The 2002 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 12, to Saturday, November 16

Session Index for the Letter J

Session Title Session IDTime
The Joys and Challenges of Collaborative Research: A Workshop on How to Build and Maintain Researcher/Practitioner Collaborations Session 53: PP2 Wednesday at 9:30AM
Judges' View of Criminology Session 83: RS69 Wednesday at 11:00AM
Judicial Legislative Attacks on Crime: Do They Work? Session 324: RS199 Thursday at 3:30PM
The Judicial Process: Influences and Narratives Session 553: RS342 Saturday at 9:00AM
Judicial Processes Session 544: RS333 Saturday at 9:00AM
Justice and Sentencing: Emerging Issues Session 408: RS252 Friday at 9:30AM
Juvenile Courts Session 469: RS285 Friday at 2:00PM
Juvenile Delinquency Intervention Projects in Michigan Session 246: RS165 Thursday at 11:00AM
Juvenile Drug Courts Session 286: RS184 Thursday at 2:00PM
Juvenile Justice And Community Institutions Session 284: RS182 Thursday at 2:00PM
Juvenile Justice Processes and Outcomes Session 23: RS20 Wednesday at 8:00AM
Juvenile Justice Systems Issues Session 418: PP92 Friday at 9:30AM
Juvenile Violence: Ecology and Human Development Session 593: RS379 Saturday at Noon

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