The 2003 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 18, to Saturday, November 22

Paper Index for the Letter S

Paper Title Session ID
Safe Space in the Eye of the Storm: An Examination of Neutral Zones Within Homicide Hot Spots Session 186: CM9
Sally S. Simpson: What is a Crime? Session 203: CL6
The Scarlet "CD": Nature and Impact of Invisible Collateral Disabilities Stigma on Individuals, Families, Society and Social Control in a "Free" Democratic Society Session 424: CR25
The School Community: Examining the Effects of Student Social Integration on Perceptions of Risk and Safety in School Session 18: EP1
The School Context as a Source of Self-Control Session 137: LC5
School Predictors of the Implementation Quality of School-Based Prevention Programs Session 77: EP3
School to Work Trajectories From Age 14 to Age 18 Using the NLSY97: Are Patterns of Work During Adolescence Associated With Offending and Other Salient Life Outcomes? Session 141: QT9
Screening for Co-Occurring Mental health and Substance Abuse Disorders in Adult Arrestees in Cuyahoga County, Ohio Session 58: RG3
Securing the Modern Enterprise - an Ounce of Prevention ... Session 267: RC28
Securing Your Academic Job Session 139: PD5
Security by Degree: The Canadian State and Terrorism Session 271: RC32
Selecting Sites for Intensive Study in Multi-Site Evaluations Session 214: QT11
A Selective View of Use of Force in America? An Insight Into Two Police Sub-Cultures Session 255: PL15
Self Reported Drug Use: An Investigation Into a Pre-Trial Diversion Program in the City of New Orleans Session 238: IU6
Self-Control, Peer Relationships and Delinquency Session 40: CN2
Self-Control, Social Bonds and Juvenile Delinquency Session 41: CN3
Self-Control, Social Learning and Variability Over Time: Multivariate Results Using a Five-Year, Multi-Site Panel of Youth Session 282: CN7
Self-Image, -Presentation, and -Preservation: Battered Women's Internalized Help-Seeking Session 88: RC6
Self-Reported and Official Estimates of National Trends in Illegal Drug Use for Different Gender-Race-Age Groups, 1979-2001 Session 302: RC40
Self-Reported Healthcare Needs of Addicted Criminal Offenders Session 125: CR5
Sentences for White Collar Offenders in Finland Session 70: CU6
Sentencing Behavior After Federal Guideline Shift in Child Pornography Crimes Session 98: CU7
Sentencing Data and the Focal Concerns Perspective--a Research Note Session 386: CU22
Sentencing Decisions in Florida: An Analysis of Sentencing in a Guidelines State {Poster Location 70} Session 279: PO1
Sentencing Differences in Male and Female Offenders: Does the Crime Matter? Session 386: CU22
Sentencing Disparity and Social Context Session 158: CU10
Sentencing Guidelines: Measuring the Incapacitation Payoff and Prison Cost Session 113: QT6
Sentencing of White-Collar Offenders Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines Session 192: CU11
Sentencing Women to Death: A Gendered Analysis of Former Capital Jurors' Accounts Session 193: CU12
Serious Incidence of Inmate on Staff Violence: An Analysis of Individual Mental Health and Demographic Variables Session 283: CR14
Setting the Stage for a New Code of Commercial Conduct: The Criminalization of Trade Secret Theft Session 267: RC28
Severe Mental Illnesses Among ADAM Arrestees Session 58: RG3
Severeity and Chronicity of Domestic Violence: The Impact on Child and Adolescent Trauma Session 398: RC58
Sex Re-Education: Availability and Content of John Diversion Programs in the United States Session 118: RC11
Sexual Assault Cases Seen in the Emergency Department: Data From the National Electronic Injury Suveillance System, July 2000-June 2001 Session 378: RC56
Sexual Deviants: An Exploratory Study of Sexual Misconduct Among Federal Inmates {Poster Location 77} Session 279: PO1
Sexual Victimization and HIV Risk Behaviors Among Women in Criminal Justice Settings Session 377: RC55
Sibling Similarity for Problem Behavior in the National Youth Survey From Adolescence to adulthood Session 169: QT10
Sibling Violence and Routine Activities {Poster Location 29} Session 279: PO1
Signatures of the Self: Discursive Representations of Forensic DNA Session 392: PL26
Simultaneous Survey Estimates of Risk Factors for Homicide Victimization Session 261: QT12
Situational Factors Affecting Police Discretion With Young Offenders: A Comprehensive Analysis Session 22: PL2
Sneetches and Turtles and Whos? You're Leery? Be Happy and Cheery, My Doubting Deary! Dr. Seuss Helps You Teach Crime Theory! Session 129: ED2
Social Capital and Homicide Victimization: A Cross-National Study {Poster Location 25} Session 279: PO1
Social Change and Capital Punishment in China: A Comparative Historical Approach Session 124: CH6
Social Construction of Skateboarding Today: An Ambivalent Battle for Identity Session 56: PS1
The Social Context of Methamphetamine Use and Violence Session 375: RC53
Social Control and the Patriot Act Session 408: CL17
Social Control Theory: A Test of Treatment Amenability and Recidivism in Domestic Violence Offenders Session 75: DD2
Social Disorganization Revisited: A Longitudinal Analysis of the Effects of Urban Residential Segregation on Crime Session 423: CM13
