The 2002 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 12, to Saturday, November 16

Paper Index for the Letter E

Paper Title Session ID
Early Access to Weapons: Juveniles' Risks for Offending and Victimization Session 197: RS135
Early Child Maltreatment, Runaways, and Violence and Victimization in Adolescence: An Analysis of Mediation Pathways Session 240: RS159
Early Death in Juvenile Detainees: Prevalence and Patterns Session 560: RS348
Early Intervention Programs: The Solution to Police Misconduct? Session 597: RS383
East Los Angeles and Chicago Gangs Session 485: PP114
Ecological Context Effects on Juvenile Offending: Conditional Impacts of Neighborhoods and Schools Session 517: PP122
An Ecological Study of the Effect of Race on Suspensions and Expulsions in the Schools {Poster Location 59} Session 358: PS1
Economic Fluctuations and Social Disruption: An Analysis of Economic Change and Public Disorder Offenses Session 594: RS380
Economic Fluctuations and Violent Crime: The Effect of Change in the Oil and Gas Industry in the Coastal Regions of Louisiana Session 510: RS314
Economics of Gang Life Revisited: Rethinking the Influence of Gang Activity on Individual and Group Economic Gain Session 216: RS154
Educating Police About Diversity Session 269: TC21
Education and Correction's Personnel Session 548: RS337
Education and Delinquent and Non-Delinquent Life Course Consequences Session 150: PP39
Education and Females in Juvenile Justice Session 260: PP56
Educational Connections: Engaging Colleges and Universities in Juvenile Justice Reform Session 397: RS241
Educational Spending and Imprisonment Risk: The Role of Schools as Prison Gatekeepers Session 150: PP39
The Effect of "Desire for Control" on Intentions to Engage in Corporate Offending Session 22: RS19
The Effect of Criminal History and Status on Substance Abuse Treatment Outcomes Session 122: PP30
The Effect of Culturally-Focused Batterer Counseling on the Retention of African American Men Arrested for Domestic Violence Session 281: RS179
The Effect of Internet on the Issue of "Who Defines Deviant": The Examination of Korean Yupgi Culture Session 328: RS203
Effect of Life Circumstances on Female Offending Behavior Session 341: PP82
The Effect of Ministering on Death Row: An Examination of the Work Experiences of Prison Chaplains Session 453: PP108
The Effect of Oppositional Values on Community Levels of Crime and Informal Social Control Session 517: PP122
Effect of Supermax Prisons on Aggregate Levels of Prison Violence: An Analysis of Short Time Series {Poster Location 42} Session 358: PS1
Effective Crime Prevention: Assessing Costs and Benefits in an Australian Community Session 319: RS194
Effectiveness of Anti-Drug Media Campaigns to Prevent/Reduce Youth Drug Abuse Session 167: RS115
The Effectiveness of Internet Education for Master's Level Criminal Justice Students Session 230: TC14
The Effectiveness of Prison- and Jail-Based Drug Treatment in Reducing Recidivism Session 444: PP99
The Effectiveness of Victim Services for Victims of Sexual Crimes Session 331: RS206
The Effects of a Firework Explosion on the Extent and Nature of Crimes in the City of Enschede Session 572: RS360
The Effects of Adolescent Delinquency and Drug Use on Adult Employment: An Analysis of Developmental Trajectories Session 383: RS228
The Effects of Alternatives to Imprisonment Compared to Imprisonment Session 137: RS102
The Effects of Chronic Poverty on Adolescent Developmental Outcomes Session 578: RS366
The Effects of Domestic Violence and Community Context on Children's Development Session 151: PP40
The Effects of Drug Enforcement on the Rise and Fall of Homicides in New York City, 1985-1995 Session 484: PP113
The Effects of Drug Treatment in Massachusetts Prisons on Released Offenders' Substance Use and Criminality Session 505: RS309
The Effects of Gang Membership on Inmate Misconduct Session 73: RS59
The Effects of Gun Ownership Levels and Gun Control Laws on Urban Crime Rates Session 378: RS223
Effects of Homicide Rate on Citizen Complaints Against Police Use of Force: Test of Danger Perception Theory Session 577: RS365
The Effects of In-Prison Substance Abuse Treatment on Post-Release Drug Use and Criminality: Massachusetts' Cognitive/Behavioral Treatment Program Session 480: RS296
The Effects of Incarceration on Recidivism Session 351: TC40
The Effects of Interviewer Perception on Lines of Inquiry in Investigative Interviewing Session 411: RS255
