The 2001 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 6, to Saturday, November 10

Paper Index for the Letter J

Paper Title Session ID
Jail Population in Bangladesh: Assessing Potential Future and Policy Options Session 71: LA14
Judicial Decision-Making and Domestic Violence Cases: Sentencing and the Victim-Offender Relationship Session 167: JD1
Judicial Decision-Making: Is the Divorce Between Politics and Judicial Decision-Making Purely Rhetorical? Session 193: JD2
Judicial Decisions in Wife Assault Cases in Ontario: 1970-2000 Session 167: JD1
Judicial Discretion and Guidelie Departures: The Conditioning Effects of Modes of Conviction Session 78: SE1
Judicial Discretion Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines: The Effect of Guidelines Departurues on Sentence Severity Session 193: JD2
Judicial Oversight Demonstration Initiative: Assessing Implementation ! The Session 325: VW12
Justice for Juveniles in Juvenile and Criminal Court Settings: A Comparative Analysis of Case Processing Session 66: JJ4
The Justifiable Homicide Ratio as a Measure of Violent Cultural Orientation Session 259: DM2
Justification for the Use of Deadly Force by Private Individuals: A Georgia Perspective Session 344: RP15
Juvenile Cop Killers Session 194: JU7
Juvenile Court Workgroups: Examining Their Formation and Impact Session 195: JJ10
Juvenile Crime Victims and Their Incarcerated Offenders Session 220: MJ1
The Juvenile Defense Attorney: Friend or Foe Session 195: JJ10
Juvenile Delinquency and Adolescent Depression: Gendered Responses to Gendered Stresses Session 202: SA2
Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Through Family and Community Violence Prevention Programs Session 279: CP9
Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Through Family and Community Violence Prevention Programs Session 310: GE13
Juvenile Detention Decision-Making: Discriminatory or the Case of No Alternative? Session 193: JD2
Juvenile Explosion, Abrupt Violence and Jump/Leap in Behavior Development: Crime and Delinquency in Postmodern Era Session 140: CL4
Juvenile Justice and Mental Health Interventions for Juveniles Who Eventually Commit Homicide Session 335: JU11
Juvenile Justice Evaluation Center (JJEC) Web Site Session 118: JJ7
Juvenile Justice System Session 406: CL17
Juvenile Justice: A Study of Student Attitudes Session 263: JJ13
Juvenile Murderers and Post-Release Success Session 334: HO7
Juvenile Murders and Suicides: A Comparison of Characteristics Session 194: JU7
Juvenile vs. Criminal Courts: Comparing Recidivism of Adolescent Felony Offenders Across Court Contexts Session 66: JJ4

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