The 2003 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 18, to Saturday, November 22

Paper Index for the Letter H

Paper Title Session ID
Hackers, Cyberculture, and Context: Gaining Perspective on an Emerging Criminal Group Session 420: RC64
Harassment in the Workplace: Individual and Organizational Effects Session 377: RC55
Harry Blackmum and the Fourth Amendment Session 101: CJ4
Hate Crimes in California: Elements That Increase Their Likelihood of Prosecution Session 427: CU27
He Said/She Said: The Effects of Victim Resistance and Perpetrator Reaction on Attributions and Responsibility on Date Rape {Poster Location 72} Session 279: PO1
Healing Through and Beyond the Bars Session 286: IR10
Healthcatraz: The Changing Landscape of School Security Session 247: CL10
Helping Hand of Police During Incidents of Domestic Violence Session 432: PL29
Herding Cats II: Lessons Learned From the North Jersey Gang Task Force Session 116: RG10
Here's to Your Health...Or Not: Women Prisoners' Health Care Needs Session 86: RG7
The Heteregeneous Engineering of Internet Crime Session 420: RC64
High Anxiety Offenders in Correctional Settings: It's Time for Another Look Session 283: CR14
Hispanic Offenders in the News Media: A Content Analysis of Media Coverage Concerning Hispanic Offenders Session 374: RO5
The History of the Death Penalty in Colorado Session 402: CU24
Holes in the System for Colorado Girls: The Results of a Focus Group Study Session 207: FT4
Homeless Youth: Victims and/or Offenders? Session 142: RG11
Homicide and Violent Offenders Identified in the Court and Their Delinquency Trajectories in Adolescence and Early Adulthood Session 144: RC15
Homophobic or Racist? An Attitudinal Study of the Public Perception of Hate Crime Session 350: RC50
Honor, Class, and Southern White Violence Session 136: IT2
The Hotspot Matrix as a Framework for Targeted Intelligence-Led Crime Reduction Session 134: DD7
How Can Epistemology and Philosophy of Science Strengthen Criminological Research and Theorizing? Session 208: IT4
How Courtroom Interactions Affect the Issuance and Denial of Civil or Criminal Orders of Protection? Session 349: RC49
How Much Do Manhattan-Arrestees Spend on Drugs? Session 299: RC37
How Restorative Justice Can Confront and Help Heal Contemporary Criminology Session 313: CL13
How to Reduce the Incidence of Wrongful Conviction? Opinions of Ohio Judges, Prosecutors, Police Officers, and Defense Attorneys Session 157: CU9
How Violent Are American Schools? An Analysis of the 2000 School Survey on Crime and Safety Session 418: RC62
A Human Rights Framework for Assessing Moral Bases of Law and Home-Land Defenses Session 161: CJ7
Human Rights in an Era of Globalization and Terrorism Session 33: SP3
Human Rights, Social Capital and Juvenile Justice Session 344: PL21
The Human Subjects Nightmare Session 266: RO3
Human Trafficking in the United States: A Criminal Market Analysis Session 441: RC66
Hypersegregation Testing the Effects of Extreme Social Isolation on Crime Rates Session 186: CM9

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