The 2001 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 6, to Saturday, November 10

Paper Index for the Letter H

Paper Title Session ID
Handgun Purchase as a Risk Factor for Death Injury Session 40: HO1
Hate Crime in the News Session 322: SL4
Hate Crimes in Pennsylvania 1984-1999: Case Characteristics and Police Responsive Action Session 262: HC2
Hate Crimes of the Old West Session 14: HC1
He's Not My Brother... He's My Friend: A Qualitative Examination of Inmate Friendship Session 404: CI10
Head Injury and Criminal History Among Substance-Abusing Prisoners Session 179: AL8
Health Realization: A Principle-Based Positive Psychology of Youth Development Session 417: PS4
The Help Seeking of Intimate Violence Victims: Making Distinctions Between Common Couple Violence and Intimate Terrorism Session 349: VW13
"Herding Cats": Mobilization, Momentum, and Maintenance of a Community Based Collaboration Session 136: CB3
The Heroin Trade: Using ADAM to Describe the Market in Different Urban Areas Session 110: DP2
Hiding in the Adaptive Landscape: The Five-Factor Model and the Criminal Personality Session 2: BI1
A Hierarchial Analysis of National Trends in Sentencing of Rape Offenders Session 297: SE6
Hirschi and Religion: An Expansion of Social Control Theory Session 5: CS1
Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Homicide: A Comparison of Offender, Victim, and Situational Factors Over Time Session 295: RE5
Hispanic Crime in Texas, California, and New Mexico: Similarities and Differences With Anglo and African American Crime Session 338: LA51
Historical Child Abuse Investigations: The Experiences of the Survivors Session 274: SV6
The History of Rape Session 175: VW7
HIV/AIDS Risk Behaviors Among Delinquent Youth: Implications for Public Health Policy Session 18: JJ1
The Home Office and Randomized Field Trials Session 11: ER1
Homophobia Among Criminal Justice Undergraduates: An Analysis of the Effects of Curriculum, Class Ranking, Major and College Culture on Student Attitudes Session 21: LA3
Homosexual Homicide and Arson: Is There a Connection? Session 14: HC1
Hoosiers Hoosegows: Jails in the Heartland Session 96: LA23
Hot Spots of Lead (Pb) and Crime: An Empirical Examination of the Association Between High Lead Index Concentrations and High Homicide Areas in Chicago, 1989-1991 Session 130: SO3
How American Law and the Internet Shaped Domestic Right Wing Extremism Session 398: TE6
How Far Down the Rabbit Hole Are You Willing to Go? Session 205: AL9
How to Get a Job and How to Get Published Session 315: LA49
How to Survive Graduate School Session 238: LA38
Human Experimentation in the Canadian Federal Penitentiary System Session 131: SV2
Human Trafficking and Organized Crime: A Contemporary Research Design Session 125: OC1
Hung Juries: An Empirical Look Session 306: CT2
Hustling the Faithfully Departed: A Case Study of Fraud and Deceptive Practices in the Funeral and Cemetery Industries Session 28: WC1

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