The 2003 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 18, to Saturday, November 22

Paper Index for the Letter C

Paper Title Session ID
California's Substance Abuse Services Coordinating Agency System: A "Third-Party Coordination" Model for Ensuring Continuity of Care Among Parolees From Prison-Based Substance Abuse Treatment Programs Session 125: CR5
Campus Riots and Policy Changes at Michigan State Univerity {Poster Location 64} Session 279: PO1
Canadian Judges' Perceptions of Domestic Violence {Poster Location 44} Session 279: PO1
Capital Juror's Acceptance of Mitigation Evidence and the Promise of Eddings v. Oklahoma Session 360: CU19
Capital Sentencing in the American States After Furman Session 162: CJ8
Career Alternatives: Academia, Government and Research Organizations (Sponsored by the Division on Corrections and Sentencing) Session 435: PD10
CeaseFire Outreach Workers Bridge the Gap Between High-Risk Youth and Services Agencies Session 298: RC36
The Challenges and Opportunities of Interdisciplinary Doctoral Education in Criminal Justice Session 288: ED6
The Challenges and Strategies of the Probation Caseloads in Taiwan Session 191: CR10
Challenging Empire: Toward a Criminology of Corporate State Harms Session 74: CL2
Changes in Student Victimization, 1992-2002 {Poster Location 53} Session 279: PO1
A Changing Drug Market: The Impact on Patterns of Heroin Use Session 29: RC2
The Changing Federal Drug Offender Session 192: CU11
"Changing up" at a Prostitution Stroll: Using Ethnographic Methods to Uncover Varieties of Crime Displacement and Adaptations by Drug-Addicted Prostitutes to Police Interventions Session 118: RC11
Changing View of Justice: An Examination of Children's Literature Over Time Session 341: CL15
Characteristics of Infanticide in Chicago, 1965-1995 Session 224: RC26
Charging and Sentencing Decisions in Federal Court: An Analysis of the Interpretation and Application of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines in Three U.S. District Courts Session 192: CU11
Child Homicides in California: 1990-1999 Session 175: RC21
Child Maltreatment Histories and Adolescent-Parent Attachment as Predictors of Individual Differences in Psychological Symptoms Among Chronic Juvenile Offenders Session 410: LC11
Child Victimization: Exploring the Victims and Offenders Connected With Children's Advocacy Centers Session 301: RC39
Childhood Conduct Problems and Adult Depression: Understanding the Connection Session 368: LC10
Children of Offenders in Canada: Scale of the Problem and Potential Interventions Session 308: CR16
Childsaving in Juvenile Institutions: Reinventing the Past or Reinforcing the Present? Session 407: CJ21
A Chinese Birth Cohort: Theoretical Implications Session 384: CH10
Chinese-American Youths' Experiences With Delinquency and School Violence Session 307: CN8
Citizen Review of Policing: Police Perceptions Session 254: PL14
Citizen Review of Policing: Public Perceptions Session 254: PL14
Civil and Socialist Law Traditions in Cuba: Direct Citizen Involvement in Crime Control Session 124: CH6
Civilian Leadership and Law Reform in Nigeria Session 124: CH6
The Civilized Process, Economic Change, and Violence: An Assessment of the Evidence in England, the Netherlands and the United States Session 312: CJ16
The Civilizing Process and Punishment: Toward a Typology of Punishment Regimes Session 355: SP9
Class and Self-Reported Juvenile Delinquency: Evidence From Turkey Session 105: IT1
Classic Strain Theory and Gender: The Case of Turkey Session 275: SA1
Clients' Perspectives on Policing: Service Quality, Justice, and Satisfaction Session 200: CJ12
Club Drugs: Users, Causes, and Consequences {Poster Location 9} Session 279: PO1
Cold Hits, Warm Hits and Hot Misses: Forensic DNA and Crime Investigation in the United Kingdom and Elsewhere Session 392: PL26
Collateral Damage: The Legacy of Corporate Greed in an 'Enronized' Society Session 347: RO4
Collateral Gains From the Military? A Cross-National Analysis of the Armed Forces-Crime Relationship Session 105: IT1
Collective Response to Subjective Crime in a Small Iowa Town: The Case of the River Park Neighborhood Association Session 259: QL1
College Students' Perceptions of Female Police Officers: An Attitudinal Assessment {Poster Location 38} Session 279: PO1
Combatting Violent Adolescent Dating Relationships Session 204: EP5
