The 2003 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 18, to Saturday, November 22

Paper Index for the Letter L

Paper Title Session ID
Lady Convicts Experience Prison Different Than Men Session 11: CR2
Language Barriers in the Wisconsin Court System: The Latino/a Experience Session 425: CU25
Latent Structure of Psychopathy: A Taxometric Investigation Session 24: QT1
Law Enforcement Implications of a Collaborative Approach to Gang Intelligence Session 116: RG10
The Lawyer, the Mobster, and the Corporate Raider: Representations of Gender, Violence and Justice on Daytime Television Session 218: RG16
Leader Behaviors That Affect Job Satisfaction and Extra Effort in Policing {Poster Location 85} Session 279: PO1
Learning Lessons and Lessons Learned: The National Institute of Justices' Research Demonstration Project Strategy Session 140: QT8
Leaving Childhood Behind: An Exploration of Michigan's Prosecutorial Waiver Statute Session 127: CU8
Legal and Extra-Legal Variables Influencing Police Discretion During Traffic Stops Session 370: PL24
A Legal and Policy Argument for Bail Denial and Preventative Treatment for Batterers Session 285: CU15
Legal Concerns Session 168: PD6
Lessons Learned From the Implementation of a Random Assignment Experiment in a Court-Based Setting Session 46: IU2
Lessons Learned From the New York State Drug Court Evaluation Session 99: IU4
A Life After Release Session 429: DD11
Life After Trauma: Substance Use and System Involvement in Women's Lives Session 142: RG11
The Life Course of Criminology Session 400: SP11
The Life Experiences of Pimp-Versus Non-Pimp Controlled Prostitutes Session 197: CJ9
Life Strain, Coping, and Delinquency: An Empirical Test of General Strain Theory in the People's Republic of China Session 328: SA2
Life Stressors, Anger, and Substance Abuse Among American Indian Adolescents in Midwest: An Empirical Test of General Strain Theory Session 328: SA2
Lifetime, Television for Victims: A Content Analysis of Three Women's Networks Session 219: RO1
The Limitations and Challenges of Conducting Forensic Mental Health Assessments With Female Youth Session 346: RG22
Lines and Shadows: Perceptions of Racial Profiling and the Hispanic Experience Session 257: PL17
Locating the Vanguard in Rising and Falling Homicide and Robbery Rates Session 399: RC59
A Log-Linear Analysis of Sexual Crimes Reported in Official Statistics Session 377: RC55
The Long Running Conflict Between the Crime Control Model and the Due Process Model Goes Postal Session 200: CJ12
A Longitudinal Analysis of Stress, Social Support and Violence by People With Mental Disorders Session 410: LC11
Looking Inward: An Examination of the Internal Manifestation of Oppression in Adolescents Session 56: PS1
Losing Ground: Gender, Responsibility, and Parole Risk Session 250: FT5
Low Self-Control, Opportunity/Vulnerability and Victimization: A Spurious Relationship? Session 189: CN6

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