Testing the Generalizability of Sampson and Laub's Life Course Theory: Examining the Relationship Between Adult Social Bonds and Drug Use Among an Urban, African American Sample Session 317: LC9
Testing the Liberation Hypothesis: A Study on Model Specification Session 425: CU25
Theorizing Men, Masculinities, and Homicide Session 208: IT4
Theory and Practice in Culturally Competent Programming: Lessons From SafeFutures Prevention and Intervention Activities for High-Risk Youth Session 292: EP9
A Theory of Black Male Violence Session 136: IT2
A Theory of Discretion in Criminal Justice Systems Session 242: CJ14
Therapeutic Engagement in a Prison-Based Drug Treatment Therapeutic Community: Identifying the Effects of Individual and Programmatic Characteristics Session 29: RC2
Therapeutic Justice: An Evaluation of the Court's Role in Riverside County's Mental Health Court Session 13: CU2
Thinking About Juvenile Justice Policy: Crossing the Borders Session 251: JJ3
Thoughts on Criminological Theory and Practice Session 166: IT3
Time and Punishment: Exploring Individual Heterogeneity in Attitudes Toward the Future Session 165: EC1
Times They Are A-Changin: Examining the Difference in Drug Treatment Participants From the 1990s and 2000s Session 125: CR5
To Trust or Not to Trust: The Polish National Police in the Eyes of the Public Session 54: PL3
Too Late for Luck: A Comparison of Factually Innocent Defendants: Executions and Exonerations in the Post-Furman Era Session 335: CU17
Tools for Identifying Displaced Criminal Events Session 134: DD7
The Total Picture: The Effects of Direct and Indirect Exposure to Violence on Self-Reported Delinquency and Substance Abuse Session 142: RG11
Toward a Unified Theory of Behavioral Stability Session 137: LC5
Toward an Explanation of the Race-Crime Link: The Inequitable Distribution of City Resources Session 38: CM2
Toward an Explanation of U.S. Prison Unrest, 1974-2000 Session 237: IR8
Toward an Integrated Male Peer Support Model of Marital/Cohabitation Rape in the United States Session 268: RC29
Toward an Integrated Understanding of Child Sexual Abuse Cases: Using Case Flow Analysis in the Criminal and Civil Justice Systems Session 238: IU6
Traced Firearms and Criminal Violence in Chicago Session 389: IP10
Trafficking in Methamphetamine: Comparing Male and Female Dealers Session 223: RC25
Trafficking of Women and Children Out of and Into Nigeria: A Review of Literature Session 274: RC35
Training and Technical Assistance to Law Enforcement Across Borders: Obstacles to Effective Delivery and Technical Assistance Session 295: PL18
Training for Collaboration: Training Instruments and Methods Session 50: DD1
Trajectories and Turning Points in Women's Criminal Offending: The Role of Motherhood Session 250: FT5
Trajectories and Turning Points in Women's Experiences of Violence: The Role of Motherhood {Poster Location 33} Session 279: PO1
Trajectory of a Hate Crime: Constructing a Social Reality Session 350: RC50
Transforming Public Thought From Behind the Walls Session 239: ED3
Translating Research Into Policy: The Case of Cardiff Taxi Drivers Session 303: VT3
Transnational Environmental Crime: Main Features and Tentative Explanations Session 273: RC34
Transnational Organized Crime {Poster Location 87} Session 279: PO1
The Transport of Evidence-Based Treatments: Keys to Success Session 102: DD4
Treatment Contract: An Experimental Sentencing Alternative for Persistent Drug Offenders in Finland Session 236: IR7
Treatment Retention Predictors of Drug Court Participants in a Rural State Session 388: IU7
Trends in Girl's Violence: An Overview From Diverse Data Sets Session 207: FT4
Trends in Reversal Rates: Examining State Courts of Last Resort Session 233: CU13
The Trial Penalty: How Severe Is It and What Accounts For It? Session 309: CU16
Triple Jeopardy: Violence, Drugs and Recovery in 25 Women's Lives Session 53: LC2
Trouble With the Law: Assessing the Effect of Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Disorders on Likelihood of Contact With the Police and Courts Using Data From the National Comorbidity Survey Session 316: JJ6
Trust in Criminal Networks: A Theoretical Analysis Session 441: RC66
Turning Points in Criminological Careers Session 166: IT3
Types and Incidence of Internet-Related Sex Crimes Against Minors in the Criminal Justice System Session 28: RC1
The Tyranny of the Nation-State, the Soul/Ego, and the Genital Are Three Genres of the Same Tyranny: If You Want Peace, Take That Mirror You Have in Your Vest Pocket and Have a Good Look at Your Selflesness Session 245: CL8

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