The 2002 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 12, to Saturday, November 16

Paper Index for the Letter C

Paper Title Session ID
The California Prison Treatment Expansion Initiative: Participant Characteristics, Recidivism, and Predictors of Outcome Session 68: RS54
California Public School Crime: Don't Ask, Don't Tell Session 558: RS346
California's Incarcerated Drug Offender Population: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Session 350: TC39
The Camera's Eye: An Analysis of the Image of Women Who Kill Session 7: RS4
Cameroonian Perspective on the Renewal of Justice Session 272: TC24
Can Feminist Pedagogy Survive in a Web-Based Learning Environment? Session 95: RS71
Can Media Talk About Prison? {Poster Location 19} Session 358: PS1
Can Parents Influence Their Teenagers Trajectories of Violence? Session 61: PP10
Can Restorative Conferencing Build Social Capital: The Search for Community Building Session 417: PP91
Can Social Learning Theory Inform Risk and Protective Factors for Adolescent Substance Abuse? Assessing The Impact of Parental Participation in Alcohol/Drug Treatment on Adolescent Alcohol/Drug Use Session 109: RS85
Capturing Girls' Experiences of "Community Violence" in the United States Session 36: RS33
Career Timing and the Fulbright Opportunity Session 194: TC8
The Case Against Coed Corrections Session 278: RS176
The Case for Racial Diversification in Juvenile Justice Administration: An Empirical Study of Race and Professional Orientations Session 120: PP28
A Case Study in International CJ Research: The US/Ukraine Research Partnership {Poster Location 73} Session 358: PS1
A Case Study of a Serial Offender From the Criminal Events Perspective Session 90: PP18
A Case Study of Transnational Organized Crime: The US/Ukraine Research Partnership Session 348: TC37
Causal Implications of National Juvenile Violent Crime Trends Session 345: PP86
The Causes and Consequences of Child Psychopathology: An Assessment by Race/Ethnicity Session 479: RS295
Causes of Arrest Behavior: Is There a Difference Between Rural and Urban Policing of Domestic Violence? Session 82: RS68
Celebrity, Late Modernity and the Celebration of Crime Session 370: RS215
Census Geography and Adolescent Perceptions of Neighbohood Disorder: Longitudinal Relationships Session 207: RS145
The Challenge of Determining Benchmarks for Racial Profiling Analysis: Modeling State Highway Patrol Activity in Rhode Island Session 225: PP52
The Challenge of Terrorism and Violence to the Free Societies in the Global Village Session 164: RS112
Challenges and Prospects for Applying Restorative Justice to Teen Courts Session 450: PP105
Challenges in Administering Self-Report Measures to the Female Offender Population Session 320: RS195
Challenges in Spatial Data Analysis of Neighborhoods Session 256: RS175
Challenges in Working With Juvenile Research Subjects Session 31: RS28
Challenges of Terrorism: A World Perspective {Poster Location 77} Session 358: PS1
Challenges of Terrorism: A World Perspective Session 564: RS352
Changes in Friendship Relations Over the Life Course: Implications for Desistance From Crime Session 88: PP16
Changes in NIJ Grantee Policies Session 442: RS275
Changes in NIJ Program Direction Session 442: RS275
The Changing Face of Organized Crime: Four Pioneer Researchers Examine Its Past, Present and Future Session 310: TC30
The Changing Nature of Murder in Russia Session 219: PP46
The Changing Role of the Prison Officer -- Innovations and Tensions Session 453: PP108
The Changing Structural Characteristics and Conditions of U.S. Prisons, 1974-2000 Session 480: RS296
Characteristics of Completes vs. Non-Completes of a Mandatory Domestic Violence Program Session 470: RS286
Characteristics of Forcible Rape and Sexual Offenses Session 580: RS368
Characteristics of Girls With Early Onset Disruptive and Delinquent Behavior Session 338: PP79
Characteristics of Korean-American Community Session 209: RS147
The Characteristics of Truancy in Mississippi Session 407: RS251
Charting Women's Journeys: From Addiction to Recovery Session 290: RS188
The Chicago Police and the Nineteenth Century Terrorist Attacks, 1875-1895 Session 381: RS226
Child Homicide in Cross-National Perspective Session 24: RS21