The Effects of Law Enforcement Policing on Urban Drug Markets: Comparative Analysis Using ADAM Data Session 506: RS310
The Effects of Mortality Salience and Awareness of Outgroup Victimization on Perceptions of Hate Crimes Session 101: RS77
The Effects of Neighborhood Characteristics on Arrest Decisions in Domestic Violence Cases Session 182: RS130
Effects of Neighborhood Residence and Experience With the Justice System on Attitudes Toward the Criminal Justice System Session 203: RS141
Effects of Police Gun Suppression Patrols on Shots Fired and Gunshot Injuries: Estimating Impacts of Naturally Occurring Interventions Session 515: PP120
The Effects of Sentencing Juveniles to Long-Term Imprisonment Session 372: RS217
Effects of Social and Environmental Factors on Homicide in the Former Soviet Union Session 24: RS21
Effects of Street Lighting on Crime Session 444: PP99
The Effects of Victimization and Previous Traumatic Experiences on Prisoner Distress Session 602: RS388
The Efficacy of Community-Based Intervention Strategies for Adjudicated Juvenile Offenders Session 246: RS165
Election Violence: Misidentities, Misinterpretations and Miseries Session 313: TC33
Emotionality, Rationality, and Restorative Justice: Some Feminist Issues Session 258: PP54
Empathy and Offending: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Session 305: PP73
Empirical and Legal Background on Jury Representativeness Session 146: PP35
An Empirical Assessment of Ronald Akers' Social Learning Theory of Crime and Deviance as it Pertains to Youth Drug Use Session 109: RS85
Empirical Evaluation of Prison Classification: The Manitoba Case Session 574: RS362
An Empirical Examination of Attitudinal Fragmentation in Poklice Culture Session 133: RS98
The Empirical Status of the General Theory of Crime in Taiwan Session 296: PP64
An Empirical Test of Institutional Anomie Theory Session 45: RS42
Empirically Testing Gottfredson and Hirschi's General Theory of Crime in African American Adolescents {Poster Location 46} Session 358: PS1
Employment and Crime: The Effects of Labor Market Structure on Metropolitan Crime Rates Session 510: RS314
Encounters of Hispanic Juveniles With Law Enforcement Session 465: RS281
Enhancing Police Integrity: Organizational Obligations Session 448: PP103
Enlisting the Potential Victim as Risk Manager: An Integrated Learning Theory of the Victimization Process Session 27: RS24
The Enron/Andersen Cases: Paradigmatic Cases of White Collar Crime? Session 371: RS216
Enron: The New Face State-Corporate Crime on the Global Arena Session 371: RS216
Environmental Threat and Punitive Attitudes Toward Environmental Crime Session 50: RS47
Equality Comes at a High Ris: An Analysis of the Gender Specific Versus Convergence Models of Binge Drinking Session 436: RS269
Error in Survey Reporting of Household Gun Ownership Session 378: RS223
Estimate of the Number of Nonfatal Injuries From Physical Assaults Treated in Hospital Emergency Departments, United States, 2000-01 Session 96: RS72
Estimating Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Dependence Among a National Sample of Arrestees Session 63: RS49
Estimating Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Dependence Among DUI/DWI Offenders Session 208: RS146
Estimating Drug Treatment Needs Among Prison and Jail Inmates Session 301: PP69
Estimating Prosecutorial and Judicial Discretion in Sentencing Under Guidelines Session 115: PP23
Estimating the Prevalence and Perceived Harm of Ecstasy Use Among a Sample of Juvenile Offenders Session 208: RS146
Estimating the Prevalence and Perceived Harm of Ecstasy Use Among Rave Attendees Session 598: RS384
Ethical Decision Making and Software Piracy: An Examination of Gender Differences Session 173: RS121
Ethics as the Key to Overcoming Biased Policing Session 413: RS257
The Ethics of Crime: Subjectivity, Freedom, and Boundary Dissolution Session 170: RS118
Ethnic Antagonism and Judicial Punishment: A Comprehensive State-by-State Analysis of the Evidence, 1982-1996 Session 195: TC9
Ethnic Concentration and Incarceration: An Analysis of Texas and California Counties Session 166: RS114
Ethnicity, Assimilation, and Adolescent Offending Session 299: PP67
The Etiology of Government Sanctioned Victimization: Looking at the Virus and Subsequent Strains of the 1950's Red Scare Session 552: RS341
The Etiology of Serial Murder Session 575: RS363
The Eurogang Program: Progress and Research Protocol Session 188: TC2