Commerce With Criminals: The New Colonialism in Criminal Justice Session 156: CR8
Commitment to a Deviant Occupation: The Case of Exotic Dance Session 167: LC6
A Common Explanation of the Changing Age Distributions of Suicide and Homicide in the United States: 1930 to 2000 Session 8: CM1
Common Themes in the Study of Rape and Stalking: Toward a Shared Etiology Session 225: RC27
Communities, Guns, and Lethal Violence: Examining Chicago Homicide Trends Across Space and Time, 1980-1995 (2nd Prize Recipient, ASC Gene Carte Student Paper Competition) Session 261: QT12
The Community Context of Non-Lethal Violence in Miami: Examination of Race and Ethnic Specific Rates Session 264: RG17
Community Corrections in Colorado Session 97: CR4
Community Law Enforcement and Recovery (CLEAR) Anti-Gang Program Model in Los Angeles, California Session 296: RG19
The Community Level Dynamics of Adolescent Crime: A Closer Look at the Concept of Collective Efficacy Session 64: CM3
Community Organization and Preventable Mortality: Exploring Reciprocal Relationships Session 422: CM12
Community Organizations as Social Capital: Theory, Measurement and Practice Session 93: CM4
Community Perspectives on Neighborhood Impacts of a Civil Gang Injunction Session 439: RG27
Community Policing and Youth Session 47: IP1
Community Response to Sex Offender Notification Session 89: RC7
Community Safety and Criminal Justice Reform: A Grassroots Perspective Session 286: IR10
A Comparative Analysis of Commercial Sex: Implications for Theory and Policy Session 118: RC11
Comparative Phenomena: Policing Human Rights in Africa and the United States Session 339: CJ17
A Comparative Study of the Implementation Process of the Comstat Approach Between the Newark Police Department, U.S. and the Military Police Department in Belo Horizonte, Brazil Session 160: IP4
Comparing Intervention Programs for Juvenile Offenders: UK and USA Experiences Session 94: CH4
Comparing NIBRS and SHR Data on Stranger and Unknown Victim/Offender Relationship {Poster Location 10} Session 279: PO1
Comparison of Four Ecstasy Screening Assays Session 172: RC18
A Comparison of Prospective and Retrospective Reports of Child Abuse {Poster Location 2} Session 279: PO1
A Comparison of the Criminal Justice Systems of Malaysia and the United States {Poster Location 3} Session 279: PO1
Complaint-Prone Officers and Their Use of Coercion in Encounters With the Public Session 255: PL15
Compliance With a Smoke-Free Air Act: Bars in New York City Session 198: CJ10
Compstat and Organizational Change in Three Police Departments: A Comparative Study Session 81: PL6
Concentrated Disadvantage: The Influence of Social and Economic Change on the Epidemic of Youth Violence Session 322: RC42
Conceptions of Sex Education and Family Values Session 204: EP5
Conceptualization vs Operationalization: A Gendered Analysis Session 67: CN4
Conceptualizing Criminal Justice Theory and Beyond Session 130: CJ5
Concordance of Self-Reported Versus Court-Reported Cases of Child Maltreatment: Findings From the Northwestern Juvenile Project Session 301: RC39
Conflicts Between the Use of Scientific Knowledge in Treatment Practice and Human Subjects Protections: Unexpected Difficulties in Practice/Research Partnerships Session 140: QT8
Confusion, Frustration, and Conflict: The Social Construction of Felony Probation Orders Session 69: CU5
Consequences of Bullying: Student Responses to "Direct" and "Indirect" Bullying at School Session 418: RC62
Consequences of Federal Restrictions of Economic Benefits on Drug Offenders Session 424: CR25
Consequences of Long-Term Prison Sentences on Inmate Fatalities in State and Federal Prisons, 1993-1998 Session 413: RG24
The Consequences of Penal Reform: Electronic Monitoring in Florida Session 45: IR3
The Constitutive Power of Law: The Criminalization, Mobilization, and Organization of Direct-Entry Midwifery Session 198: CJ10
Constructing the 'Insane' Violent Offender Over Time Session 115: RG9
Contemporary Issues in American Jails Session 232: CR13
A Contest for Post-Colonial African Optimisin in Criminology Session 339: CJ17
Contextual Analysis of Factors Associated With the Lethality of Violence Against Children Session 398: RC58
Contextual and Individual-Level Influences on the Decision to Imprison Session 158: CU10