Child Saving in the 21st Century: An Examination of Court Structures on Juvenile Justice Processing Session 487: PP116
Child Victims of Crime: Assessing the Theoretical Importance of Gender, Age and Social Context in the Study of Homicide Session 535: RS324
Child's Play: Exploring Disciplinary Offenses Among Juveniles in Adult Prisons Session 79: RS65
Childhood Abuse and Incarceration Outcomes Among Young Women and Men Session 519: PP124
Childhood Conduct Problems and Social Developmental Mechanisms for Adult Depression Session 143: PP32
Childhood Exposure to Domestic Violence and Adolescent Outcomes Session 240: RS159
Childhood Predictors of Self-Reported and Official Criminal Career Parameters Session 143: PP32
Childhood Sexual Abuse and Girls' Delinquency: A Longitudinal Perspective Session 169: RS117
Childhood Sexual Victimization, Running Away and Crime: Results From a Prospective Study Session 169: RS117
Childhood Victimization and Crime in a Neighborhood Context {Poster Location 50} Session 358: PS1
Children of Female Offenders: What Happens When Mom Goes to Prison Session 470: RS286
Chinese Gangs and Collective Action: The Triads Tradition as a Source of Meaning Attachment and Definition of Situation Session 592: RS378
Chronological Invariance and Self-Control Theory: A Five-Year Study of 500 Low-Self Control and 500 High-Self Control Adolescents Session 18: RS15
Circumstances of Lethal Violence for Infants and Children in Chicago, 1965-1995 Session 340: PP81
Citizens' Perceptions of Police Complaint Review: Evidence on Citizen Oversight Session 449: PP104
Citizens' Perceptions of Procedural and Distributive Injustice During Traffic Stops with Police Session 448: PP103
The Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act of 2000: A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing? Session 223: PP50
Classic Correlates of Inequality and Racial Profiling: A Study of NYC Session 413: RS257
Classification of Incarcerated Women Offenders: Current Practices and New Approaches Session 145: PP34
Classification of Women Offenders: The Role of Gender-Responsive Needs Session 518: PP123
Clearnce Factors for Homicides in Washington, D.C. - 1990-2001 Session 566: RS354
Client Identification Problems Session 411: RS255
Client Motivational Effects on Drug Court Outcomes Session 532: RS321
Climate Change and Crime: An Application of Social Escape/Avoidance Theory {Poster Location 27} Session 358: PS1
The Climate of Violence, Women, and Work Session 204: RS142
Club Drugs: Users, Causes, and Consequences Session 598: RS384
Cluster Analysis of Murder/Nonnegligent Manslaughter Characteristics {Poster Location 37} Session 358: PS1
A Cluster Analysis of Urban Drug Markets as Characterized by Arrestees Session 72: RS58
Collecting Data From the Criminal Courts: Perspectives of Court Staff Members Session 385: RS230
Collective Efficacy and Property Crime Victimization Among a Sample of Canadian Public Housing Residents Session 438: RS271
Colonial Gunboat Diplomacy: Genesis of Warped Criminal Justice in Nigeria Session 328: RS203
Colonial Weapons Laws as Described by Michael Bellesiles Session 198: RS136
'The Columbine Effect:' The Social Construction of a News Media Narrative Session 17: RS14
Combating Police Corruption Through a Public-Private-Global Partnership-Restruturing the Training of the Czech National Police Session 597: RS383
The Combined Effect of Drug Treatment and Supervision on Florida Drug-Involved Probationers (1996-2000) Session 301: PP69
Coming Home Can Be a Good Thing: An Evaluation of a Juvenile Reentry Program Session 60: PP9
Coming Out to Play? Young Women and Violence on the Street Session 36: RS33
Common Genetic Influences on the Association Between Adolescent Sexual Attitudes and Aggressive Behaviors Session 274: TC26
Community Collaboration and the Supervision of Offenders: The Perspectives of Community Corrections Officers. Session 508: RS312
Community College Athletes and Non-Athletes: An Examination of Social Status Characteristics, Rape Supportive Attitudes, and Beliefs Session 202: RS140
Community Context and Recidivism: The Consequences of Residence in Disadvantaged Locales Session 288: RS186
The Community Context of Family Structure and Delinquency Session 340: PP81
Community Context, Fathering Practices, and Adolescent Delinquency Session 179: RS127
