The 2003 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 18, to Saturday, November 22

Paper Index for the Letter B

Paper Title Session ID
"Bad Girls": Women Lawbreakers, Law and Order "Commonsense", and the Politics of Representation "Reality" Television Session 215: RG13
The Baltimore City Drug Treatment Court Program: Offender and Program Characteristics Session 388: IU7
Bars, Blocks, and Crimes Re-Revisited Session 276: VT2
Bars, Malls, Brawls, and Blocks Session 276: VT2
Batterer Accountability and Other Goals of the Greenbook Initiative: Interim Outcome Evaluation Results Session 221: RC23
Batterer Intervention Curricular: Examining Program Cultural Competence Session 221: RC23
Becoming Dangerous in Canada: A Case Study of Regina v. Clark Session 164: CL4
Benchmarking Escapes: Apples, Oranges and Politics Session 237: IR8
The Benefits of Low Self-Control Session 253: LC7
The Benefits of Problem Solving Prosecutors in the Community Session 15: IU1
Better Living Through Chemistry: Deviant Subculture of Middle Class Recreational Drug Users {Poster Location 61} Session 279: PO1
Between Sex Differences: The Impact of Neighborhood Level Variables on Drug Arrest Rates Session 302: RC40
Between Societal and Individual Drug Policies: The Malaysian Experience Session 407: CJ21
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: Understanding Victim Experiences of Policing in Domestic Violence in the Singaporean Context {Poster Location 81} Session 279: PO1
Beyond Black and White: Hate Crimes Against Asian Americans Session 90: RC8
Beyond Mandatory Arrest: Developing a Comprehensive Response to Domestic Violence Session 21: PL1
Bias Profiling in Policing: Analysis of Traffic Stop Data and the Search for a Benchmark Session 109: PL8
Biased Information-Processing Styles of Afdolescents at Risk for Developing Problems With Aggression {Poster Location 7} Session 279: PO1
Bicycle Theft: A Chinese Case of Criminal Victimization Session 321: RC41
Blending Sentencing of Juveniles in Minnesota: On Target for Justice and Public Safety? Session 336: CU18
The Blueprints for Violence Prevention Program Session 290: DD9
Body Control: The Politics of Substance Use in Women's Prisons Session 259: QL1
Boot Camp Offenders on Parole: An Examination of the Lasting Impact of Positive Changes Among Graduates of Pennsylvania's Boot Camp Program Session 128: IR4
Bowling for Baghdad: The Interstices of Control, Violence, and Democracy Session 173: RC19
Bowling for Capital Punishment: Why Is It a Crime to Photograph an Execution? Session 173: RC19
The Boys From the Prohibition: How They Survived and Why Session 416: RC60
Boys to Men: Comparing Juvenile and Adult Gang Activity Near Schools Session 439: RG27
Brady Gun Policy and Dissaggregated Homicide Rates Session 376: RC54
Bridging Community Strengths {Poster Location 8} Session 279: PO1
Bridging Research and Juvenile Justice Policy Using the Youth Level of Service Inventory Session 343: JJ7
'Bringing It All Home': Cultural Criminology and Everyday Life Session 49: CL1
Broken Windows and Neighborhood Gardens: Observable Social Capital Associated With Juvenile Substance Use? Session 422: CM12
Building a Global Terrorism Database: Current Challenges and Future Goals Session 271: RC32
Building Peace Through Political Cooperation Session 245: CL8
Burden of the Past: A Comparative View on General and Specific Attitudes About the Police Session 110: PL9

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