The 2002 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 12, to Saturday, November 16

Paper Index for the Letter U

Paper Title Session ID
U.S. Military Policy Regarding Gays and Lesbians: Lessons Learned From Racial Integration and Homophobia Session 302: PP70
UCR Versus Locally Acquired Arrest Data as Weighting Targets Session 352: TC41
The UK Home Office Research to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Measures to Assist Vulnerable and Intimidated Witnesses: Phase One Results Session 178: RS126
The Ultimate Victimization: An Exploratory Analysis of Lethal Assaults Against Police Officers Session 224: PP51
The Unanticipated Contributions of Criminology to Understanding Terrorism Session 343: PP84
Understanding and Measuring Police Legitimacy Session 217: PP44
Understanding Bias Crime Classification: A Quantitative Analysis Session 225: PP52
Understanding Gang-Affiliated Adolescent Females: Developing a Typology Session 432: RS265
Understanding Police Mediation: Promises and Challenges Session 403: RS247
Understanding Restorative Conferencing: A Case Study in Informal Decisionmaking in the Response to Youth Crime Session 417: PP91
Understanding the Application and Review Process for Fulbright Scholars Session 194: TC8
Understanding the Epidemiology, Etiology, and Consequences of Drug Abuse and Crime Session 167: RS115
Understanding the Etiology of Female Delinquency and Domestic Violence Session 563: RS351
Understanding the Link Between Girls' Victimization, Re-victimization, and Delinquency: Results From the Navy Family Study Session 169: RS117
Understanding the Opposition to Parole: Surveying Public Opinion of the Canadian Parole System Session 288: RS186
Understanding the Range of Female Criminality: A Prison-Based Test of Three Theories Session 171: RS119
Understanding the Relationship Between Income Inequality and Homicide Victimization in Central Eastern Europe During the Post-Socialist Transition Session 391: RS236
Understanding the Spatial and Temporal Drivers of Juvenile Violent Crimes: A Dynamic Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis Approach Session 58: PP7
Understanding Violent Crime in the Young Adult Offender: A Review of the Literature Session 550: RS339
Understanding Women's Pathways to Jail: A Life Event History Analysis of the Lives of Incarcerated Women Session 429: RS262
Unemployment and Crime: A Time-Series Analysis Disaggregated by Criminal Career Type Session 510: RS314
Unemployment, Job Access and Crime: A GIS Analysis of Cleveland, Ohio Session 455: PP110
United States Perspective on the Renewal of Justice Session 272: TC24
University of Illinois at Chicago Doctoral Program in Criminal Justice {Poster Location 68} Session 358: PS1
University Student Victimization in the UK: Results From a Home Office Study Session 147: PP36
Unlikely Partners: The Choreography and Politics of Exotic Dancing Session 278: RS176
The Unloved: Sex Offenders With Learning Disabilities Session 388: RS233
Unpacking Community Policing Session 82: RS68
Unraveling Crime in the Making: Re-examining the Family Context of Adolescent Delinquency Session 179: RS127
Unraveling the Effects of Juvenile Transfer on Recidivism: The Post-Release Behavior of Juveniles Sentenced to Adult Versus Juvenile Correctional Institutions Session 372: RS217
Unraveling Trends in Arrests and Self-Reported Juvenile Offending Session 219: PP46
Unveiling Asian American Bias Victimization Session 602: RS388
Unwinding: Reflections on a Career Session 144: PP33
Urban Regeneration and Crime Reduction: Contradictions and Dilemmas in the U.K. Context Session 330: RS205
Use and Evaluation of Hair Analysis, Urinalysis, and Ion Mobility Spectrometry in a Juvenile Diversion Program in New Orleans Session 473: RS289
The Use of Alternative Sentences to Imprisonment Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines Session 175: RS123
Use of Cost Effectiveness Criteria in Selecting Program Models Session 319: RS194
Using a New Typology of Deviance to Analyze Ten Common Norms of the United States Middle-Class Session 437: RS270
Using Algorithms to Create Long-Term Measures of Self-Reported Public Mood Session 605: RS391
Using Cluster Analysis for the Identification of Multivariate Trajectories Session 142: PP31
Using Econometrics to Test Gender Differences in Delinquency: Different Effects or Different Exposure? Session 251: RS170
Using Geographic Information Systems and Cluster Analysis for Drawing Comparative Geographic Areas in Quasi-Experimental Designs: A Police Patrol Example (Concept Paper) Session 304: PP72
Using NIBRS Data to Model the Predictive Ability of Case Based Reasoning for Repeat Victimizations Session 222: PP49
Using the Corrections "What Works" Literature to Evaluate a Sex Offender Treatment Program Session 129: RS94
Using the Factorial Survey to Measure Death Penalty Support for Special Offender Populations: Juveniles, the Mentally Incompetent, and the Mentally Retarded Session 449: PP104
Using the WWW to Spread the Word About Practical Crime Prevention to Business Owners Session 173: RS121
The Utility of Drug Testing In a Community Prevalence Survey Session 86: PP14
Utility of Hospital Admissions Data as a Supplement for Describing Levels of Domestic Violence Session 232: TC16

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