Community Factors and Lethal Violence: Understanding the Dynamic Nexus Session 207: RS145
Community Gang Problems and Crime Problems: An Assessment. Session 89: PP17
Community Influences on School Disorder, School Climate, and Staffing Difficulty Session 117: PP25
The Community Nexus of the National Demonstration Project Session 190: TC4
Community Participation in Crime Control Activities Session 303: PP71
Community Police and Community Courts Session 75: RS61
Community Policing and Crime Prevention: A Model for a Mid-Sized Suburban Police Department Session 209: RS147
Community Policing and Delinquency Prevention Session 209: RS147
Community Policing in New York City: The Impact of the NYPD's "Zero Tolerance" Initiative on Crime Reduction, Community Relations and Police Abuse Session 75: RS61
Community Policing in Poland: Role Concepts and Perceptions of the Beat Officers Session 556: RS345
Community, Crime and Young Offenders Session 495: RS299
Community-Based Alternatives to Juvenile Detention: Problems and Prospects in Changing Local Juvenile Justice Culture Session 284: RS182
Community-Oriented Policing and Youth Programs: Toward a Comprehensive Strategy Session 209: RS147
Comparative Criminal Justice Policy-Making in the U.S. and U.K.: The Case of Privatized Corrections Session 330: RS205
A Comparative Evaluation of an Adult and a Juvenile Drug Court Session 286: RS184
Comparative Study of Crime Problems After Two Great Earthquakes: Hanshin-Awaji Great Earthquake and Kanto Great Earthquake Session 498: RS302
Comparison Between Japanese Crime Data and the UCR Concerning Validity and Reliability Problems Session 434: RS267
A Comparison of Citizen Perceptions of Unfair Treatment by the Police in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. Session 447: PP102
A Comparison of Comparative Proportionality Review in Punitive Damage Cases With That in Death Sentence Cases Session 501: RS305
A Comparison of Juvenile Murder Trends in the U.S. and Canada Session 161: RS109
Comparison of Self-Reported Drug Use and Urinalysis of Adult Male Arrestees Session 337: PP78
Comparison of the Characteristics and Outcome of Gender-Responsive and Traditional Programs for Women Offenders Session 38: RS35
A Comparison of the Structure of Adolescent Problem Behavior in the United States and Australia {Poster Location 26} Session 358: PS1
A Comparison of Violent and Nonviolent Juvenile Sex Offender Careers Session 197: RS135
Comparisons Between NISMART 1 and NISMART 2: Definitions and Results Session 496: RS300
Competing Dystopia Kafka and Orwell on Contemporary Criminal Justice Session 428: RS261
Complainants' Satisfaction With Police Complaint Review: Evidence on Citizen Oversight Session 91: PP19
Compstat and Organizational Change: Challenges and Opportunities Session 87: PP15
Computerized Measurement of Treatment Progress for Violent Psychotic Patients: An Application of Generalizability Theory Session 604: RS390
Computing Officer "Downtime," a Comparison of Observation Data and CAD Data Session 434: RS267
COMSTAT: The Middle Manager's Perspective Session 434: RS267
Concentrated Events and Mobile Populations: The Spaial Distribution of Homicide Events, Offenders, and Victims in Bernalillo County, New Mexico Session 304: PP72
Conceptual and Measurement Issues in Assessing Serious Youth Violence Over the Early-Adolescent Life-Course: A Social Capital Approach Session 559: RS347
Conceptual and Methodological Challenges to the Criminological Study of Terrorism Session 343: PP84
A Conceptual Framework for Evaluating Community Justice Partnership Initiatives Session 534: RS323
Conceptual Frameworks for Evaluating Juvenile Drug Courts Session 64: RS50
Conceptualizing Bullying Behavior in Juveniles: A Comparative Analysis of Previous Research Session 102: RS78
Conceptualizing Terrorism {Poster Location 55} Session 358: PS1
Confessions and Criminal Case Disposition in China Session 423: PP97
Confronting the Internet Con: Assessing Law Enforcement Preparedness to Address Internet Fraud Session 135: RS100
Connecting Desistance and Recidivism: Measuring Changes in Criminality Over the Lifespan Session 306: PP74
The Consequences of False Confessions Revisited in the DNA Age Session 127: RS92
