Session 162: CJ8 -> Social Control, Punishment and Criminal Justice System
Time: 9:40AM to 11:10 AM on Thursday, November 20
Place: Directors Row F
Session Chair: Halime Unal, Mugla University/University of Iowa
Politics of Punishing: How the Routine Activities of Governance Impact State Reliance on Confinement
by: Vanessa Barker, New York University (Corresponding)
Variation in the Gender Ration of Criminal Punishment: An Analysis of States, 1978-1998
by: Halime Unal, Mugla University/University of Iowa (Corresponding)
Karen Heimer, University of Iowa
A Sociological Approach to Explaining Gender Disparity in Appellate Outcomes of Death Penalty Sentencing
by: Chana Barron, University of Iowa (Corresponding)
Capital Sentencing in the American States After Furman
by: Valerie West, New York University (Corresponding)
David F. Greenberg, New York University

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Updated 05/20/2006