The 2001 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 6, to Saturday, November 10

Paper Index for the Letter W

Paper Title Session ID
Ways of Doing Integration: Integrating Theories and Bodies of Criminological Knowledge Session 283: IT2
'We Have to Prove We Are Not Just Women': Women in Criminal Justice in Papua New Guinea Session 88: GE4
We Played the Race Card for 35 Years: Presidential Contests and Fear of Crime Session 415: ME3
Weapon Use and Delinquency Among Young Urban Females Session 89: GU1
Weaponry, Age and Violence: The Role of Contextual Factors on Use of Weaponry Among Youth Session 89: GU1
Web of Deviance: Using the Internet to Explore Issues in Criminological Research Session 141: DM1
Welfare Receipt and Female Offending: What Welfare Reform Demonstration Policies Tell Us About the Criminal Participation of Women Session 246: RP10
What Are the Chances? A Look at the Similarities and Differences Between Predictors of Juvenile Substance Abuse and Juvenile Problem Gambling Behavior and Their Relationship to Predictors of Adult Problem Gambling Behavior Session 146: JU6
What DNA Exonerations Can Teach Us About the Criminal Justice System Session 251: SP3
What Do Guns Have to Do With It? Firearms Availability and Homicides in U.S. Counties Session 40: HO1
What Do Schools Have to Do With School Violence? Dis- and Re-Entangling Person, Organization, and Community Factors Session 31: CO1
What Does Drug Quanity Measure Session 247: SE4
What Gender is the Maturity Gap? Session 163: GE7
What Goes Around Comes Around Session 241: LO1
What Happens When Child Abuse Cases are Prosecuted: A Meta-Analytic Review Session 220: MJ1
What Impact Will an Aging Inmate Population Have on Local Detention Facilities in 2003? Session 237: LA37
What is Justice Studies? Session 21: LA3
What is the Purpose of Short Sentences of Imprisonment? A Canadian Perspective Session 247: SE4
What Makes Treatment Effective: A Qualitative Analysis of Drug Treatment in a Prison-Based Setting Session 1: AL1
What Traffic Stop Data Can Tell Us About Possible Racial Bias in Policing: Results From the North Carolina State Highway Patrol Study Session 243: PL11
What Works: Examining Juvenile Corrections Programs Session 168: JJ9
What's the Matter With RICO...and Other Criminal Association Legislation? Session 267: OC3
When Mandatory Sentences Are No Longer Mandatory: Evaluating the Impact of Discretion on the California "Three Strikes" Law Session 128: SE2
When Policy Defeats Itself: Inequity in the War on Drugs on the Border Session 282: DP5
Where Do They Come From: Early Childhood Risk Factors for Adolescent Violence and Gang Membership Session 360: JU12
Which Way Did They Go? -- Exploring What We Know (and Don't Know) About Public and Private Prison Escapes in the United States Session 123: LA29
White Collar Crime: Russian Organized Crime's Money Laundering Session 242: OC2
White-Collar Crime: An Exploration of Diversity and Similarity Across Nations Session 81: WC3
Who Gets What, Where and How? State and Federal Criminal Criminal Prosecution and the Impact of Federalization of Crime Control Session 239: LS2
"Who Kills Whom..." Revisited: Toward a Theory of Net Differences in Sex-Specific Rates of Intimate Killing Session 47: LA9
Why Not Ask the Experts: Juvenile Probation Officers' Explanations for Juvenile Delinquency Session 213: JU8
Why Public Health Must Go to Jail: Training Public Health About Corrections Session 107: CI4
The Winston-Salem/Police Foundation Safe Schools Partnership Session 99: PL7
Witness Satisfaction: Findings From the Witness Survey 2000 Session 196: LA32
Witnessing Good Mothering: Experts and Expertise in Family Law Decisions Session 159: CT1
Woman to Woman Sexual Violence Session 350: VW14
The Woman Whose Barium Cocktail Set Off the Metal Detectors at the White House and Some Other Unintended Consequences of the Technologizing of Social Control Session 251: SP3
Women and (African) Restorative Justice Session 122: LA28
Women in Tribal Policing: An Examination of Their Status and Experiences Session 25: RE1
Women's Experiences of Violent Victimization in Public Housing: Does Collective Efficacy Make a Difference? Session 379: CP10
Women, Crime and the Risk Society Session 310: GE13
Women, Wefare and Crime Session 395: PC1
Working With People: A Theoretical Area Session 248: OP3
Worklife Quality in a State Department of Corrections: A Study of Organizational Structure, Work Stress and the Coping Adaptations of Employees Session 329: CI8
A World of Dangers: How Youth Negotiate High-Crime Neighborhoods Session 379: CP10
The World Wide Web and Criminal Justice: What Has Been Done and What Has Been Missed? Session 290: LA45
Wrongful Conviction and Public Policy Session 376: SP5

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