The Continuing Cycle of Juvenile Justice Session 251: JJ3
Continuity and Change in Criminal Behavior: Examining the Role of Adult Social Bonds in the Stability of Criminal Behavior Session 189: CN6
Continuity and Change in Police Policy: Police Departments' Domestic Violence Policies and Practices Session 256: PL16
The Contours of a Paradigm Shift in Crime and Delinquency: Toward a New Sociospatial Political Economy of Deviancy and Crime Session 306: CM10
Contrasting Batterer Treatment Programs for Male and Female 'Offenders' Session 234: CU14
The Contribution of Societal Misconceptions Regarding Domestic Abuse of the Elderly Session 147: VT1
Control and Intimate Partner Violence: The Gender Symmetry Debate Session 88: RC6
The Control Model in a Mega Prison: Governing Prisons in Taiwan Session 401: CR24
Control Tactics and Binge Drinking in Relation to Intimate Partner Violence Against Native American Women: Findings From a Statewide Telephone Survey Session 88: RC6
Cool Cultures and Mediocre Messages: Differential Impact of the Media on Delinquency Session 244: CL7
Cops, Crooks and Books: "Line-of-Duty" Deaths, Violent Crime Rates, and Survivor's State Education Benefits Session 434: PL31
Corporate Characteristics and Environmental Noncompliance: Distinguishing "Good" and "Bad" Corporate Citizens Session 324: RC44
Correctional Industries: Who Gets Hired and Other Issues of Full Employment? Session 156: CR8
The Correctional Key: Throw It Away Session 332: CR17
Correlates of Carrying Weapons to School Session 376: RC54
Correlates of Post-Assault Self-Defense/Assertiveness Training Participation for Sexual Assault Survivors Session 351: RC51
Correlates of Prison Infractions in North Carolina Session 429: DD11
Correlates of Violent Injury in a Population of Arrestees With Substance Abuse Histories {Poster Location 11} Session 279: PO1
Correlates to Police Use of Non-Lethal Force: A Statistical Analysis in a Midwestern City Session 138: PL11
Corrupt Influence by Organized Crime on Law Enforcement and the Justice System in Poland in Light of Research Results Session 274: RC35
Corruption and Integrity in the British Police Session 195: IP5
Cost-Benefit Analysis of Criminal Justice Programs: What Role Does it Play in Policy? What Role Should it Play? Session 57: QT3
Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Impact of Pro Se Litigants Session 242: CJ14
Costs of Career Criminals: A Victimization Perspective Session 167: LC6
Could Publicising Phantom Crime Prevention Activity Reduce Crime? Session 342: DD10
Counter Colonial Criminology: A Critique of Imperialist Reason Session 202: CL5
Counter-Terrorism Policies for Law Enforcement: Graduate Level Training for the N.Y.P.D. Session 434: PL31
County-Level Social Support as Spatial Regime: Implementing Spatial Panel Data Methods to Identify Linkages Between Unemployment and Crime Rates Session 25: QT2
Court Responses to Domestic Violence Session 43: CU4
Coverage and Relevance of Juvenile Justice Topics in Introduction to Criminal Justice Textbooks: A Content Analysis of Gaines & Miller (2003), Samaha (2003), and Schmalleger (2003) Textbooks Session 372: QL3
Coverage and Relevance of Juvenile Justice Topics in Introduction to Criminal Justice Textbooks: A Content Analysis of Roberson, Albanese, and Titus Reid Textbooks Session 372: QL3
Coverage and Relevance of Juvenile Justice Topics in Introduction to Criminal Justice Textbooks: A Content Analysis of Fagan, Bohn and Haley, and Gaines Texbooks Session 372: QL3
Coverage and Relevance of Juvenile Justice Topics in Introduction to Criminal Justice Textbooks: A Content Analysis of Inciardi, Schmalleger, and Travis Session 372: QL3
'Cracked' and Ineffective Trials in England and Wales Session 233: CU13
Creating Alcohol and Drug Treatment for Juveniles: Recent Efforts and Ongoing Challenges Session 409: EP13
Creating Feminist Informed Sexual Assault Policy in a Small Rural College: The Clery Act and Beyond Session 351: RC51
Creating Memories: Exploring How Narratives Help Define the Memoralization of Tragedy Session 176: RC22
Crime and Cohort Size in North America (US and Canada), 1970-2000 Session 8: CM1
Crime and Justice in Nigeria: An Experiment in Democracy Session 124: CH6
Crime and Justice Research and Evaluation on American Indian and Alaska Native Issues at the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) {Poster Location 12} Session 279: PO1
