The 2002 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 12, to Saturday, November 16

Paper Index for the Letter L

Paper Title Session ID
Labeling Theory as a Paradigm for Prison Rape Etiology Session 325: RS200
Lack of Self-Control, Acting Out, and Different Forms of Delinquent Behavior Session 296: PP64
Language, Culture and the Interpretation of "Victim": An Analysis of "Innocent Victim" in Media, 2000-2002 Session 377: RS222
Latch Key Killers Session 575: RS363
Latin Kings and Young Lords in Chicago and New York City Session 485: PP114
Latinos Policing Latino Communities: Ethnic Identity and the Police Role Session 82: RS68
Law and Disorder in Belize, Central America {Poster Location 2} Session 358: PS1
Law and Officials' Behavior in the Bureaucratic Context of Corrections Session 586: RS372
Law and Order in North India: Perspectives on Village and Jungle {Poster Location 65} Session 358: PS1
Law and the Rule of Law Session 409: RS253
Law Enforcement and Local Media: Who is Influencing Who? Session 377: RS222
Law Enforcement Officers Killed in the Line of Duty: A Comparison of Juvenile and Adult Offenders Session 402: RS246
Law Enforcement's Use of Cutting Edge Technology: Maximizing-Less-Than Lethal and Information Technologies for Police Agencies Session 486: PP115
Law, Crime and Imprisonment: Relative Sentence Severity in California, 1983-1998 Session 287: RS185
Leadership Issues of Concern for Criminal Justice Students Session 227: TC11
Learning Assessments Through Criminal Justice Internship: Issues and Considerations Session 376: RS221
Learning Assessments Through Criminal Justice Internship: Issues and Considerations Session 562: RS350
Learning How to Learn and Its Sequelae Session 144: PP33
Learning in Action: The New Police Training Session 504: RS308
Learning Online Course Delivery: A Traditional Faculty Experience Session 230: TC14
Legal and Media Enmeshments: Criticizing "Objectivity" Through High Profile Crime Cases Session 239: RS158
Legal Culture in a Multi-Cleavage Society: The Israeli Case Session 116: PP24
Legal Rationality and Jurisdictional Transfer: Comparing Sentencing of Adolescents in Juvenile and Criminal Courts Session 372: RS217
Legal Responses to Internet Child Pornography: The Way Forward Session 90: PP18
Legally Imposed Costs, Self-Imposed Costs and Socially Imposed Costs: Why Men Don't Rape Session 314: TC34
Lethal and Non-Lethal Gun Violence and Neighborhoods: The Relationship Between Ecological and Individual Longitudinal Approaches to Guns, Gangs, and Drug Dealing Session 67: RS53
Lethal Southern Justice: A Study of Executions and Lynchings in Dyer County, Tennessee Session 525: PP130
A Life of Crime: The Hidden Truth About Criminal Activity Session 315: TC35
Life on the Edge of Insanity: The Daily Lives of Female Inmates in Two Texas Prisons Session 166: RS114
The Limits of U.S. Citzenship: INS Deportation Policy for Caribbean Offenders Session 573: RS361
Line of Duty Police Deaths: Before and After 9/11 Session 353: TC42
The Link Between the Community, the Family and Juvenile Delinquency: An Examination of Gender Differences Among Male and Female Juveniles Session 401: RS245
Linking Child Welfare With Juvenile Justice Session 561: RS349
Linking Residential Burglaries by Modus Operandi: An Empirical Test of Some Findings That Emerge From Interviews With Offenders Session 332: RS207
Links of Terroro Session 11: RS8
Litigation as a Mechanism of Problem Recognition in the Case of Big Tobacco Session 44: RS41
Local Policy Makers: Views Towards Correctional Reform Session 54: PP3
Location of Community Corrections Centers Session 137: RS102
Logical and Consistent? An Analysis of Supreme Court Opinions Regarding the Death Penalty Session 16: RS13
A Longitudinal Analysis of Hate Crimes Recorded by Law Enforcement Agencies in Texas 1994 to 2001 Session 302: PP70
The Longitudinal EPESE Data With Police Reports From New Haven, Connecticut Session 522: PP127
Longitudinal Measures of Restorative Justice Session 98: RS74
A Longitudinal Study of Fear of Crime in a Canadian City Session 329: RS204
Looking at the Tail: Does Ohio's Correctional Control After Prison Resemble a Pussycat or a Scorpion? Session 508: RS312
Looking Inside the "Black Box" of Drug Court Treatment Services Using Direct Observations Session 26: RS23
Looking Outside the Box in Research on Police Encounters With Citizens: A Re-Examination of the Power of Observational Research Session 133: RS98
Low Income Neighborhoods and Sex Offenders: A Case Study in State Indifference Session 388: RS233
The Low Rate of Offending by Asian Girls: Exploring the Interaction by Gender and Ethnicity Session 419: PP93

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