Considering Community Context in the Explanation of Black-White Differences in Delinquency Session 119: PP27
The Constitutionality of Crack Cocaine Sentencing: Past Challenges and Directions for Future Research Session 28: RS25
Constitutionality of Probation and Parole Conditions Restricting Procreation Session 134: RS99
The Construction of Criminality: False Accusations, Constructed Victims, and Necessary Scapegoats Session 127: RS92
The Construction of Security Through the Use of Terror Session 11: RS8
A Contemporary Comparison of U.S.and German Homicide: Houston, Texas and Baden-Wurttemberg Session 354: TC43
A Content Analysis of Sports Entertainment: Why the WWF Stands for Why We Wound Females Session 239: RS158
Contested Cities: Violence in Jerusalem, Belfast, and Chicago Session 485: PP114
Contesting Community Justice: Paramilitary Punishment in Ireland (North) Session 264: PP60
A Context for Deviance: Understanding Drug Use Inside Prison Session 382: RS227
Context, Structure, and the Implementation of Community Policing Session 346: PP87
The Contexts of Risk {Poster Location 16} Session 358: PS1
A Contextual Analysis of Gender Differences in Adolescent Delinquency: The Gendered Nature of Community Structure, Parenting Practices, and Peer Influences on Delinquency Session 593: RS379
Contextual Disparities in Sentencing: A Hierarchical Analysis of Variations in Sentencing Severity Across Pennsylvania Courts Session 148: PP37
Continued Anti-Democracy in America: The War on Drugs as a Current Example Session 12: RS9
The Contributions of Dragan Milovanovic to the Understanding and Explanation of "Jack the Ripper" Session 241: RS160
A Control Theory of Gender Difference in Delinquency Session 341: PP82
Controlled Study of the Effects of CCTV on Violence Session 215: RS153
Controlling the Illicit Trade in Antiquities: A Criminological Analysis of Demand Reduction Policies Session 176: RS124
Convergence-Based Evaluation Strategies: The Evaluation, Program Theory, Public Management Nexus Session 129: RS94
Convict Criminology Roundtable 1: New Voices Session 192: TC6
Convict Criminology Roundtable 2: new Research on Prisons Session 307: TC27
A Cooperative Exploration of the Impact of Race on the Legal Process Session 174: RS122
The Cop Crunch: Identifying Strategies to Deal with the Recruiting and Hiring Crisis in Law Enforcement Session 504: RS308
Coping With Christ: The Effects of Religious Conversion on Inmates' Coping Abilities Session 73: RS59
Corporate Kidnapping: Issues of Definitions, Monitoring and Reporting Session 410: RS254
Corporate Violence Against Women: An Examination of Garment Workers in U.S. Sweatshops Session 13: RS10
Correctional Cognitive Behaviouralism: An Historical and Critical Overview Session 536: RS325
Correctional Philosophy and Theory: A Comparative Analysis Session 603: RS389
Correctional Staff Perspectives on the Work Environment: A Multidimensional Assessment Session 54: PP3
Corrections and Punishment in Canada: Ideology, Practice and the Federal Female Prisoner Session 168: RS116
Corrections Panel Session 513: RS317
Correlates and Consequences of Parenting Styles: Effects on Adolescent Delinquency, Substance Abuse, and Educational Outcomes Session 240: RS159
Correlates of Recidivism for Women Parolees From Prison-Based Treatment in California Session 320: RS195
Cost Effectiveness of Restorative Justice Session 98: RS74
The Cost of Being Female: Gender, Violent Crime, and the Privatization of Risk Session 546: RS335
Cost-Effectiveness of Violence Prevention: Lessons From Uncertainty Session 319: RS194
The Costs and Benefits of Washington State's Replication of Proven Intervention Models for Juvenile Ofenders: 12 Month Results Session 319: RS194
The Costs of State-Corporate Crime: The Case of Enron and Arthur Anderson Session 371: RS216
Counting Guns in Early America Session 198: RS136
Courtroom Narratives: The Influence of Talk in Juvenile Dispositional Outcomes Session 553: RS342
Courtroom Norms and Legal Discourse in Offences of Physical Violence {Poster Location 64} Session 358: PS1
Crack Mothers: Crime, Health, and Welfare Session 335: PP76
Creating Restorative Systems Session 52: PP1
Creating the Thin Blue Line: Social Network Evolution Within a Police Academy Session 597: RS383
Crime Analysis or Problem Analysis: Issues and Debate Session 447: PP102