Evaluating an Experimental Juvenile Probation Program: Comparing Official Outcomes and Self-Reports Session 487: PP116
Evaluating Project Bridge: A Quasi Experimental Micro Aggregate Study of the Impact of a Gang Intervention on Youth Violence Session 15: RS12
Evaluating the Displacement and Free-Riding Effects of Lojack on Auto Theft Rates Session 138: RS103
Evaluating the Effect of a Police Sting Operation on Domestic Burglary Session 139: RS104
Evaluating the Use of Two-Way Interactive Video Conferencing on Offender Programming Session 178: RS126
Evaluating the Validity of a Routine Activity Explanation of Individual Offending: Theoretical Issus and Empirical Findings Session 454: PP109
Evaluating Treatment Drug Courts in Kansas City, Missouri and Pensacola, Florida Session 416: PP90
An Evaluation of Chicago's First Defense Legal Aid Program Session 178: RS126
An Evaluation of Citizen Perceptions of Community Policing Related Activities in Rural Oklahoma. Session 75: RS61
Evaluation of Innovative Domestic Violence Prosecution and Victim Services Unit in Queens County, New York Session 42: RS39
Evaluation of Maryland After-School Community Grant Programs Session 178: RS126
Evaluation of Prison-Based Drug Treatment in Pennsylvania Session 301: PP69
Evaluation of Quasi-Legal Needle Exchange Programs: Why on Earth Do Programs Put Up With It Session 163: RS111
Evaluation of Support Services for Young Rape Survivors Session 147: PP36
Evaluation of the ADAM Post-Sampling Stratification Weighting Procedure Session 352: TC41
An Evaluation of the Gender Appropriateness of a Drug Treatment Program: What Makes a Program Gender Appropriate Session 260: PP56
Evaluation of the Impact of a Policy Change in a Diversion Program on Youth Recidivism: A Natural Experiment Session 579: RS367
Evaluation of the School Family Violence Project Session 571: RS359
Evaluation of Two Intensive Regimes for Young Offenders Session 37: RS34
Evaluation of Two State-wide Training Programs on Violence Against Women for Prosecutors Session 71: RS57
An Evaluation of Virginia's Drug Screening, Assessment, and Treatment Initiative: Preliminary Findings of Implementation and Impact Session 569: RS357
Evaluation Research, Politics and Juvenile Justice Policy Session 118: PP26
Evaluation Strategies for Comprehensive Programs Session 129: RS94
An Event History Analysis of Divorce, Delinquency, and Family Structure Session 578: RS366
Evil, Incorporated: Organized Violence Session 489: PP118
The Evolution From a Prevention Policy to a Security Policy in Western Europe in the Nineties Session 107: RS83
The Evolution of Women's Gangs in an Impoverished African American Community in Champaign, Illinois Session 57: PP6
An Examination of Academic, Policy and Social Considerations of Correctional Eduction and Offender Recidivism: Lessons for the 21st Century Session 548: RS337
Examination of Hospital Emergency Department Visits for Assaults Identified as Either Intimate Partner Violence or Sexual Assault, United States, 2000-01 Session 96: RS72
An Examination of Levels of Undetected Sexual Offending Session 606: RS392
An Examination of Offense Specialization With Self-Report Data: A Statistical Model, Test, and Replication Session 461: RS277
Examination of Teaching Styles and Opinions of Texas High School Criminal Justice Eductors Session 291: RS189
Examination of the Implementation of Anti-Title: Stalking Legislation in the 50 States Session 324: RS199
An Examination of the Mediation Pathways From Child Maltreatment to Antisocial Behavior in Youth Session 240: RS159
Examination of the Structure and Organization of Criminal Groups Engaged in Human Trafficking Session 410: RS254
Examining Delinquents and delinquent Gang Members: A Comparison of Juvenile Probations at Intake and Outcomes Session 15: RS12
Examining Issues of Drug Prevalence and Need for Treatment in a Midwestern State's Recent Arrestee Population Session 569: RS357
Examining Paradigmatic Development in Criminology and Criminal Justice: A Content Analysis of Research Methods Syllabi in Doctoral Programs Session 43: RS40
Examining Short-Term Changes in Mariujuana Use Session 559: RS347
Examining the Characteristics of Criminal Justice Undergraduate Majors, Their Career Choices, and Their Perceptions of Program Curriculum: A Partial Replication of Krimmel and Tartaro Session 25: RS22
Examining the Effectiveness of a Domestic Violence Court Session 71: RS57
