Session 157: CU9 -> False Confessions, Wrongful Convictions, and What to do About Them
Time: 9:40AM to 11:10 AM on Thursday, November 20
Place: Tower A
Session Chair: Marvin Zalman, Wayne State University
The End of the Miranda Regime and the Need for State Interrogation Policy
by: Marvin Zalman, Wayne State University (Corresponding)
How to Reduce the Incidence of Wrongful Conviction? Opinions of Ohio Judges, Prosecutors, Police Officers, and Defense Attorneys
by: Robert J. Ramsey, Indiana University East (Corresponding)
State Responses to Wrongful Conviction in Canada: The Role of Commissions of Inquiry
by: Kathryn M. Campbell, University of Ottawa (Corresponding)

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Updated 05/20/2006