The 2001 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 6, to Saturday, November 10

Participant Index for the Letter S
Sabath, Michael, San Diego State University
Sabol, William J., Case Western Reserve University
Sachs, Carolyn J., California State University - Los Angeles
Sadusky, Jane, Jane A. Sadusky Consulting
Sagatun-Edwards, Inger, San Jose State University
Saks, Michael, Arizona State University
Salgado, Richard, Department of Justice
Salinger, Lawrence M., Eastern Washington University
Saltzman, Linda E., Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
Salzmann, Bruno, University of Hannover
Sample, Lisa L., University of Nebraska at Omaha
Sampson, Robert J., University of Chicago
Sanchez, Sylvia, University of California - Los Angeles
Sanders, Andrew, Manchester University
Sandys, Marla, Indiana University, Bloomington
Santana, Shannon A., University of Cincinnati
Sanzen, Peter L., Hudson Valley Community College
Saum, Christine A., University of Delaware
Saylor, William G., Federal Bureau of Prisons
Scarpitti, Frank, University of Delaware
Schaefer, Leslie N., University of Florida
Schafer, Joseph A., Southern Illinois Univ. at Carbondale
Schaffner, Laurie, University of Illinois at Chicago
Schaible, Lonnie M., Washington State University
Scheck, Barry, Cardoza School of Law l
Schehr, Robert, University of Illinois - Springfield
Scheider, Matthew C., U.S. Department of Justice
Schepise, Maria M., The Treatment Research Institute
Scherer, Martin C., University of Delaware
Schiff, Mara F., Florida Atlantic University
Schillo, Barbara A., Council on Crime & Justice
Schlager, Melinda D., Rutgers University
Schlegel, Kip, Indiana University
Schmitt, Erica L., The American University
Schmitt, Michelle, Virginia Dept. of Correctional Education
Schmollinger, Justine M., New York University
Schnebly, Stephen M., University of Missouri - St. Louis
Schneider, Hans Joachim, University of Westphalia Muenster
Schoppet, Roxie A., Federal Bureau of Prisons
Schram, Pamela J., California State Univ., San Bernardino
Schreck, Christopher J., Arkansas State University
Schroeder, Amber, RAND
Schuck, Amie M., New Jersey Medical School
Schulte-Bockholt, Alfredo, St. Mary's University
Schwartz, I., University of Pennsylvania
Schwartz, Jennifer, The Pennsylvania State University
Schwartz, Martin D., Ohio University
Schweizer, Harald Otto, California State University - Fresno
Schwendinger, Herman, University of South Florida
Schwendinger, Julia R., University of South Florida
Scott, Hannah, The University of Memphis
Scott, Jack E., University of Maryland at Baltimore
Scott, Jason D., University at Albany
Scott, Jennifer E., Rutgers University
Mike Scott
Scott, Yolanda M., Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Scrivner, Ellen, Office of Community Policing Development
Scully, Kristen, Florida State University
Sealock, Miriam D., Towson University
Sedelmaier, Christopher M., Rutgers University
Seis, Mark, Fort Lewis College
Selke, Bill, Indiana University, Bloomington
Sellers, Christine S., University of South Florida
Semisch, Courtney, U.S. Sentencing Commission
Senjo, Scott R., Weber State University
Serrano-Nelson, Erin, San Jose State University
Sever, Brion, Monmouth University
Severance, Theresa A., Eastern Connecticut State University
Sexton, Stacey, Caliber Associates
Shacket, Robin W., The Vera Institute of Justice
Shafer, Kent H., Columbus Division of Police
Shaffer, Deborah Koetzle, University of Cincinnati
Shaffer, Jennifer N., The Pennsylvania State University
Shahidullah, Shahid M., Christopher Newport University
Shalev, Orit, University of Pennsylvania
Sharp, Barbara A., University of Maryland at College Park
Sharp, Susan F., University of Oklahoma
Sharps, Phyllis, George Washington University
Shaver, Donald, Jacksonville State University
Shelden, Randall G., University of Nevada - Las Vegas
Shelley, Tara O'Connor, Florida State University
Shepherd, Jonathan P., University of Wales College of Medicine
Sherley, Alison J., Rutgers University
Sherman, Arnold K., Baltimore, Maryland MOCJ
Sherman, Lawrence W., University of Pennsylvania
Shields, Glenn, The Bowling Green State University
Shimada, Takahito, National Research Inst. of Police Science
Shively, Michael, Abt Associates
Shon, Phillip Chong Ho, University of Illinois - Chicago
Shouse, Aimee, Western Illinois University
Shover, Neal, University of Tennessee
Shrestha, Anshu, Wake Forest Univ., School of Medicine
Sickmund, Melissa, National Center for Juvenile Justice
Siegel, Dina, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Siegel, Jane A., Rutgers University
Siegfried, Michael, Coker College
Sievers, Sylvia J., SUNY at Stony Brook
Silver, Eric, The Pennsylvania State University
Silverberg, Russell B., University of Delaware
Silverman, Adam L., University of Florida
Silverman, Eli B., John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Silverman, Ira J., University of South Florida
Simmons, Jane, Northumbria Police, UK Department
Simon, David R., San Jose State University
Simon, Leonore M.J., East Tennessee State University
Simons, Ronald L., Iowa State University
Simpson, Sally S., University of Maryland at College Park
Sims, Barbara, Pennsylvania State University- Harrisburg
Vic Sims
Sims-Blackwell, Brenda, Georgia State University
Singer, Simon I., Northeastern University
Singh, Piyusha, Carnegie Mellon University
Singh, Rashmee, Woman Abuse Council of Toronto
Skinner, Tina, University of Leicester
Skogan, Wesley G., Northwestern University
Skolnick, Jerome H., New York University
Slate, Risdon N., Florida Southern College
Sloan III, John J., University of Alabama at Birmingham
Sloane, David C., University of Southern California
Slocum, Jennifer, University of Northern Iowa
Slone, Neal, Bloomsburg University
Slowikowski, Jeff, O. J. J. D. P.