Examining the Inter-Generational Transmission of Patriarchy: Results From a National Sample Session 336: PP77
Examining the Race and Gender Intersection on Experiences of Strain Session 379: RS224
Execution of Sentences and Civilian Society: Creation of the "Philippe Zoummeroff" Grant Session 107: RS83
Expectations and Evaluations of Police Performance Among a Sample of Domestic Violence and Known-Perpetrator Rape Victims in the U.K. Session 106: RS82
The Experience of How a Mega-Prison is Governed: A Taiwanese Case on the Management of Tainan Prison Session 608: RS394
Experienced, Vicarious, and Anticipated Strain: An Exploratory Study Focusing on Physical Victimization and Delinquency Session 85: PP13
Experiential Essentialism, Postmodernism and Phenomenology: Why Mainstream Pornography is Criminal Session 132: RS97
An Experimental Study of the Maryland Correctional Boot Camp for Adults: Research Design and Process Evaluation Session 37: RS34
An Experimental Study of the Maryland Correctional Boot Camp for Adults Session 137: RS102
Expert Testimony by Police Officers: How is it Evaluated After Daubert and Kumho? Session 91: PP19
Explaining Assessments of future Risk: Race and Attributions of Juvenile Offenders in Pre-Sentencing Reports Session 23: RS20
Explaining Inhalant Use Among Hispanic and Native American Juveniles Session 210: RS148
Explaining Inter-Jurisdicitional Differences in Sentence Severity Session 545: RS334
Explaining Justice O'Connor's Fourth Amendment Swing to the Center: Of Voting Records, Case-by-Case-Analysis, and a Sophisticated Instinct for the Political Center Session 134: RS99
Explaining Objective Level and Subjective Levels of Strain in the School Context Session 404: RS248
Explaining Police Work Session 217: PP44
Explaining the Cultural and Symbolic Resonance of Zero Tolerance in Contemporary Criminal Justice Session 121: PP29
Explaining the Decrease in Armed Robbery Session 78: RS64
Explanations for Intimate Partner Violence and Promising Interventions: A Review of the Literature Session 507: RS311
Explanations for Traffic Citations: The Relative Influences of Demand for Services, Racial/Ethnic Composition, and Social and Economic Conditions {Poster Location 10} Session 358: PS1
Explanatory Hypotheses for Juvenile Crime Trends: Theories and Evidence Session 345: PP86
An Exploratory Analysis of an Interdisciplinary Theory of Terrorism Session 11: RS8
Exploratory Analysis Using NIBRS Data for 2000: Development of a Typology of Aggravated Assaults Session 554: RS343
An Exploratory Study of Male Young Offenders, Male Peer Support, and the Sexual Objectification of Females Session 585: RS371
An Exploratory Study of the Effects Family Stressors and Structure on Juvenile Justice Outcomes Session 23: RS20
An Exploratory Study of the Violent Victimization of Women: Race/Ethnicity, Situational Context, and Injury Session 507: RS311
Exploring Barriers to At-Risk Family Participation in the Washington D.C. Strengthening Families Prevention Program Session 366: RS211
Exploring Criminal Traits of Online Offenders Session 280: RS178
Exploring Entitlement and Sexually Coercive Behavior Among College Students Session 472: RS288
Exploring Risk Factors of Delinquency Among Japanese Junior High School Students {Poster Location 53} Session 358: PS1
Exploring the Effectiveness of Drug Courts: Is There a Need for Gender-Specific Treatment? Session 104: RS80
Exploring the Effects of Incarceration of Communities Session 386: RS231
Exploring the Illusion of "Get Tough" Super Punitive Social Control Strategies and Their Covert Erosion of Individual Rights and Social Control Standards in a Free, Open, Democratic Society: A Critical Assessment Session 603: RS389
Exploring the Nature of Violent Offending by Females Session 429: RS262
Exploring the Relationship Between Acceptance of Violence, Attitudes About the Death Penalty, and Perception of Mental Health Testimony in Capital Cases Session 16: RS13
Exploring the Relationship Between Race and Ecstasy Involvement Among a Sample of Arrestees Session 63: RS49
Exploring the Spatial Relationship Between Drugs and Violence: Moving Beyond Traditional Crime and Place Research Session 256: RS175
Exploring the Tacit Nature of Police Work {Poster Location 61} Session 358: PS1
The Extent and Nature of Dual Arrest in Assault Cases Session 184: RS132
The Eye of the Beholder: The Image of Women Murderers From Antiuqity to Modern Day Session 7: RS4

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