The 2001 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 6, to Saturday, November 10

Paper Index for the Letter F

Paper Title Session ID
Facilities as Crime Generators Session 281: DM3
The Factors Affecting the Recovery Process of Sexual Assault Survivors Session 175: VW7
Factors Associated With Dropout in an Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Program in Baltimore County, Maryland Session 146: JU6
Factors Associated With Interpersonal Aggression Session 365: LC7
Factors Impacting Program Outcomes of a Cognitive Skills Program for Parolees Session 87: ER4
Factors Related to Adolescent Violent Behavior in Taiwan: Testing General Strain Theory Session 95: LA22
Factors Related to Deviant Sexual Preferences in Rapists Session 370: SV7
Fad, Fiction or Fantasy: Facing the Challenges to Postmodernism in Criminology Session 37: CL2
The Faith-Based Prison Session 122: LA28
Family Drug Court: Uses and Abuses Session 330: CT4
Family Structure and Club Drugs: The Implications of Stepfamilies for 3, 4 Methlenedioxymethampetamine (MDMA 'Ecstasy') and Methamphetamine Use Session 222: SO4
Family, Work, and Crime: An Examination of Labor Stratification in the Lives of Women Session 385: EC4
FBI's Computer Intrusion Section and Economic Espionage Session 386: GL5
Fear of Crime and Social Control: A Community-Level Analysis Across 100 Neighborhoods Session 32: CO2
Fear of Crime in Western Industrialized Countries: A Multilevel Analysis Session 223: SV5
Fear of Crime, Criminal Victimization, and Community Policing: An Assessment of Citizen Perceptions Session 377: PO12
Federal Courts, State Prisons: Theories of Judicial Review in Prison Reform Litigation Session 307: CT3
Federal Money Laundering Offenders: An Examination of Offense, Behavior and Sentencing Session 50: RP2
The Federal Research Agenda: An Empirical Examination, Directions and Trends Session 271: RP12
Federal Violent Offender and Truth-in-Sentencing Incentive Grants: A National Assessment of the Impact on State Correctional Management and Privatization Session 123: LA29
Female Genital Mutilation: Torture or Rite of Passage Session 175: VW7
Female Juvenile Offenders in Training School: Needs and Services Session 95: LA22
Female Opportunities Creating Unlimited Success--Gender Specific Programming in Practice Session 39: GE2
Female Self-Mutilation Session 163: GE7
Female Sex Offenders: A Review of the Literature and Empirical Research Session 162: GE6
Female Victimization and Offending: Exploring the Link Within the Context of Gangs Session 161: GA1
Feminist Social Thought and Police Response to Violence Against Women Session 226: VW9
Feminization of Serial Killing Session 166: HO4
Field Observations of Vehicular Speeding: Assessing Variations Across Demographic Groups and Places Session 149: PL9
The Final Warning: A New Provision to Deal With Young Offenders in England and Wales Session 120: LA26
Firearms Training: Learning Potential Reasons for Defensive Gun Use Session 144: GU3
The Fit of Theories of Women Criminality With Women's Characteristics Session 12: GE1
A Follow-Up Assessment of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban: Impacts on Gun Markets and Gun Violence Session 233: GU5
Forecasting Juvenile Correctional Needs: New Directions Session 147: JJ8
The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978: Congressional Efforts to Balance the Competing Interests of Personal Privacy and National Security Session 391: LS4
Fortuitous Presence in Drug Free School Zones and Liability Under State and Federal School Yard Statutes Session 307: CT3
Fraser River Reds: The Black Market in Sockeye Salmon, and the Criminalization of Indigenous People Session 25: RE1
From African-American to Latino: The Impact of the Desegregation of Schools and Public Housing on Patterns of Homicide in Watts, Los Angeles Session 311: HO5
From Cali to Rotterdam and Back: Practices and Perceptions of Colombian Cocaine Traffickers on the Dutch Harbor Session 337: LA50
From Demon Rum to Crack Cocaine: A Social History of Drugs, Race, Class, and Control Session 72: LA15
From Prison to the Outside World: A Realistic Overview of Reentry Session 287: LA42
From Punishment to Rehabilitation to Punishment: The Rise of New Penology and the Shifting Paradigms of Crime Policy in America Session 287: LA42
From the Streets to the Courts: Variations in Juvenile Drug Offense Processing Across the United States Session 188: DP3
From Violent Juvenile Offenders to Dangerous Violent Criminals: A Test of Athens' Theory Session 294: PS3
Funding Community Based Treatment and Prevention Programs Through Parole Reform: A Case Study of the Technical Parole Violation Process Session 77: RP3
Funding Opportunities for Terrorism Research Session 52: TE1
The Future of Capital Punishment in the United States Session 272: SE5
The Future of Parole Session 150: RP5
The Future of Policing: A Strategic Managment Initiative Session 367: PL16

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