Crime and Achievement, Part I: A Related Explanation Session 422: PP96
Crime and Coercion: A Test of Core Theoretical Propositions Session 85: PP13
Crime and Education Session 181: RS129
Crime and Improvements in the Socio-Economic Position of Women Session 283: RS181
Crime and Intolerance in Ireland Session 511: RS315
Crime and Justice in Emerging Democracies Session 391: RS236
Crime and Justice in Social Settings: Drug Use in Social Setting Session 172: RS120
Crime Drop in Ireland 1995-2000: Reviewing the Role of Imprisonment Session 475: RS291
Crime Gun Indicators: Dealer, Firearm, and Transaction Characteristics Session 5: RS2
Crime in Research: An Exploration of Past Unethical Research Practices Session 110: RS86
Crime in the Newspaper: Does an Overemphasis Create False Perceptions of Violence? Session 17: RS14
Crime Mapping: The Importance of Theory Session 488: PP117
Crime or Act of War? -- The Media Defines 9-11 Session 164: RS112
Crime Prevention Techniques Used by Taxi Drivers in Cardiff {Poster Location 49} Session 358: PS1
Crime Rates, Police Activities and Organizational Events Session 121: PP29
Criminal Acquisition of Firearms: The Impact of Brady on How Felons Obtain Their Guns Session 539: RS328
Criminal Behaviors as Health Behaviors: The Intersections Between Nursing and Criminology Session 243: RS162
Criminal Consistency and Investigative Inference Session 332: RS207
Criminal Embeddedness and Adult Income: Do the Effects Vary for White-Collar Versus Street-Level Offenders? Session 48: RS45
The Criminal Event Perspective: Utilizing Multiple Theoretical Tracks to Understand Crime Session 138: RS103
Criminal Groups and Transnational Illegal Markets: A More Detailed Specification With the Aid of Social Network Theory Session 176: RS124
Criminal Justice in South Africa After Apartheid: A Pictorial, Video, and Auio Exposition Session 229: TC13
Criminal Justice Interventions in Intimate Violence: Impacts on Victims' Family Lives Session 70: RS56
Criminal Justice System Involvement and Continuity of Youth Crime Session 315: TC35
Criminal Justice Technologies: Hopes, Promises and Risks in the Rush for a Secure and Orderly World Session 486: PP115
Criminal Justice Treatment Networks: Client-Level Descriptive Findings {Poster Location 52} Session 358: PS1
Criminal Justice, Social Justice and Higher Learning: The Evolution of a Virtual Community Session 562: RS350
Criminalization of Pregnancy: A Case Study of Race, Class, and Gender Session 590: RS376
Criminological Insights From Russia: Spending a Year in Kaliningrad on a Fulbright Session 194: TC8
Criminological Knowledge and the Paradox of Observational Theories Session 170: RS118
Criminological Theory and Its Relationship to Criminal Justice: Practical Applications or Simply Academic Discourse? Session 226: TC10
Criminology of the Adult First Offender Session 251: RS170
Critical Criminology in the Twenty First Century: Critique, Irony and the Always Unfinished Session 172: RS120
Critical Perspectives on Transportability Session 163: RS111
Critical Theorists Discuss the War on Drugs Session 350: TC39
A Cross-National Comparison of Drug Offenses at Each Stage of the Criminal Justice System, 1990-1997 Session 382: RS227
Cross-National Differences in Rates of Physical and Sexual Assault From the International Dating Violence Study Session 147: PP36
Crossing the Threshold to "New Science" Introducing Chaos/Complexity Theory to Students of Social Deviance Session 523: PP128
Crossing the Wrong Boundaries: A Review of Jamaican Women's Involvement as Drug Couriers Session 506: RS310
Crude Growth Rates for African American Males in the U.S. Prison System Session 177: RS125
Cultural Variations in Childhood Victimization: A Comparative Study Session 438: RS271
Culture, Religion, and Homicide Rates: A Cross-National Assessment Session 262: PP58
Cumulative Knowledge and Generalizability in an Age of Context: Five Questions to Consider Seriously While Evaluating Comprehensive Community Initiatives Session 303: PP71
Cyber Crime in Criminal Justice and Computer Security Systems Journals: What Criminologists Can Learn From Computer Science Professionals and Vice Versa Session 135: RS100
Cyber Crime Investigation Session 244: RS163

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