Session 287: IP7 -> Community Policing: Progress and Prospects
Time: 8:00AM to 9:30 AM on Friday, November 21
Place: Governors Square 16
Session Chair: Christine Famega, California State Univ. - San Bernardino
Discretion or Direction: An Analysis of Patrol Officer Activities
by: Christine Famega, California State Univ. - San Bernardino (Corresponding)
James Frank, University of Cincinnati
Lorraine Green Mazerolle, Griffith University
Policing the Mentally Impaired: An Assessment of a Police-Mental Health Collaboration
by: Shamir Ratansi, University of Cincinnati (Corresponding)
James Frank, University of Cincinnati
John E. Eck, University of Cincinnati
A Report of the State of Crime Prevention in the Memorial Villages: Expectations, Statistical Findings, and Recommendations for the Future
by: Elycia S. Daniel, Sam Houston State University (Corresponding)
Assessing Citizen-Police Academies
by: Joseph F. Donnermeyer, The Ohio State University (Corresponding)
Elaine Margaret Barclay, University of New England
Assessing Kentucky Police Corps Training Academy
by: Carole Garrison, Eastern Kentucky University (Corresponding)
Kathryn E. Scarborough, Eastern Kentucky University
Matt Holt, Eastern Kentucky University
Tanlee Taulbee, Eastern Kentucky University
Adam Thayer, Eastern Kentucky University

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Updated 05/20/2006