Session 429: DD11 -> Corrections Outcomes
Time: 10:40AM to 12:10 PM on Saturday, November 22
Place: Governors Square 16
Session Chair: William Howard Moore, University of Wyoming
Correlates of Prison Infractions in North Carolina
by: Rachel Hagewen, North Carolina State University (Corresponding)
A Life After Release
by: Stephen G. Gibbons, Western Oregon University (Corresponding)
Kenneth D. Jensen, Western Oregon University
An Evaluation of Virginia's Young Juvenile Offender Initiative: Preliminary Findings From the First Year of Implementation
by: Julie A. Goetz, Commonwealth of Virginia (Corresponding)
Observing the Control of a Social Underclass--An Ethnographic Study of an Urban Parole Unit
by: Julie Peggar, University of California, Los Angeles (Corresponding)
Sheldon Zhang, San Diego State University
Valerie J. Callanan, California State University - San Marcos
Robert Roberts, California State University - San Marcos

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Updated 05/20/2006