Smeenk, Wilma H., NISCALE
Smith, Alisa, Ramapo College
Smith, Beverly A., Illinois State University
Smith, Brent L., University of Alabama - Birmingham
Smith, Brian J., Westfield State College
Smith, Carolyn A., University at Albany
Smith, Catrin, University of Wales Bangor
Smith, Cindy J., University of Baltimore
Smith, Donald Hugh, Old Dominion University
Smith, Georgia, Jacksonville State University
Smith, J. Steven, Ball State University
Smith, Jon Sterling, ACTR
Smith, Larissa, University of California - Riverside
Smith, M. Dwayne, University of South Florida
Smith, Margaret Leland, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Smith, Michael R., Virginia Commonwealth University
Smith, Steven K., Bureau of Justice Statistics
Smith, Tony R., Saint Anselm College
Smith, William J., North Carolina State University
Smith-Mahdi, Jackquice, Oklahoma State University
Smithey, Martha, University of Texas at El Paso
Smithson, Hannah, Manchester University
Snedker, Karen A., New York University
Snider, Laureen, Queen's University
Snyder, Howard N., National Center for Juvenile Justice
Solomon, Amy L., The Urban Institute
Solomon, Eldra P., Center for Mental Health Education,
Solomon, Freda, New York City Criminal Justice Agency
Song, John, Buffalo State College
Sorensen, David W.M., Rutgers University
Sorensen, Tamara D., California State Univ. - San Bernardino
Soule', David A., University of Maryland at College Park
Sousa, William H., Rutgers University
Southerland, Mittie, Murray State University
Spencer, Erin, University of South Florida
Spencer, Jon, University of Manchester
Sperber, Kimberly Gentry, University of Cincinnati
Spinner, David L., University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Spiropoulos, Georgia, University of Cincinnati
Spohn, Cassia, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Spoth, Richard, Iowa State University
Spruance, Lisa, University of Cincinnati
Sridharan, Sanjeev, Caliber Associates
St. Jean, Peter K.B., University of Chicago
Staff, Jeremy, University of Minnesota
Stahly, Deborah, Florida State University
Stanko, Elizabeth A., Royal Holloway University of London
Stanley, Debra L., Central Connecticut State University
Staton, Michele, University of Kentucky
Steed, Toni P., University of South Florida
Steele, Tracey, Wright State University
Steen, Sara, University of Colorado, Boulder
Steffensmeier, Darrell, The Pennsylvania State University
Steinberg, Laurence, Temple University
Steiner, Benjamin D., University of Delaware
Steketee, Martha Wade, National Center for State Courts
Stenius, Vanja, Rutgers University
Stenson, Kevin, Buckinghamshire Chilterns University Coll
Stern, Karen R., O. J. J. D. P.
Stevenson, Ginger D., Mississippi State University
Stevenson, Peter, Western Michigan University
Stewart, Eric A., Georgia State University
Stewart, Kerry R., Gainesville College
Stolz, Barbara Ann, US General Accounting Office
Stone, Sandra S., State University of West Georgia
Stouthamer-Loeber, Magda, University of Pittsburgh
Strang, Heather, The Australian National University
Straus, Murray A., University of New Hampshire
Stretesky, Paul, Colorado State University
Stroshine, Megan S., University of Nebraska at Omaha
Stucky, Thomas D., University of Iowa
Stuewig, Jeffrey, Arizona State University
Sullenberger, Thomas, Southeastern Louisiana University
Sullivan, Christopher J., Rutgers University
Sullivan, Cris M., Michigan State University
Sullivan, Dennis, Institute for Economic/Restorative Just.
Sullivan, Eileen, The Vera Institute of Justice
Sullivan, Kathryn, Hudson Valley Community College
Sullivan, Mercer, Rutgers University
Sun, Ivan Y., Old Dominion University
Sung, Hung-En, Kings County District Attorney's Office
Surratt, Hilary L., University of Delaware
Suzuki, Mamoru, Natl Res. Inst. of Police Science, Japan
Swahn, Monica H., Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
Swan, Richelle, University of California, Irvine
Swatt, Marc L., University of Nebraska at Omaha
Swern, Anne, Brooklyn District Attorney's Office

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