The 2001 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 6, to Saturday, November 10

Paper Index for the Letter M

Paper Title Session ID
The Mafia and the Building Trades: The Current Problem of Case Abusive in Sicily Session 154: TE3
Mainstreaming Comparative Methodology in Criminal Justice/Criminology Research Methods Courses Session 403: CH2
Making Parole Responsive to Public Safety: The Role of Corrections in a Community-Based Collaboration Session 136: CB3
Male Entitlements, Sexual Jealousy and Intimate Partner Violence Session 266: LC5
Maltreated Girls and Delinquency: What is the Relationship? Session 16: JU1
Managed Care and Juvenile Sex Offenders: Identifying Outcomes and Concerns of Community Based Treatment Session 168: JJ9
Management and Care of Sex Offenders in the Community: Experiences and Challenges in the U.S. Session 245: RP9
Managing Rural Crime Session 333: GL4
Mandatory Arrest in Domestic Violence: Uniformity, Authority, and Silence Session 46: LA8
Mandatory Sentencing and Adjudication MOutcomes: Examining the Role of Extralegal Defendant Characteristics Session 128: SE2
Mapping Domestic Violence in a Large City Session 99: PL7
Mapping the Field of Criminal Justice Employment Session 280: CJ6
Marginalized Youths, Law, and the United States Session 19: LA1
The Marijuana Crackdown in Maryland: Who's Getting Caught and the Consequences Session 394: PL17
Masculine Ideologies, Institutional Sexism, and the Denial of Justice: The Unfounding of Rape Session 204: VW8
A Matter of Crime: Repeat Victimization in Canada Session 201: SV4
Maturing Out of Drug Use: Age or Duration Effect? Session 384: DP6
Measurement Issues in Studying Victimization Among Adolescents: Results of a Pilot Study Session 383: DM4
The Measurement of Family Conflict and Its Effect on Adolescent Antisocial Behavior Session 383: DM4
Measures of Gun Ownership Levels for Macro-Level Violence Research Session 191: GU4
Measuring Change in the Metropolitan Police of the District of Columbia: Measuring Member Attitude Session 383: DM4
Measuring Citizen Satisfaction With Police Services: A Multivariate Analysis Session 388: LA57
Measuring Deterrence With Actual Behavior Session 111: EC2
Measuring Drug Use and Medication Adherence Among Mentally Ill Parolees Session 60: ER2
Measuring Punitivity Session 313: LA47
Measuring the Risk for Future Adolescent Violent Behavior Session 160: CP5
Measuring Violence Against Women With Emergency Department Data: Using the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System Session 173: VW5
Media Consumption and Support for Harsh Punitive Policies Session 415: ME3
Media Images of Criminal Justice: We've Heard It All Before on the Radio" Session 292: ME1
Media Images, Mental Health Law, and Justice: A Constitutive Response to the "Competency" of Theodore Kaczynski Session 331: CL12
Medicalization of Female Deviance? Gender, Crime and Pychiatric Referrals for Felony Defendants Session 163: GE7
Medicalizing the Seven Deadly Sins Session 27: SL1
Mentally Ill Offenders: The Effectiveness of Court Ordered Treatment for Violent Misdemeanant Defendants Session 245: RP9
Meta Analysis: The Effect of Community Policing on Crime Rate Session 30: PO2
A Meta-Analysis of Use of Force Studies: Simulations vs. Observational Research Session 265: LA40
Meta-Theoretical Resolution for the Contradictions of Shaw and McKay's Social Disorganization Theory Session 56: CO4
Methodological and Practical Issues in Evaluating Community Involvement in Public Safety Partnerships Session 106: PO4
Methodological Issues in Evaluating the Impact of Juvenile Curfew Laws Session 41: IS2
Methodologies for Internet Crime Research Session 141: DM1
Methods of Identifying, and Apportioning the Contribution of, Various Sources of Sentencing Disparity Session 300: ST1
Micro-Macro Transitions in the Elaboration of Social Learning Theory Session 299: SO5
Migration Control as a Matter of State Crime Session 338: LA51
Minority Trust and Confidence in the Police: Experience From the City of Petersburg Session 388: LA57
Missing Data in Supplementary Homicide Reports: An Application of QCA to Explore Patterns of Change and Stability Over Tine Session 40: HO1
The Missing Link: Community Context, Individual Characteristics, Individual Routines and Juvenile Delinquency Session 55: CO3
Missing Persons -- Missing Homicide Data? Session 40: HO1
Mobility Triangles Revisited: An Ecological Analysis of a Spatial Typology of Homicide Session 311: HO5
A Model Family Violence Curriculum Session 280: CJ6
A Model of Community Reintegration Session 15: IS1
Modeling Multiple Failure Time Data: A Survey of Variance-Corrected Models With Empirical Applications to Arrest Data Session 300: ST1
Modeling the Relative Contribution of Routine Activities and Peers to Present and Future Delinquency and Crime Session 55: CO3
Models for Developmental Trajectories: An Application to the Development of Conduct Problems Session 341: LC6
The Monetary Costs to Society of Male Juvenile Offending in an Urban Setting Session 194: JU7
Mortgaging Futures: Social Support and Life-Course Outcomes Session 414: LC9
Mothering From the Inside: Incarcerated Women's Relationships With Children Session 356: CI9
Motivation and the Effectiveness of Prison-Based Substance Abuse Treatment Programs Session 134: AL6
Motivations and Rewards in Young Women's Violence Session 196: LA32
Mug Shots: A Content Analysis of Crime Representations Session 292: ME1
A Multidisciplinary Approach to Teaching a Course on Computer Crime Session 108: CJ3
Multilevel Analysis of Sentencing Outcomes Under Federal Determinate Sentencing Session 321: SE7
Multilevel Causes of Racial Bias in Police Statistics of Stops, Citations, and Warnings Session 149: PL9
Multiple Identities and Desistance: An Analysis of Gender, Race, and Social Class Differences Session 219: LC3
A Multiple Models Approach to Assessing Recidivism Risk: Implications for Judicial Decision Making Session 167: JD1
Multiple Perspectives on the Risk of Victimization of People With Developmental Disabilities Session 223: SV5
A Multiyear Statewide Analysis of Restitution Imposition in Pennsylvania Session 78: SE1
Murder-Suicide: Toward a Theoretical Interpretation Session 22: LA4

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