Session 428: CJ22 -> Predictors of How the Police Respond to Offenders and Offenses
Time: 10:40AM to 12:10 PM on Saturday, November 22
Place: Directors Row E
Session Chair: Cassia Spohn, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Police Response to Assault: Differences in the Application of Law by Race
by: Amanda Howerton, University of New Hampshire (Corresponding)
Predictors of Police Contact for Midwestern Homeless and Runaway Youth
by: Lisa Thrane, Iowa State University (Corresponding)
Dan R. Hoyt, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Les B. Whitbeck, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Arrest for Sexual Assault: A Test of Donald Black's Relational Distance Theory
by: Dawn Beichner, Illinois State University (Corresponding)
Cassia Spohn, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Sophia Carr Friday, Univ. of Maryland, University College

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Updated 05/20/2006