The 2001 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 6, to Saturday, November 10

Paper Index for the Letter N

Paper Title Session ID
Narratives of Violent Offenders The Co-Production of Data Session 346: SL5
National Cross-Site Evaluation of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Strategies for Criminal Justice Populations Session 1: AL1
National Evaluation of Juvenile Boot Camps: A Matter of Race? Session 411: IS4
National Review of Community Policing Partnerships for Domestic Violence Session 174: VW6
National Study of Victim Needs and Assistance Sought Session 215: LA33
National Youth Gang Survey Trends Session 249: SU2
National, Regional and Local Trends in Violence From Emergency Department Injury Data Session 91: LA18
Native American Offenders Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines Session 25: RE1
The Nature of the Problem and Statistics Relating to Identity Theft Session 264: LA39
NCVS Analysis of Threats and the Elderly Session 172: SV3 Session 8: CJ1
Need/Greed: A Preliminary Examination Into an Economic Theory of Crime Session 56: CO4
Negligence in Nursing: Victims and Legal Proceedings Session 131: SV2
Negotiating Anomie: Women Who Save Skinheards Session 397: SA5
Negotiating Justice and Chaohybridity Session 9: CL1
Neighborhood Based Dispute Resolution: An Evaluation of the Indianapolis Community Court Project Session 34: CB2
Neighborhood Institutions: The Effect on Neighborhood Crime Rates Session 229: CO8
Neighborhood Structure and Homicide Trends: An Analysis of Differing Types of Homicide Session 181: CO7
Neighborhood Structure and Race-Specific Rates of Intimate Assault Session 253: CO10
Neighborhoods and the Police: An Ecological Theory of Formal Social Control Session 377: PO12
Networking Workshop Session 363: LA55
The New Culture of Crime Control Session 58: CI3
A New Look at Some Old Forensic Sciences Session 251: SP3
The New South African Police Service: A Study in Change Session 367: PL16
New Transit Systems and Crime Generator Development Session 281: DM3
The New York State Drug Court Evaluation: A Comparison of Major Policies and Preliminary Findings in New York State Drug Courts Session 211: DP4
Newjack: Guarding Sing Sing Session 169: LA31
NIDA's State of the Art Research on the Effectiveness of Prison Treatment Session 408: DP7
Non-Consensual Sexual Activity Among Inmates and Between Inmates and Staff Members in Female Prisons Session 329: CI8
Non-Lethal Weapons: The Training Paradox Session 319: PL14
Normal Vice: The Evolution of Gambling Session 225: VL1
Not Just Bringing Home the Bacon, But Deciding How It Is Spent: Labor-Force Participation and Risk of Intimate Partner Violence and Financial Abuse Session 349: VW13
Nurses as Evidence Gatherers: "We'll Just Hold Your Pain Medication Until You Tell Us What Really Happened" Session 91: LA18
NYPD and Quality of Life Policing: Construction of Controversy Session 49: PL3

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