The 2001 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 6, to Saturday, November 10

Paper Index for the Letter T

Paper Title Session ID
Taking Time Off for Misbehavior: Truancy as Self-Regulation Session 234: JU9
"Tapping" One Behavioral Domain: Self-Reported vs. Official Measures of Delinquency Session 141: DM1
Targeting Policy: Alcoholic Beverage Servers' Perceptions of the Problem Location Session 296: RP13
Targeting Repeats: Communities, Communication and Compromise Session 201: SV4
TBA Session 216: LA34
TBA Session 230: CL9
TBA Session 380: CP11
TCU Personal Piower Series: Motivating Probationers to Engage in Substance Abuse Treatment Session 134: AL6
Teaching Comparative Criminal Justice in the 21st Century Session 403: CH2
Teaching Criminal Justicew in Liberal Arts Education: A Sociologist's Confessions Session 8: CJ1
Teaching Deviance, Criminology and Delinquency as Distinct Courses in Sociology Department at a University That Also Houses a Criminal Justice Department Session 8: CJ1
Techniques of Neutralization in the Prison Context: Theory of Attitude Suspension Among Correctional Officers Session 222: SO4
Teen Court Outcomes With Young Offenders Session 235: JJ12
Temperature, Place, and Aggravated Assaults: An Application of Social Avoidance Theory Session 70: LA13
The Temporal Trajectory of Self-Reported Drug Use: A Comparison of Self-Reports and Urinalysis Session 348: SU3
Tenure Workshop (Co-Sponsored by the Division on Women and Crime and the Division on People of Color and Crime) Session 288: LA43
Testing the Nature and Limits of Informal Social Control: Extending the Systemic Model of Social Disorganization Session 183: CS4
Testing Tittle's Control Balance Theory: Results From the National Youth Survey Session 5: CS1
Theoretical Examination of Family Units Formed in Female Correctional Facilities Session 287: LA42
Theoretical Integration: Has It Worked? Session 283: IT2
Theoretical Studies of the Prison Subculture: Contemporary Explanations for Female Inmates Session 356: CI9
The Theory of Andragogy Applied to Police Training Session 319: PL14
Thinking About Intervention Through People's Use of Police: An Exploratory Project on Violent Hate Crime in London's Metropolitan Police Session 185: CP6
Thinking and Doing: Male and Female Victimization Session 164: GE8
Thoughts on the Development of the Restorative Justice Movement and Its Transformative Potential Session 187: CL6
Threat of Transnational Organized Crime to International Security: A Critical Assessment Session 393: OC4
Threatened Egotism and Delinquent Behavior: A Preliminary Test Session 85: CS3
Through the Lenses of Minority Female Officers: An Attitudinal Analysis Session 88: GE4
Time After Divorce, Family Structure, and Delinquency Session 387: JU13
Time to Relapse and Recidivism Associated With Participation in Therapeutic Community Treatment Programs Session 54: AL3
To Punish the Punishers: The Animal Rights Advocates' Dilemma Session 153: SA1
Tomorrow's Tobacco Addicts: Examining Age and Sex Differences in Predictors of Increased Smoking Regularity Among Juvenile Smokers Session 29: AL2
Tony Sporano and the American Dream Session 421: WC9
Top Criminals/Top Criminologists: The Most-Cited Authors and Works in White-Collar Crime Session 421: WC9
Toward a Contextual Understanding of the Connection Between Race and Domestic Violence Session 253: CO10
Toward a Political Economy of Dangerousness Session 308: CL11
Toward a Prosecutorial "Civil Service": A Wisconsin Case Study Session 378: CT6
Toward a Theoretical Model of Peacemaking Criminology: An Elaboration of Core Themes Within the Pepinsky and Quinney Reader Session 187: CL6
Toward an Elaborated (and More Powerful) Control Theory of Delinquency Session 5: CS1
Toward an Integrated Theory of Post-Separation Woman Abuse in Canadian Public Housting Session 190: GE10
Toward the Development of a Culture of Human Rights in the Police Service of Northern Ireland Session 298: OP4
Towards a Phenomenology of Violence Session 51: SO1
Tracing Identity Thieves Session 264: LA39
Tracking Offender Residence and Crime Locations: An Analysis of Auto Theft Data in a Northeastern City Session 353: CO12
Traditional Organized Criminals, Hackers, Corporate Spies and Terrorists: The Coming Unification of International Organized Crime Groups in Their Quest for World Domination Session 393: OC4
Traffic Stops and Racial/Ethnic Profiling in Southern California Session 243: PL11
Training Cypriot Officers in Dispute Resolution Session 352: PO11
Training Health Care Providers to Prevent Yoth Violence Session 160: CP5
Trajectories of Self-Control and Deviance From Adolescence to Midlife, Representative and Adjudicated Men Session 355: CS5
The Trajectory of Progress Among Participants in Court-Mandated Treatment: A Study of Graduates and Dropouts in the Brooklyn Treatment Court Session 38: DP1
Transcending the Boundary Between Health and Delinquency: Multiple Outcomes of Childhood Risk Session 201: SV4
Transformation of Drug Control and Prevention in Asian Context: Proactive Targeting of Drug Trafficking Session 282: DP5
Transformative Justice: What'll Save Restorative Justice From Itself Session 187: CL6
Transition Models of Onset and Persistence of Substance Use Session 366: LO3
Translating Macro-Level Social Structure Into National Crime Rates Using Akers' Social Structure Social Learning Theory to Empirically Evaluate LaFree's Institutional Legitimacy Theory Session 299: SO5
Transnational Crimes in Africa Session 4: CH1
Transnational Organized Crime: Women Trafficking From Russia to Turkey (the Case of Natashas) Session 125: OC1
The Transnationalization of Historically Local Crime: Auto Theft and Its Public Policy Implications Session 333: GL4
Treating Perpetrators of Domestic Violence Session 373: VW16
Treating Sticky-Fingers: An Evaluation of a Treatment Program for Shoplifters Session 137: CB4
Treatment Motivation and Engagement Among Incarcerated Substance Abusers Session 134: AL6
The Treatment of Crime in Politics and the Media Session 313: LA47
Treatment or Punishment? Examining the Reality of Residential Placement for Delinquent Youth Session 140: CL4
Trends and Examples of Crime Analysis and Crime Mapping Session 277: PO9
Trends in Juvenile Offending: The Victim's Perspective Session 194: JU7
Trends in Punishment: Racial Disparities, Imprisonment, and the Context of Time Session 214: JJ11
Trends in the Relationship of Alcohol Use and Crime: 1989-1999 Session 105: AL5
Tribal Sovereignty, Individual Rights, and the Myth of Special Privileges Session 25: RE1
Truancy and Delinquency: A Community-Based Intervention Session 234: JU9
Truancy Intervention: How Does it Affect the Special Education Students? Session 234: JU9
Trying to Relate: Victims, Offenders, and Their Classification in Homicide Research Session 383: DM4
Tuberculosis Among Correctional Workers and Inmates in the United States Session 107: CI4
Turk on Crack: Applying Turk's Theory of Criminalization to the Crack/Powder Cocaine Sentencing Discrepancies Session 72: LA15
Turkey and the European Heroin Market: Employee and Employer Characteristics Session 125: OC1
Two Assassins: Psychiatric Discourse and the Rise of Criminology, 1882-1901 Session 417: PS4
A Typology of Mass Disasters and the Victims That Are Produced Session 131: SV2

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