Crime and Victimization on a College Campus: The Extent, the Correlates, and the Offending-Victimization Link Session 26: RG1
Crime Clearance Using Linked National Incident Reporting System (NIBRS) Data and Law Enforcement Management and Administrative Statistics (LEMAS) Data Session 160: IP4
Crime Drop in Chicago {Poster Location 13} Session 279: PO1
Crime Gun Indicators: Dealer, Firearm, and Transaction Characteristics Session 300: RC38
Crime Prevention 'Hit Rates': The Study of Efficiency in Resource Allocation for Crime Prevention Session 269: RC30
Crime Victimization and Mortality in Older Adults Session 443: VT6
Crime, Media Logic, and the Discourse of Fear Session 17: CJ1
Crime, Punishment, and Mental Illness {Poster Location 54} Session 279: PO1
Crimes of the Rich and Poor: The Need for a Critical Comparative Analysis Session 289: CL12
CrimeStat2: A Statistical Toolbox for the Spatial Analysis of Crime Session 281: SP7
Criminal Activities and Other Life Consequences: A Test of the General Theory of Crime With High-Risk Juveniles Session 282: CN7
The Criminal Careers of Places: Some Preliminary Findings From a Longitudinal Study Session 107: LC4
Criminal Circumstance and School Victimization Session 93: CM4
Criminal Concentration and New Public Transport Facilities: The Case of the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail Session 25: QT2
Criminal Equality or Inequality: A Comparison of Crime in Black and Hispanic Neighborhoods Session 395: QT15
Criminal Justice Innovation/Experiments: Corrections Session 236: IR7
Criminal Justice System Experience and the Transition to Adulthood: Victims, Offenders and Turning Points Session 236: IR7
The Criminal Justice System Impact of "Get Tough" Sentencing Reform: A Case Study Session 309: CU16
Criminal Justice, Social Justice, and Illocutionary Discourse Session 75: DD2
Criminal Organizations and Organizational Criminals: A Distinction With a Difference Session 347: RO4
The Criminal State and the Middle East Crisis: The Cases of Iraq and Israel Session 408: CL17
Criminal Victimization in South Korea {Poster Location 73} Session 279: PO1
Criminalising Marginality and Resistance: Marilyn Manson, Columbine and Cultural Criminology Session 173: RC19
Criminalization of HIV Transmission: Variations in the Quantity and Quality of State Laws Session 243: CJ15
Criminalization of Terrorism or the Politicization of Fear? U.S. Responses to Terrorism From the Palmer Raids to September 11, 2001 Session 295: PL18
Criminogenic Crime Prevention Session 391: EP12
Criminologist as Witness Session 382: SP10
Criminology on the Left and the Latino Experience of Crime and Punishment Session 289: CL12
Crisis and Emergency Management by Police {Poster Location 82} Session 279: PO1
Crisis Intervention Teams in Colorado: Police Officer and Community Response to Persons With Mental Illness Session 47: IP1
Critical Criminology and the Individual Life Session 341: CL15
A Critical Evaluation of Routine Activities Theory Session 276: VT2
A Critical Examination of Prescription and Illicit Drug Abuse Enforcement in America Session 419: RC63
Critical Issues in Profiling: An Exploratory Analysis on the Role of Specialization Session 415: RO7
Culpability and Capital Punishment: Implications of Atkins for Executing Juveniles Session 42: CU3
Cultural Criminology, or the Conscientious Withdrawal of Efficiency Session 49: CL1
Cultural Criminology, the City and the Irrational Actor Session 49: CL1
Cultural Implications for Intimate Partner Violence Against African American Women Session 268: RC29
Cultural Variations in Childhood Victimisation: A Preliminary Study of the Experiences of British and Greek College Students {Poster Location 71} Session 279: PO1
Curious Rehabilitation: Assessing Risk and Treatment in Sex Offender Civil Commitment Session 357: CR20
Current Perspectives and Support for Parental Responsibility Laws {Poster Location 58} Session 279: PO1
Cyber Crime Investigation Session 267: RC28
Cybercrimes: What We Know and What We Don't Know Session 348: RC48
Cyberstalking: Preliminary Findings of Predatory Behavior and Characteristics Session 420: RC64
Cyborgs and Surveillance in the Digital Age: Globalization and Technologies of (In)Justice Session 278: CL11

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