Social Disorganization, Disorder, Social Cohesion, Informal Controls, and Crime: A Reformulation and Test of Systemic Social Disorganization Theory Session 64: CM3
The Social Ecology of Family Violence Session 184: CM7
"The Social Evil": Female Prostitution During the Progressive Era Session 198: CJ10
Social Learning Theory as a Predictor of Fear of and Worry About Crime Session 340: CJ18
Social Outcasts Need Not Apply: NIMBY and the Politics of Social Exclusion Session 364: CL16
Social Structure Among and Within Gangs: A Network Analysis of Gangs and Gang Members in Newark, New Jersey Session 116: RG10
The Social Structure of Gang Homicide in Chicago Session 399: RC59
Social Structure, Social Distance and Differential Shaming: Application of Black's Theory of Social Structure of Right and Wrong in Reintegrative Shaming Session 94: CH4
Social Threat and Social Control: The Impact of Welfare on Incarceration and Arrest Rates Session 364: CL16
Social Ties and Informal Social Control {Poster Location 26} Session 279: PO1
Sociodemographic Factors, Drug Abuse, and Other Crimes: How They Vary Among Male and Female Arrestees Session 155: CR7
A Sociological Approach to Explaining Gender Disparity in Appellate Outcomes of Death Penalty Sentencing Session 162: CJ8
Solo in Transnational Crime {Poster Location 90} Session 279: PO1
Southern Hostility: The Southern Subculture of Violence Thesis Revisited Session 306: CM10
A Spatial Analysis of the Mobility of Released Prisoners in Chicago, Illinois Session 68: CR3
The Spatial and Temporal Ecology of Domestic Violence: Not Always "Behind Closed Doors" {Poster Location 31} Session 279: PO1
Specialized Batterer Counseling for African-American Men: Six-Month Outcomes of a Clinical Trial Session 361: CU20
The Sport Ethic and Self-Restraint: A Review of Player Deviance On and Off the Field Session 189: CN6
Spring Break, Beer Riots and Halloween: Policing Temporary Populations of College Kids Session 345: PL22
The State of "Gender-Relevant" Progamming in Indiana Session 85: RG6
The State of Terrorism Research: A Guide for Criminologists Session 271: RC32
State Responses to Wrongful Conviction in Canada: The Role of Commissions of Inquiry Session 157: CU9
Step Aside, Superman ... This is a Job for [Captain] America! Comic Books and Superheroes Post 9/11 Session 176: RC22
Still the Least Among Equals? Criminal Justice, Institutional Support, and Quality of Education in the 21st Century Session 16: ED1
Straight From the Source: Are Bottled Water Companies Sucking Us Dry? Session 324: RC44
Strangers in the Halls: Isolation and Delinquency in School Networks Session 18: EP1
Strategies for Integrating Race, Class and Gender Into the Classroom Session 390: ED7
Strategies for Intervening With Drug Involved Offenders: Evaluation Findings and Implications for Practice Session 14: IR1
Street Youth Predatory Crime: A Test of Control Balance Theory Session 367: IT5
The Strengthening Washington D.C. Families Project: Recruitment and Retention Results {Poster Location 47} Session 279: PO1
Structural Factors and Interracial Homicide: A New Look at the Causal Process Session 38: CM2
Structural Predictors of Drug Use: A Test of Social Disorganization Theory on the Drug Use Patterns of an At-Risk Population Session 437: QT16
The Structure of Metropolitan Poverty and Violent Crime: Space Matters! Session 306: CM10
Stuart Henry: What is a Crime? Session 203: CL6
Student Assistance Programs: Are They Effective and is There a Need for Them? Session 316: JJ6
Students and Illocutionary Discourse: The Challenge of Practice, the Benefits of Theory Session 163: CL3
A Study of Street Robbery Session 89: RC7
Studying Criminal Justice and Treatment Practices: A Survey of Criminal Justice and Treatment Organizations Session 194: IR5
Studying the Effects of Faith Session 190: CR9
Substance Abuse Treatment Within the California Criminal Justice System In-Prison Therapeutic Communities: Lessons and Limitations of Expansion Session 359: CR22
Substance Use and Condom Nonuse Among African-American, Adolescent Detainees {Poster Location 63} Session 279: PO1
Suicide Terrorism: Assessing Vulnerabilities and Developing Efficient Strategies Against a Growing International Threat Session 348: RC48
Supermax Prisons: What's the Theoretical Foundation? Session 401: CR24
Surrounded by Crime Session 382: SP10
A Survival Analysis of Revictimisation Session 269: RC30
SWAT Teams as High Reliability Organizations Session 109: PL8
SWAT: Doing Gender or Doing Their Job? Session 10: CR1
Symbolic Meanings of Purchased Sex: Exploring Differences Across Racial, Educational and Socioeconomic Boundaries Session 118: RC11
Symbolic Transaction Theory Explaining Police Use of Non-Lethal Force: A New Look From an Old Perspective Session 255: PL15
A Systematic Review of Research on Court-Mandated Interventions for Individuals Convicted of Domestic Violence Session 92: RS1
A Systematic Review of the Effects of Restorative Justice on Repeat Offending and Victim Satisfaction {Poster Location 4} Session 279: PO1
Systems Change and Multi-Organizational Partnerships: Understanding How Organizations Work Together Within the Reclaiming Futures Initiative Session 409: EP13

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